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					                                            Sharon F. Sirois

 18 years of data analysis and modeling skills, including data quality, SQL, PL/SQL, and workshop facilitation.
 Professional skills in Business Intelligence/Decision Support Systems, Data Warehousing, OLAP, Multi-
  dimensional design and ETL analysis.
 Key strength is the ability to understand business and technical requirements to successfully implement large-
  scale projects to completion.
 Wide knowledge of Health Insurance claims and medical utilization systems.

Data Modeling: ER Studio, Provision, CA All Fusion, BPWin, SilverRun, CASE Logicworks, Visible
Advantage, IE: Advantage.
Databases: MySQL, Oracle, Informix, NCR, Sybase, Microsoft Access, SQL Server
Reporting Tools: Cognos, Brio Impromptu, Pilot Lightship, Pilot Lens (an OLAP tool), Informix’s Metacube
Development Tools: Visual Studio 2005, Visual Basic, UNIX, XML
Methodology: ITIL, IDEF1X, Information Engineering, object-oriented design (OOD), Agile Modeling, System
development life cycle (SDLC), Product Development Life cycle (PDLC), graphical user interface.
Software: SQL, PL/SQL, Eclipse, PVCS, JAVA, HTML, REGEX, Flash, Dreamweaver

Transunion (Formerly Qsent) Beaverton, Oregon                               January 2008– September 2008

Data Architect
    Create physical relational and UML models of Contact Identity Services products.
    Document data movement of large scale data sources and data transformations.
    Canonize reference data and data update rules, creating consumption repository of shared data.
    Create Functional Data Definition, Context diagrams, Data Flow, System and Data model
      diagrams that document requirements business and data rules for existing systems.
    Document Java programs designed to manipulate contact information (name, phone, address).
      Review code for extraction of business rules from REGEX and Java.
    Oracle, MySQL, and Unix administrator for all Production, Test and Development environments
      in conjunction with primary DBA.

Environment: ER Studio, Java, SharePoint, Visio, MySQL, Oracle, REGEX, Informatica

Northwest Evaluation Association, Lake Oswego, Oregon                           April 2007– June 2007
Data Architect
    Create conceptual enterprise model of business to enhance enterprise architecture.
    Document movement of data to illustrate issues of poor data quality, redundancy and
    Create definitions of NWEA’s business based on disparate glossaries, dictionaries and industry-
      standard terms.
    Analyze existing gaps in enterprise architecture based on physical models, systems, databases,
      processes, procedures, organizations, people, projects and key functional areas. Report on
      findings and recommend changes in policies and procedures to enhance data as a corporate asset.

Environment: All Fusion/ERWIN, Informatica SQL Server
Resume Sharon Sirois
Intel Corporation, Hillsboro, Oregon                                           Sept 2006 – March 2007
Data Quality Analyst

      Create process models of new Change Management process.
      Conduct baseline assessment of key data characteristics and introduce appropriate data quality
       monitors for Change Management application.
    Create conceptual data model for CMDB design.
    Collect and disseminate business definitions for Change Management processes.
    Research best practices to implementing a CMDB and attempt to focus efforts on identifying
       proper level to capture Configuration Items (CI), and relationships. Provide guidance on
       differentiating Asset Management from Configuration Management.
    Participate in creation of Data Value Chain and Cost Diagrams for Intel’s CMDB Federated Data
       Model utilizing Master data.
Environment: SQL Server, Provision, BMC Remedy Change Management V.7

Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS) Salem, Oregon                         Mar 2006 – April 2006
Data Modeler/ Senior Business Intelligence Analyst

   Define the architecture, operational data store, star schemas and OLAP dimensions for new data
    warehouse. Communicate data requirements and business intelligence solution of customer’s data
    integration problems to technical staff. Analyze existing PL/SQL code to identify key business rules
    and metrics needed for forecast.
   Create logical model of Integrated Client Services based on seven complex business information
    systems, integrating information from multiple database platforms providing accurate and reliable
    information for researchers and forecasters.
   Develop SQL queries of existing sources in preparation of integration into a single data warehouse.
    and automate the forecasting of social service metrics needed for annual reporting requirements,
    simplifying and reducing the development and implementation time; increasing quality, reducing
    risk, and building a foundation to support future projects.

Environment: DB2, Sybase, Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Embarcadero DBArtisan

Weyerhaeuser, Federal Way, WA                                                     Aug 2005 – Feb 2006
Data Modeler

   Create “Procure to Pay” logical model based on SAP R/3 and Weyerhaeuser business requirements
    and business processes. Translate data flow analysis to identify important data structures.
   Integrate data requirements and metadata into the Enterprise Data Model. Research and suggest
    appropriate data design and identify data quality concerns.
   Establish data definitions and business rules for Inventory Management, Contracts and Agreements,
    Invoice and Purchase Orders areas.
   Conduct Translation sessions to configure SAP Material Management module and prepare Source to
    Target mapping documents in preparation for SAP rollout.
   Identify key dimensions and measures needed for SAP’s Business Intelligence data warehouse.

Environment: ER Studio, SAP R/3, SAP Business Information Warehouse

Resume Sharon Sirois

Albertsons, Boise, ID                                                                     Nov 2004 – July 2005
Information Architect

   Develop conceptual and logical data models for Point of Sale, CRM, Inventory, and Tax subject areas with
    references to Retalix, ARTS, NCR, and XML standards.
   Create Object models and XML schema for application interfaces derived from enterprise LDM.
   Key responsibilities for each project included understanding and documenting each project’s business
    workflow and information components, and developing a design that supported the requirements while
    allowing for future system enhancements.
   Responsibility for authoring enterprise data standards, strategy regarding development and modeling of XML
    Schema used within the organization.

Environment: Manugistics, ProVision, object models, XML.

PacifiCorp, Portland, OR                                                                  Feb 2004 – May 2004
Data Modeler

   Create and maintain data warehouse and XML documentation to support Utility reporting requirements.
   Model DB2 Meter Data and Staging, Error and 3NF data warehouse tables.
   Establish macros and scripts to grant security privileges.

Environment: All Fusion/Model Mart ERWIN, Tibco (Enterprise Application Integration), Oracle

The Regence Group Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Portland, OR                                     Dec 2000-Nov 2002
Sr. Data Administrator

   Create enterprise logical models of data requirements and map requirements to a global data warehouse. This
    model communicated business requirements and gaps across seven Blue Cross Companies.
   Create physical models in Sybase and Oracle for custom FACETS Claims Management System.
   Conduct Joint Application Design (JAD) sessions with developers to collect business requirements.
   Overcome pressure of short time frames to facilitate direction among DBA’s, DA's and developers,
    establishing data standards and quality in the data model.
   Provide abbreviations and acronyms, naming conventions, class word metadata in ModelMart.

Environment: AllFusion Erwin/Model Manager, FACETS Claims System, Oracle, Sybase, Ascential Data Stage

Providence Health Plans, Beaverton, OR                                                     Aug 1999- July 2000
Sr. Data Analyst
 Designed an operational data store as a staging area for addressing data quality issues and concerns.
 Led a team in selecting a COTS health care data warehouse, identifying leading vendors and finalists based
    on competitive ranking factors. Coordinated demos of the lead vendors and hosted presentations of survey
    results to organization stake holders.
 Provided data analysis of multiple data warehouses and created a single mapping document of standardized
    claims coding values, identifying the quality of code values against industry standard codes (DRG, HCPIC,
    ICD-9) Identified data anomalies and data quality issues and reported to business users on state of the data.
 Interpreted and synthesized data flow diagrams of existing sales, medical underwriting, and medical
    utilization data marts to identify data requirements for data warehouse.

Environment: ERwin, SQL Server, MS Access

Resume Sharon Sirois
TALOS Technology Consulting, Washington, D.C.                                            July 1998-July 1999
Consultant for Amtrak, a major nationwide Passenger Railroad
 Coordinated software migration of Informix’s, Metacube 3.0 to Metacube 4.0, providing project schedules.
 Created training curriculum for Metacube 4.0, and trained data warehouse users nationwide.
 Facilitated OLAP Report tool vendor evaluation, selection and purchase. Identified Amtrak's technical
   requirements and researched alternatives, for new business intelligence (BI) suite of tools.
 Configured the testing environment for the BI software including Cognos Impromptu, Brio and Business
   Objects. Set up Brio Enterprise Server to test viability of connecting IBM mainframe via middleware
   EDA/SQL, to Informix and SQL Server databases.
 Created OLAP data cubes, to show dimensions and reporting formats that would be identical to the
   applications they would be using, requiring in-depth knowledge of Brio and the Amtrak business.

Environment: Informix Metacube (ROLAP technology),Brio Broadcast Server 5.5.4, Brio OnDemand Server,
Brio Query, Brio Explorer, Cognos Impromptu

SRA International, Inc, Arlington, VA                                                    Jan 1994- June 1998
Sr Member of Professional Staff
Published metadata standards for Medical Health Services System (MHSS), Department of Defense (DOD).
Conducted analysis and provided reports on the quality of the enterprise data model and business process models.
Administered the Naval Sea Systems Command Executive Information System., (NAVSEA EIS): an Oracle
database of shipyard, project, and resource data.
 Developed ETL scripts in PL/SQL, SQL, and Unix shell scripts to populate EIS tables.

Project Lead: US Army Center for Public Works (USACPW) EIS for the Directorate of Facilities Management.
Provided technical services and produced an Executive Information System of Installation and Facility data.
     Translated business needs and ETL processes of USACPW into full service populated data repository on
        Solaris Unix and Windows NT servers.
     Create Visual Basic scripts to deploy client/server applications with SQL*Net, and TCP/IP protocols.
     Conducted ETL analysis of source systems, and perform import and export process.
Developed decision support systems that provided dashboard analysis to senior level DOD managers.

Environment: Pilot Lightship, Lens (an OLAP tool), Oracle, PVCS Change Management software.

United States Peace Corps, Washington, D.C.                                                         1989-1994
Computer Specialist
   Lead Computer Trainer for HQ and overseas posts conducting over two hundred classes and workshops per
    year, including training in 5 African countries. Developed curriculum for software applications courses.
   Conduct analyses and requirements studies for large-scale computer purchases, maintenance, shipping and
    repair of electronic equipment for headquarters and overseas posts. Established license agreements.

Peace Corps Volunteer, Morocco                                                                      1987-1989
Ministry of Health, Public Education Division Graphic Artist
 Conceptualized and illustrated health education materials to promote health and sanitation practices.
 Collaborated with health extension workers to design technical books for educational projects.
 Wrote Moroccan Arabic verb book for trainees.

M.S., Computer Science, George Washington University, Washington, D.C.
Courses: Software Engineering Development, Computer Architecture, Algorithms, Human User Interface
B.F.A., School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL