Poster Grading Rubric by efb74755


									Poster Grading Rubric          30 POINT SCALE
The grade for your poster presentation will be based on the mechanics of your poster construction
(i.e. did you follow the guidelines) and on your interaction with your laboratory instructor as you
explain what you did in the project.
Poster Construction
                    Exceeds Expectations       Meets Expectations          Does not meet
Points earned                    4                         3-2                        1 or 0
Titles and Sub- Titles and subtitles are       Most titles and subtitles Few or no titles or sub-
titles              clear and enhance          are clear and enhance       titles to clarify text
                    readability                readability
Text size and       All text is clear and      Text is clear and           Some text is clear and
color               readable, a few changes readable, a few changes readable, frequent
                    in size and color          in size and color           changes in size and
                    enhance understanding      enhance understanding       color do not enhance
Writing             Well written and           Adequately written and Poorly written and
                    organized, clear, easy to organized, reasonably        organized, unclear, hard
                    follow                     easy to follow.             to follow
Data                Data presented in clear, Data presented in             Raw data presented
Presentation        labeled tables, graphs or graphs or spectra

Group participation      All members of group     Most members of           One member of group
                         answer questions         group answer              answers questions
Understanding of         Answers show a high      Answers show that         Major
theory                   level of understanding   most of the theory is     misunderstandings of
                         of the theory behind     understood with a         underlying theory
                         the project              couple of minor
Description of           Group members could      Group members could       Group members had
experimental work        describe accurately      describe most of what     trouble describing
                         what they did and        they did and why          what they did
Further work             Suggestions for          Suggestions for           No suggestions for
                         further work are         further work are          further work are
                         presented and            presented                 presented

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