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					                                                Washington, D.C.
                                                Sample itinerary

         DAY 1                   DAY 2                      DAY 3                        DAY 4                         DAY 5
                        Breakfast                  Breakfast                    Breakfast                     Breakfast
Group arrives in                                                                                              Hotel check-out
Washington, D.C.
and is met by a         Alexandria                 Lincoln Memorial             Naval Museum                  Petersen House
WorldStrides            One of America's           A tribute to President       U.S. Navy exhibits            Where President
representative.         oldest and most            Abraham Lincoln and          from the Revolution           Lincoln died after
                        historic cities            the nation he fought         to present                    being shot (across
                                                   to preserve during                                         the street) at Ford’s
                        Mount Vernon               the Civil War                FDR Memorial                  Theatre
                        George Washington's                                     Memorial not only to
                        home on the                Vietnam Veterans             President Franklin D.         White House
                        Potomac River              Memorial                     Roosevelt, but also           (picture stop)
                                                   Monument to over             to the era he                 Home of the U.S.
                        Washington                 58,000 men and               represents                    President
                        Monument (picture          women killed or
                        stop)                      missing in Vietnam
                        World’s tallest stone
                        monument                   Korean Memorial              Lunch                         Lunch
                                                   Dedicated to all
                                                   those who fought in          National Postal
                        Lunch                      defense of South             Museum                        Embassy Row
Arlington National                                 Korea                        The story of postal           Street lined with
Cemetery                Capitol Hill                                            history in America.           homes of over 100
Burial grounds for      Grounds Tour               Lunch                                                      foreign ambassadors
American military         U.S. Capitol -                                        Holocaust Museum
personnel                 where Congress           Smithsonian                  Daniel’s Story –              National Zoo
  Changing of the         meets to decide          Institution                  Living Memorial to            home to three
  Guard                   law                      The world's largest          victims of Nazi               pandas
  Tomb of the             Supreme Court -          museum complex.              Germany
  Unknown Soldier         our nation's                 National Gallery
  Kennedy                 highest court                of Art                   National Portrait
  Gravesites              Library of                   National Air &           Gallery
  Space Shuttle           Congress - world's           Space Museum             Famous and
  Challenger              largest library              Natural History          distinguished
  Memorial                                             Museum                   Americans are
                        National Archives              National Museum          honored here in
Iwo Jima Memorial       Home of the original           of American              portraits,
A tribute to all U.S.   Constitution, Bill of          History                  photographs and
Marines who have        Rights, and                                             other visual media            Dinner
died since 1775 while   Declaration of
serving our country     Independence               Dinner                       Dinner                        Group departs
                                                                                                              Washington, D.C. for
                        Dinner                     Jefferson Memorial                                         home.
Dinner                                             Kennedy Center               Return to hotel
                                                   WWII Memorial                                              Note: Travel time from
                        Return to hotel                                                                       different parts of the
Hotel check-in                                     Return to hotel                                            country may modify this

HD5 - 5/4 DC

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