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Centennial Conference


									    Centennial Conference
    Outdoor Track & Field
     Championships 2008
Friday May 2, Saturday May 3, Sunday May 4

                Hosted by
            Gettysburg College

        Meet Information Packet
           Meet Director: Steve Shutt
            Phone: (717) 337-6640
             Fax: (717) 337-6528
                             CENTENNIAL CONFERENCE
                            OUTDOOR TRACK AND FIELD
                               CHAMPIONSHIPS 2008

                        15TH ANNUAL CHAMPIONSHIP MEET


                               Friday-Sunday, May 2-4, 2008
                                    Gettysburg College
                                   Gettysburg, PA 17325

                                   Meet Coordinator:
                                      Steve Shutt
                       Head Men’s/Women’s Track and Field Coach
                                  Gettysburg College
                                  Fax: (717) 337-6528
                                Phone: (717) 337-6640

Championship information and instructions are listed below. Be sure to pay attention to
changes with the combined event schedule and the overall meet schedule.

       Rosters: Please fax a team roster signed by the institution’s Athletic Director to
       Steve Shutt, (717) 337-6528, by Wednesday April 16. All eligible athletes who may
       compete in the championship should be listed on your roster. If any entrant becomes
       ineligible after entry and before the meet, the Games Committee must be notified.

       Entries are due by 12:00 noon Wednesday, April 30. All entries must be submitted

       Scratches: There will not be a scratch period after final entries are due. Wednesday,
       April 30 at 12:00 noon is your final declaration. Any athlete scratched at the meet
       site will be, by NCAA rules, ineligible to compete in the championship.

       5000m times may be used for the 10,000m entries.

       4x800m entries may be entered without a mark, all other events must have an
       accurate seed time.

       Heptathletes and Decathletes need to qualify in one of the events in the multi to
       enter the event.

       Indoor performances may be used for championship qualifying.
Time Line:

Rosters: Wednesday, April 16          Fax signed roster, including year in school,
                                      to Steve Shutt, (717) 337-6528. There is no
                                      roster form enclosed in this packet.

Entries: Wednesday, April 30          Entries due by 12:00 noon via email to

Packets: Friday May 2                 Packets may be picked up starting at 11:00am
         Saturday, May 3              Packets may be picked up starting at 8:00am

Coaches Saturday, May 3               There will be a brief Coaches Meeting
Meeting:                              to discuss meet management at 8:00am at the
                                      finish line.

General Information:

Entries:      Unlimited entry as long as the contestants meeting the Championship
              standards. One Relay per team allowed.

Entry Fee:    $10.00 per athlete for each contestant who actually competes in the
              meet. Make checks payable to Gettysburg College. Pay at Meet
              Check-in Table.

Packets:      Packets will be available in at the Meet Check-in Table, or at the
              press box in inclement weather.

Event         Athletes will report for check-in 15 minutes prior to the start of their
Check-in:     event. Track events will report to the Clerk of Course; field events
              will report to the Chief Judge for their event.

Clerking      For all running events, the clerking area will be the tent on the inside
Area:         of the fence near the start of 100m. Relay cards should be handed
              into the clerk ½ hour prior to the relay.

Infield       Athletes will be admitted to the track only for competition. The
Access:       infield is turf and there will be a designated warm-up area on the

Warm Up:      Limited area on the infield and fields surrounding the track.

Implements: Implements for the shot put, discus, and javelin will be checked and
            marked for competition. Only certified implements will be permitted
            in competition. Illegal implements will be impounded until the
            completion of that event. Weigh-ins will be conducted under the
              bleacher area. Implement Weigh-in schedule has been included in
              your packet.

Multi Events: Friday, May 2—11:00 am-noon and Saturday, May3—7:30-8:30am
              All others are Saturday, May 3 and Sunday, May 4—10:00-11:00am

Track:        ¼” spikes will be permitted for all track events. Javelin runway is
              grass. Shot put and discus & hammer circles are concrete.

Blocks:       Will be provided.

Trainer:      The trainer will be located under the tent on the infield. Please bring
              your own supplies.

Timing:       Tumey Timing & Data

Scoring:      Top eight score 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1.

Results:      Results will be posted behind the stadium on the wall. They will also
              be posted on the Gettysburg website. Saturday’s results will be
              available in the press box after the end of the meet.

Protests:     Protest forms will be available in the press box. Protests will be
              posted before and after the referee’s decision. Protests must be filed
              no later than 30 minutes after the official results are announced.

Awards:       Awards will be presented to the first place team and medals to the top
              three in each event. The top three place finishers will be given their
              awards at the end of the meet.

Outstanding Outstanding Male and Female Athlete Awards will be presented at the
Athlete:    conclusion of the meet. Coaches are expected to submit their votes
            by the conclusion of the meet.

Lodging:      A list is enclosed with this packet.

Parking:      All buses should park on the dirt road near the baseball field.

Questions:    Steve Shutt, Gettysburg College—(717) 337-6640


We will not move ahead to schedule.
        Lodging: There are many hotels in the area. For a more complete listing go to:

Courtyard Marriott              115 Presidential Circle, Gettysburg             717-334-5600
Days Inn                       865 York Road, Gettysburg                      717-334-0030
Hampton Inn                    1280 York Road, Gettysburg                     717-338-9121
Hilton Garden Inn               1061 York Road, Gettysburg                     717-334-2040
Comfort Inn                    871 York Road, Gettysburg                      717-337-2400
                       Centennial Conference
                      Outdoor Track and Field
                        Championships 2008

Friday, May 2                                Sunday, May 4
1:00 - Pole Vault (men, followed by          11:00 - Triple Jump (m)
women)                                       11:00 - Javelin (m)
1:00 - Decathlon begins (100 meters)         11:00 - Shot Put (w)
1:30 - Heptathlon begins (100 hurdles)       11:00 - High Jump (w)
3:00 – Hammer (m)                            11:00 - 4 x 100 relay (m)
5:00 – Hammer (w)                            11:10 - 4 x 100 relay (w)
6:30 - 10,000 (m)                            11:20 - 1500 final (m)
7:15 - 10,000 (w)                            11:50 - 1500 final (w)
                                             12:20 - 100 hurdles final (m)
Saturday, May 3                              12:30 - 110 hurdles final (w)
8:45 - Decathlon continues (110 hurdles)     12:40 - 400 final (m)
9:30 - Heptathlon continues (long jump)      12:50 - 400 final (w)
11:00 - Long Jump (w)                        1:00 - Shot Put (m)
12:00 - Steeplechase (m)                     1:00 - Javelin (w)
12:25 - Steeplechase (w)                     1:00 - High Jump (m)
12:50 - 100 hurdle trials (m)                1:00 - Triple Jump (w)
1:00 - Discus (w)                            1:00 - 100 final (m)
1:05 - 110 hurdle trials (w)                 1:10 - 100 final (w)
1:20 - 400 trials (m)                        1:20 - 800 final (m)
1:30 - Long Jump (m)                         1:30 - 800 final (w)
1:35 - 400 trials (w)                        1:40 - 400 hurdles final (m)
1:50 - 100 trials (m)                        1:50 - 400 hurdles final (w)
2:05 - 100 trials (w)                        2:00 - 200 final (m)
2:20 - 800 trials (m)                        2:10 - 200 final (w)
2:40 - 800 trials (w)                        2:20 - 5,000 final (m)
3:00 - Discus (m)                            3:05 - 5,000 final (w)
3:00 - 400 hurdle trials (m)                 3:55 - 4 x 400 relay (m)
3:20 - 400 hurdle trials (w)                 4:05 - 4 x 400 relay (w)
3:40 - 200 trials (m)                        4:15 - Awards Ceremony
3:55 - 200 trials (w)
4:20 - 4 x 800 relay (m)
4:30 - 4 x 800 relay (w)

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