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MISSING PERSON Paige Chivers, 17 years old
                                          Paige has been missing since
                                          23 August 2007 when she left
                                          her family home in Blackpool
                                          with a bag or suitcase of
                                          belongings and her
                                          whereabouts are unknown.

                                          Paige is 5ft 5inches tall, slim
                                          build with shoulder length
                                          dyed blonde hair and brown
                                          eyes. She has a distinctive
                                          ‘Playboy bunny’ tattoo on the
                                          back of her neck with the
                                          word Playgirl written

  Paige has now been missing more than two years and anyone
 with any information about her disappearance is urged to contact
             Blackpool Police Station on 01253 293 933.

For further information or                   Call Crimestoppers anonymously
non-emergency calls:                           with information about crime:
                                                visit our website:
0845 1 25 35 45                                0800 555 111