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					                               Course Programme 2005

Month            Days                         Course
January 2005     Thurs 13th                   Day Release Course
                 Fri 14th to Sun 16th         MRCGP Exam Course (outwith PGC)

February 2005    Mon 31st Jan to Fri 4th      GP Refresher Course
                 Wed 2nd                      Summative Assessment MCQ
                 Thurs 17 & Fri 18th          GP Trainers’ Workshop (Contin)
                 Wed 23rd to Fri 25th         GP Registrar Course

March 2005
                 Wed 9th                      GP Subcommittee
                 Tues 15th                    Day Release Course
                 Wed 16th to Fri 18th         Palliative Care Course
                 Tues 22nd to Thurs 24th      ALS Course
                 Mon 28th                     MRCGP Tutorial (video linked)

April 2005       Mon 18th                     MRCGP Tutorial (video linked)
                 Wed 20th                     Day Release Course
                 Thurs 21st to Fri 22nd       PALS Course
                 Wed 27th to Fri 29th April   Educational Skills Course

May 2005         Mon 2nd                      MRCGP Tutorial (video linked)
                 Wed 4th                      Summative Assessment MCQ
                 Thurs 5th                    Day Release Course
                 Fri 6th                      RCPS Glasgow Symposium
                 Tues10th to Thurs 12th       ATLS
                 Tues 24th to Thurs 26th      ALS Course
                 To be confirmed              National Experienced GP Trainers’ Course (Nairn)

June 2005        Fri 17th                     Day Release Course
                 Thurs16th to Fri 17th        GP Trainers’ Workshop (Nairn)
                 Wed 22nd to Fri 24th         Generic Instructors Course
                 Wed 29th                     GP Subcommittee

August 2005      Wed 24th to Fri 26th         GP Registrar Course

September 2005   Wed 7th                      Summative Assessment MCQ
                 Wed 7th to Fri 9th           ATLS Course
                 Mon 19th to Thurs 22nd       Family Planning Course
                 Fri 23rd                     Day Release Course
                 Wed 28th to Fri 30th         ALS Course

October 2005     Mon 3rd                      MRCGP Tutorial (video linked)
                 Mon 17th                     MRCGP Tutorial (video linked)
                 Thurs 20th to Fri 21st       PALS Course
                 Tues 25th to Thurs 27th      Child Health Surveillance Course
                 Fri 28th                     Day Release Course
                 To be arranged               Trainers Workshop
                 Monday 31st                  MRCGP Tutorial (video linked)

November 2005    Tues 1st to Thurs 3rd        Child Health Surveillance (to be confirmed)
                 Wed 9th                      GP Subcommittee
                 Wed 16th to Fri 18th         ALS Course
                 Mon 21st to Fri 25th         GP Refresher Course

December 2005    Wed 7th                      Summative Assessment MCQ
                 Thurs 8th                    Day Release Course

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