Nature and Nurture

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					Nature and Nurture

Nature                     Both                           Nurture
Baron-Cohen – autism       Samuel and Bryant –            Maguire – hippocampus
lacking a theory of mind   Nature – Piaget’s stages of    changes shape with
                           development                    navigational experience.
                           Nurture – experience of
                           being questioned by adults
Dement and Kleitman –       Savage-Rumbaugh –             Loftus and Palmer –
sleep patterns -           Nurture – taught language,     Understanding of verbs
                           but differences between
                           species is Nature
Sperry – organisation of   Freud – Nature – stages,       Bandura – learn aggression
brain                      Nurture – the way Little
                           Hans is helped to
                           overcome problems
                           Thigpen and Cleckley –         Milgram – situation causes
                           Nature – predisposition to     obedience.
                           Nurture – life events
                           trigger manifestation of
                           Griffiths – Nature –           Reicher and Haslam –
                           tendency to take risks, to     learn to respond to prison
                           be irrational,                 environment
                           Nurture – adapting the
                           gambling predisposition to
                           the Fruit machine
                           Piliavin – nurture -reacting
                           to emergency situation by
                           applying learnt values.
                           Nature – many want to
                                                          Rosenhan – learnt to
                                                          expect people in asylum to
                                                          be insane