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					You are invited to join us for the following events:
Sunday services:
10.45 am    Morning Worship
      - including Communion on 3rd Sunday in the month
10.45 am      Junior Church
      - Bible teaching for all ages
5.30 pm       Evening Worship

      - including Communion on 1st Sunday in the month
Weekly meetings:
Tuesdays, 10.00 am      Prayer meeting
Thursdays from 18 Jan, 2.30 pm
     Fellowship for older friends
Thursdays, 7.30 pm      Bible study

Youth services (7.30pm)
Sunday 28th January: Casino Royale
Sunday 25th February: - title to be announced
                                                                               Coedpenmaen Rd
Ladies’ Circle (7.30pm)
Wednesday 7th February: Mrs Joan Dickens                                           Trallwn
Wednesday 7th March: Cawl evening

Special baptismal service: Sunday 21st Jan, 5.30 pm.

For further information:
Phone 405598 (Alona) 405062 (Tricia) or 405323 (Beryl)
                                                         Community Newsletter
                                                            January / February 2007
           The person who kneels before God                  Your word is a lamp to my feet
               can stand before anyone.                      and a light for my path. Psalm 119:105
No going back                                                            Addiction
Did you, like millions of others, count the clock down to                Many lives are affected in some way or another by alcohol or
midnight? “3,2,1,..2007! Happy New Year, everyone!”                      drugs; most of us will know someone who is struggling with
In a moment of time you passed from one year to                          one of these problems. One of the most successful
another. Now you can‟t go back to 2006, no matter how much you           rehabilitation programmes is Victory Outreach, whose
may want to do so.
                                                                         representatives will be visiting Coedpenmaen Baptist Church
                                                                         shortly – more details in the next issue of this newsletter.
It‟s the same in one respect with life itself. There‟s a midnight hour
for each one of us. Where the difference lies is that we can‟t count
down the moments beforehand. The midnight hour struck for two
dear friends over this New Year period. They departed this earthly                 Christmas celebrations
life in a moment of time, not of their choosing. Where are they          We congratulate the staff and pupils of Coedpenmaen School, who
now? How do you know?                                                    after a difficult term produced a fine Christmas concert in the hall of
                                                                         their temporary home of Graig-y-Wion school. Members of
John Wesley once said, “Since we all must die, let us die well.”         Coedpenmaen Baptist Church who were invited would like to thank
How do we do that? A famous scholar once told his students,              everyone concerned. Once again Ysgol Gymraeg Pontsionnorton
“Accept Christ as your Saviour an hour before you die.” His              held their Christmas concern in our chapel, and on 17th December
students replied, “But we do not know when we will die.” “Exactly!”
                                                                         the children of our church all contributed to a wonderful Christmas
the scholar replied, “so accept Christ NOW!”
                                                                         presentation. It was thrilling to see that all three events focused on
Over this Christmas and New Year period, one verse in the Bible          presenting the true meaning of Christmas, celebrating the birth of
stands out above all others: John chapter 3, verse 16.                   the Lord Jesus Christ.
       “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten
       Son so that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but          Baptism – what‟s it all about?
       have everlasting life.”                                           Jesus was baptised by John the Baptist in the River
                                          Rev Stan Vart, Moderator       Jordan to set an example, and He commanded His
                                                   followers to baptise believers.   It is a sign of a new life
The Gate of the Year                                                     lived under the lordship of Jesus Christ. In Coedpenmaen
                                                                         Baptist Church on Sunday 21st January at 5.30pm two believers (one a
                                                                         young teenager and the other quite a bit older!) will make a public
A favourite poem of the late Queen Mother which was
                                                                         declaration of their faith in Jesus Christ as they are baptised by full
read at her funeral and which was also quoted by King George VI in
                                                                         immersion. All are welcome to join us on this very special occasion.
his moving Christmas Message of 1939 begins like this:

       I said to the man who stood at the gate of the year,              Support for Romania – thank you !
       „Give me a light that I may tread safely into the unknown.‟       Once again members and friends of Coedpenmaen contributed
       And he replied, „Go into the darkness                             generously to the Christmas appeal for Romania. The Cardiff Support for
       And put your hand into the hand of God.                           Romania warehouse reports that a total of 4,500 shoe boxes and 600
       That shall be to you better than light                            boxes of sweets, each containing packs for 30 children, have been
       And safer than a known way!‟                                      delivered to Romania this Christmas.

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