The purpose of the Internet Funding Corporation Master Payday Loan Agreement is to make you, our customer, fully
aware and informed of all terms and conditions of our policies, as well as all federal and State of Delaware regulations
as required by law.

We value the opportunity to serve your needs and want you to be completely satisfied and comfortable in all
transactions with Internet Funding Corporation.

Payday Loans offered by Internet Funding Corporation are designed as a short-term cash flow solution and not
designed as a solution for longer-term financial problems.

You acknowledge by signing this agreement and by submitting an application to Internet Funding Corporation, that
you do not have any outstanding Payday Loans with Internet Funding Corporation or any other provider. In addition,
while having an outstanding Payday Loan from Internet Funding Corporation, you agree that you will not apply for or
accept another Payday Loan from Internet Funding Corporation or another provider that will result in having more
than one outstanding Payday Loan at any given time.

Extension of Payment Requirements

Although Internet Funding Corporation does provide extensions, it is not our intent for a Payday Loan to
become a long-term obligation.

Internet Funding Corporation will allow you to extend the original Payday Loan under the following terms. A
maximum of Four (4) extension of payment (rollovers) are allowed. For convenience, your loan will be extended
automatically up to Four (4) times, or until you direct us to process your payoff amount.

Additional fees will be charged for each extension of payment (rollover) equal to the original loan fee ($60.00).
All loans that are not paid off will be deemed to be extended until the following payday.

Credit counseling services are available to consumers who are experiencing financial problems. Internet Funding
Corporation can suggest sources for these services upon request.

All payoff requests must be submitted online and must be received BY 12:00 PM (EDT) one business day
before your original due date to be processed.

Right of Rescission

You have the right to return any amount borrowed, in full, on or before the close of business of the business
day following the day on which such sum has been disbursed or advanced, without the incursion of any fee or
other charges. Payment in full can be made by using the Western Union service.

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Your Promise To Pay

You promise to pay us the Amount Financed, the Finance Charge and other permitted charges according to the
Federal Truth-In-Lending Disclosures. You acknowledge and agree that you are indebted to us in the amount of
the Total of Payments, and that the amounts set forth in the Federal Truth-In-Lending Disclosures are not in

You have made promise to pay us or to our order, (per your electronic signature on original payday loan
application or Master Agreement) in one payment on the date indicated in the payment schedule, or if extended
payment request was submitted and processed, the total of payments on or after the next date your Payday
Loan comes due. You authorize us to effect this payment by one or more ACH/EFT debits and or demand bank
draft debit entries to the account of your financial institution (bank or credit union) on the date this Payday
Loan comes due or until this Payday Loan obligation is paid in full. You have confirmed that you are not in
bankruptcy proceedings, nor do you contemplate or plan on filing bankruptcy in the future.

You promise to keep open and maintain an adequate balance in your account to assure all payments are made
to us in a timely manner on the scheduled due date(s), until this Payday Loan note is paid in full. You agree and
confirm this online Payday Loan transaction is due in full on your next nearest pay date, unless an extension of
payment is processed by Internet Funding Corporation. An extension of payment fee will be debited on the
original due date, and then the original advance amount plus original fee will become due in full on your next
scheduled pay date. You agree that by submitting completed/ signed Internet Funding Corporation internet
request forms as a matter of convenience, hereby constitutes the same legal and binding document as providing
Internet Funding Corporation with your personal post dated check, in the amount of the Payday Loan plus
associated fees, for the scheduled and authorized repayment of the Payday Loan amount that, upon approval,
will be credited by ACH/EFT to your financial institution account.

If Internet Funding Corporation is unable to collect payment from your provided account for any reason to effect
debit entries as agreed, you promise to pay us all sums you owe immediately, by making payment in full by
using the Western Union service. If in default, you authorize Internet Funding Corporation and/or their
designated collection agency to continue initiating ACH / EFT or bank draft debit entries of your financial
institution account for full and/or partial payments of Payday Loan and associated costs as necessary until all
total amounts owed are paid in full.

You agree, to the extent permitted by law, that you will not bring, join, or participate in any class action or
multi-plaintiff action as to any claim, dispute, or controversy you may have against Internet Funding
Corporation. You agree to the entry of injunctive relief to stop such a lawsuit or to remove yourself as a
participant in the suit. This agreement does not constitute a waiver of any of your rights and remedies to pursue
a claim individually.

Return of Payment Policy

If the customer's pre-authorized payment is returned to Internet Funding Corporation as uncollected due to NSF
(non-sufficient/uncollected funds), the customer agrees to have payment automatically rescheduled for a
repayment date (generally the following pay date) to include fees associated with the return, fees associated
with the continued use of advanced amount for the additional period of time over the maximum allowed of 15
days, and the original advance plus fee, that will be presented to customers account to obtain payment in full.
Internet Funding Corporation will reschedule payments by ACH/EFT with subsequent additional fees incurred
each time for the continued use of the original advance balance amount, together with previous returned
payment fees a maximum of two (2) additional times in attempt to have all payments completed and have
Internet Funding Corporation paid in full.

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If Internet Funding Corporation is still unsuccessful in obtaining payment, and customer in default has not made
payment of balance owed by the Western Union service, Internet Funding Corporation will send the $780 Wage
Assignment Agreement to the customer's employer along with a demand for payment from wages. If that is
unsuccessful for any reason the account in default will be transferred to our designated Law Collection firm and
litigation/collection procedures will begin.

Given that actual costs of collection and loss of use of capital are variable and differ with respect to length of time of
delinquency and quantification of collection efforts, it is agreed between the parties that customers defaulting on their
obligations to Internet Funding Corporation shall pay liquidated damages of $780.

Internet Funding Corporation will also file a claim for a civil judgment award against the customer with a nationally
recognized arbitration organization for all monies, fees, and costs associated with obtaining payment in full. Upon
award of judgment against customer in default which is final and binding, the judgment award will be filed in any
civil court having reasonable jurisdiction and subsequently transferred to an appropriate court of the defaulted
customer's county of residence or employment for collection. The customer in default will be responsible for all
additional costs associated with obtaining payment in full (Arbitration fees, collection fees, court and attorney fees,

The post-judgment interest rate on any and all arbitration awards and/or legal judgments arising from this agreement
shall be 36% (Thirty Six Percent) per year, compounded annually.

The customer in default will be responsible for all additional costs associated with obtaining payment in full
(Arbitration fees, collection fees, court and attorney fees, etc.)

In addition, the customer in default will be reported to any or all of the following: TeleTrack, TeleCheck, Scan,
TransUnion, Experian, and/or Equifax.

Additional Terms and Conditions of this Agreement

Prepayment: You may prepay your obligation under this Agreement in full at any time without penalty.

Method of Payment: Your electronic authorization in the amount of the Total of Payments stated in the Federal
Truth-In-Lending Disclosures and dated as of the date indicated in the Payment Schedule stated in the Federal Truth-
in-lending Disclosures (the "Payment Date") will be held by us until the Payment Date as security for this advance.
You agree that we may debit your account for the Payment if you have not paid us in cash or by cashier's check,
money order, or other immediately available funds the amount of Total Payments before noon (EST) on the Payment
Date. If payment is made prior to the EFT/ACH payment date, we will cancel the electronic authorization at the time
we receive payment.

Returned Payments: In the event your electronic payment of any amount due under this agreement, and upon
presentment to the named Drawee, is returned due to insufficient funds or credit, stopped payment, or closed account,
or any other reason, we shall assess a $25 returned fee.

Continuity: If a Wage Assignment Agreement for $780 (or any amount) is used as security for a loan, it is agreed that
all future loans and extensions between the customer and Internet Funding Corporation shall be secured by that same
Wage Assignment Agreement without the requirement to remake, resign or redo the agreement.

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Documentation: I agree that electronic mail, electronic forms, records, photocopies, and /or facsimile copies of the
documents I submit are valid and enforceable as the original. I agree that by typing my name as my electronic
signature, it is acknowledged and understood that it constitutes an acceptance of all terms and conditions of the master
Payday Loan agreement and is valid and enforceable.

By signing and submitting the application form, I understand and agree to all terms and conditions of this Master
Agreement and by submitting the online information application by Internet, I am applying for a Payday Loan and
certify that information provided by me is true and correct under penalty of perjury. I agree that upon submission of
my electronic signature, I am not presently involved in, or contemplating bankruptcy now or in the future. I authorize
you to verify the information in this application and hereby give Internet Funding Corporation consent to obtain
information on me from a consumer reporting agency or other various means available. I understand Internet Funding
Corporation reserves the right to decline an applicant at any time, with cause determined by judgment of risk, upon
completion of due diligence of applicant. In order to process this application, I understand verification of the
information I have provided is necessary, including, but not limited to, proof of residence, employment and bank
account verification.

These transactions shall be deemed to have taken place in the State of Delaware and Delaware Law shall
govern all aspects thereof except as federal laws may apply, regardless of where the site may have been

(Be sure you fully understand the Internet Funding Corporation program and procedures before signing and
submitting forms as acceptance. If you are unsure, please take time to review or contact a customer service
representative to answer any questions you may have.)

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