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									                The Opticus Course                                   for MRCOphth II

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***This is addressed to Opticus May 07 Course Attenders ONLY***

                                                            20 April 2007

COURSE:        OPTICUS Part 2 MRCOphth Course
               Weekend may 12th and 13th, 2007

VENUE:         Eye Clinic, Bradford Royal Infirmary, Duckworth Lane, Bradford,
               West Yorkshire BD9 6RJ

Thank you for choosing to attend the Opticus course. This letter confirms that you
are booked to attend on the above dates.

The primary aim of this course is to help you prepare to pass the forthcoming Part 2
MRCOphth examination. We hope the weekend will be both educational and

The timetable will be as follows:

Saturday January 13th          0845- 1800    Day 1
                               1930---       Course meal (Black tie / smart dress).

Sunday January 14th            0900- 1830    Day 2

Location                Eye Clinic, Bradford Royal Infirmary, Duckworth Lane,
                        Bradford BD9 6RJ

Saturday morning           Registration opens 0830

Bradford Royal Infirmary   0900 prompt start
Eye / ENT OPD              Introduction to the Course
reception                  Lectures – OSE stations

Saturday afternoon         Lecture Practical Refraction           End approx.
Eye Clinic Bradford        Mock Refraction examinations           6pm
Royal Infirmary                   and
                           OSCE workshop (1)
                           Examination techniques
Saturday evening           Course Dinner – Midland Hotel,         1930
                           Bradford City Centre
                           BLACK TIE / SMART DRESS please
Saturday night accommodation if arranged:
Midland Hotel, Bradford
Sunday morning             9am prompt start

Eye Clinic Bradford        OSCE interactive workshops
Royal Infirmary
                           (2) Keratometry techniques

                           (3) Hess charts
                           Motility examination techniques

Sunday afternoon                                                 End approx.
                           Mock OSCE examinations 1              6pm
Eye Clinic Bradford
Royal Infirmary            Mock OSCE examinations 2

                           Mock OSE examination

                       Information for candidates
     OPTICUS Part 2 MRCOphth Course, Sat / Sun May 12th and 13th 2007.

If you have requested accommodation on Saturday night, this has been arranged at
the Midland Hotel, Bradford City Centre. This is near the Forster Square railway
station, and a 10minute drive from Bradford Royal Infirmary. Limited car parking is
If you require accommodation for Friday night, please contact the hotel as soon as
possible to arrange this. You may telephone Midland Hotel on +441274735735 (ask
for Sharon Tyson or Joanne, Group bookings for the Opticus Eye Doctors Course).
You will need to settle your bill directly with the hotel for Friday night’s
If you haven’t requested accommodation for Friday or Saturday night, and change
your mind, contact the hotel directly in case there is room availability.

Parking will be available in the Bradford Royal Infirmary Eye/ENT Outpatients’ car
park. Parking permit and map will be available when you register for the course on
Saturday morning.

Please come to the Bradford Royal Infirmary Eye/OPD Reception 8.30am onwards
on Saturday.
If you are staying at the Midland hotel on Friday night, some of the organisers will be
able to meet you around 7.30pm at the reception bar.
Weekend lectures will start promptly at 9am as we have so much to cover in just two

Please note that you will be examining patients on both days and so dress
respectfully as if you were seeing patients in clinic. This also creates a more realistic
examination atmosphere.

You will receive a case with useful examination aids (occluder, near target, pen
torch). However, it is always useful to bring your own retinoscope, cross
cylinders and trial frame that you will use at the Part 2 exam in June.

Course dinner
You are invited to attend the Course Dinner on Saturday evening 7.30pm onwards at
the Midland Hotel. This year it is a Black tie / Smart dress function at the hotel,
attended by doctors and nurses who participate in the course.

Previous feedback from candidates has shaped the Course into its current form.
Your feedback is essential to improving the course for future candidates. Please
complete the evaluation form in your course pack before you leave.
Don’t miss the chance to have your say at the end of the course.
Course fee
Payment for the course should be made in advance. This is non-returnable. A
receipt will be included with your registration pack. Within your Trust’s agreed study
leave allocation, and depending on your personal development needs, you should be
able to claim the Course fee from your employer in most cases. A Certificate of
Attendance will be given to you on receipt of your completed Evaluation form, at the
end of the weekend.

To get the best out of this course, we have made some suggestions for you to
achieve over the next fortnight:

   1. Read through the important chapters for your optics and refraction
      theory. Practice MCQs and past questions to keep your interest.
   2. Practice possible OSE questions. The website is
      a great start, as well books in the “Recommended Reading” section on
   3. Think about your preferred technique for refraction. Aim to perform 20
      refractions (minimum) before the course.
   4. Think about your preferred examination technique for each OSCE
      station. Opticus provides you the chance to practice your skills in a
      mock examination situation.

If you have any urgent queries, please contact Mrs. Reynolds 07973 671438.

We look forward to seeing you on the 12th May.

Yours sincerely

Mrs. Anita Reynolds
Consultant Ophthalmologist and OPTICUS Course Organiser
Mr. Bernie Chang
Consultant Ophthalmologist and OPTICUS Course Organiser
Miss Rehna Khan
Ophthalmology Specialist Registrar and OPTICUS Course Organiser
Mr. Nabil El Hindy
Ophthalmology Specialist Registrar and OPTICUS Course Organiser

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