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									                Sea Change
                    R e d e f i n i n g Fa m i ly

            Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel
                January 31 – February 2, 2010

      Council on Foundations
2010 Family Philanthropy Conference

 Register by December 15 and Save
Sea Change
    ef   ining Family
Red                   Phi

I f you’ve never been to a family philanthropy

Or if you’ve been to a dozen of them and are
feeling burned out…

Get ready for…

The Year’s Premier Event in Family Philanthropy
The Council on Foundations
2010 Family Philanthropy Conference

           January 31 through
               February 2

             At the Hilton
               San Diego
            Bayfront Hotel

       people who love famil
 When       n 2010, the qu    y philanthropy get
  together i               estion
                                  will always be:
 “W ere you in San Diego?” Say
                                 Yes! Sign up now!
     Come to San Diego and find out what’s In
     and what’s Out in family philanthropy
     IN                                   OUT
     • A multi-generational focus         • Separate tracks for
                                            the generations

     • Understanding how the              • An inward look that
       family philanthropy commu-           blocks our view of
       nity is broader than foun-           the larger world
       dations and philanthropists

     • Measuring impact through           • Measuring impact
       the outcomes of our                  through activities

     • Engaging everyone involved         • Private-foundation-
       in family philanthropy—              only conversations
       foundations, donor
       advisors, giving circles,
       individual donors,
       community foundations

     And what’s In and Out in family
     philanthropy sessions
     IN                                   OUT
     • Storytelling! Role play-           • Lectures
       ing! Hands-on workshops!

     • Learning experiences that          • Field trips
       take you to some of the
       most controversial and in-
       formative locations in and
       around San Diego

     • Connecting with others in          • Exchanging business
       family philanthropy and              cards
       with those who have some-
       thing important to say
       about philanthropy—
       really connecting

For more information and to register, go to   1
    High-demand workshops
    Executive Director Leadership Seminar,
    Next Gen Retreat, Foundation Governance and
    Management Bootcamp. And this year, for the
    first time ever, these workshops are part of the
    conference program at no additional fee!

    Multigenerational Programming
     • Programming focused on collaboration among
       generations and raising philanthropic children
     • A salon (the dictionary says that’s where
       distinguished guests meet) for emerging leaders to
       talk philanthropy with seasoned trustees
     • A Next Gen Lounge—information central for next
       generation programs and resources, interactive
       exercises to connect across generations, and free
       consultations with 21/64 (a nonprofit consulting
       division of the Andrea and Charles Bronfman
       Philanthropies), Resource Generation, and
       Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy.
     • New publication that reveals, through interviews,
       what the next gen offers in exchange for what
       seasoned leaders provide.

    What Redefining Will Mean in San Diego
    The speakers, session leaders, and the attendees
    will redefine more than what family philanthropy
    means to us. We will redefine the way we meet
    with and learn from each other. This new way of
    doing things will be applied to topics that are at
    the heart and soul of family philanthropy:
     • Maximizing impact beyond metrics
     • Putting the civil back in discourse
     • Exploring the evolving definition of family
     • Amplifying giving power through different
       charitable giving vehicles
     • Funding education, the arts, community (place
       based), and internationally
     • Investments and fiduciary responsibility: how
       everything changed with the economic crisis
     • Getting the most out of public-philanthropic

2   Council on Foundations 2010 Family Philanthropy Conference
     Offsite learning experiences

     The Village at Market Creek
     Witness first-hand the power of sustainable change
     driven by local residents and fueled by philanthropy.
     Come for an all-day immersion experience of deep,
     applied learning with an integrated track of
     workshops, trainings, and exchanges with resident
     leaders and foundation colleagues discussing effective
     ways to engage in sustainable, resident-led change.

     International Community Foundation Center
     Find out first-hand about the center’s role in
     cross-cultural understanding, collaboration, and
     expanded philanthropy.

     San Diego’s Border Fence
     It’s been covered in the New York Times, by National
     Public Radio, and by media across the country. Now
     you are there!

    Film Fest
    Your very own family philanthropy conference
    Film Fesitval!
    Enjoy dinner, discussions, and a chance to meet the

For more information and to register, go to   3
                 e Out
T h e Stars Com             in
              nference Plan        Co                  nin
                              py                          g Ta
                         thro                                    sk F
    2010 Family   Philan                                              orc

      Mary L. Galeti
      Tecovas Foundation
                               Janet Brown
                               Grantmakers in the Arts

         Anthony Colon
         Green Family Foundation

                                        Valerie Jacobs
                                        Jacobs Family Foundation

    Sharna Goldseker
    Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies, Inc.

          Wendy Jaffe
          The Trio Foundation of St. Louis

                                         Darryl K. Lester
                                         NGAAP Fund/Community Investment

                                                Bill Lyons
                                                Affinity Capital Consulting

4      Council on Foundations 2010 Family Philanthropy Conference
D ie g o

   Audrey L. Jacobs
   Center for Family Philanthropy
   Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta

                                           “Welcome to San Diego—

                                           I can’t wait to see you there!”
       Lisa Parker
       The Lawrence Welk
       Family Foundation                   Steve Gunderson
                                           President and CEO
                                           Council on Foundations

   Douglas B. Stewart
   Max M. and Marjorie
   S. Fisher Foundation                    Michell Speight
                                           Dyson Foundation

                                 Adrienne D. Vargas
                                 The San Diego Foundation

         Robert N. Mayer
         The Nathan Cummings Foundation

   Nancy Jamison
   San Diego Grantmakers

   For more information and to register, go to        5
    Eligibility Policy
    The Council on Foundations invites individuals and organizations en-
    gaged in philanthropy to join us at the 2010 Family Philanthropy Con-
    ference. We welcome trustees and staff of U.S.-based and
    non-U.S.-based private, operating, and community foundations; public
    grantmaking charities; and corporate funders (foundations and/or giv-
    ing programs). We also welcome community foundations, giving cir-
    cles, philanthropic advisors, and individuals who have a demonstrated
    record of giving.

    Conference registration is open to all Council members and qualified
    non-members. If your organization is not a Council member, please
    read the eligibility guidelines below. After reading the guidelines, if
    you are still unsure about whether you are eligible to attend, please
    contact the Council’s Membership Department at
    or 703-879-0645.

    Council members receive a special conference rate that is signifi-
    cantly lower than the rate for non-members. If your organization ap-
    plies for Council membership—and your application is approved by
    December 31, 2010—the Council will apply a credit to your dues pay-
    ment that equals the difference between the member and non-member
    rates. If the credit amount is greater than the dues, the Council will
    credit your dues obligation for use the following year.

    Eligibility Guidelines for Nonmembers
    The Council requires all nonmember organizations and individuals to
    submit certain documents so we can verify eligibility. The guidelines
    below (broken down by category) explain the specific documents you
    need to submit. We ask that you send your information as early as pos-
    sible. Please note that submitting the requested documents does not
    guarantee eligibility to attend the conference. Please do not make
    travel arrangements until the Council confirms eligibility.

    Donor Advisors
    Donor advisors with a community foundation or a commercial gift fund
    are invited to attend the 2010 Family Philanthropy Conference. Please
    submit a letter with your registration form (or at the time of your
    registration) that lists the name of your fund, the place where the
    fund is held, and inception date.

    Students and recent graduates from accredited educational institu-
    tions may be eligible to attend our conferences for a special
    guest/student rate. Students should complete the conference regis-
    tration form and include a letter stating their area of study, antici-
    pated graduation date, and reason for attending the conference.
    Students who are affiliated with an organization that is a Council
    member should register through the organization.

    Banks and Trust Companies
    Nonmember representatives from banks, trust companies, and organi-
    zations that manage trust funds are eligible to attend if they are
    sponsored by an eligible foundation or corporate funder. Representa-
    tives who wish to register under the name of a bank, trust company, or
    managing organization must pay the non-member rate.

6      Council on Foundations 2010 Family Philanthropy Conference
Individuals and Giving Circles
Individuals and giving circles are invited to attend the 2010 Family
Philanthropy Conference. Please submit a letter with your registra-
tion form (or at the time of your registration) that lists
the name of your giving circle, the place where
the giving circle is located, and inception date

Philanthropic Advisors Network
Philanthropic Advisors Network members in
good standing are eligible to register.

Foundations Based Outside the United
Nonmember grantmaking organizations based
outside the United States should submit the

• A copy of the latest annual report or a letter
  (signed by an officer of the organization) providing a brief history
  of the organization’s charitable activities, including the goals of
  the grantmaking; or Complete financial statements (preferably in
  English) for the most recent fiscal year, establishing that the or-
  ganization’s primary activity is the operation of a grant program
  for direct grants to multiple individuals or organizations.

Other Foundations/Corporate Giving Programs
Your organization’s listing in the Foundation Directory or Guide to
U.S. Foundations may suffice. If no such listing exists, please submit
the following:

• For a nonmember private, operating or company foundation, a copy
  of the organization’s IRS determination letter or a copy of your in-
  stitution’s organizing documents which have been filed with your
  state (by-laws and/or articles of incorporation).

• For a nonmember corporate giving program, a copy of the latest an-
  nual report or a letter (signed by an officer of the organization)
  stating the goals of the grantmaking program.

Consultants or Legal Counsel
If you are an eligible foundation or corporate funder and wish to
register active consultants or legal counsel, you must register
these individuals under your organization’s name. Please include a
letter from your organization stating that the registrant is an ac-
tive consultant with your foundation/corporation. Please note the
Council’s no-solicitation rule below.

Council on Foundations' No-Solicitation Rule
This conference is not an opportunity for
solicitation of any kind, including asking
for business, fund management, or grants.
All types of solicitation are strictly
prohibited at all Council events. Individuals
reported making a solicitation will be asked
to leave the 2010 Family Philanthropy
Conference and escorted off the conference

For more information and to register, go to   7
You can have a board meeting in San Diego.
Yes you can! Let us help!
For more information on how we can help in hosting your
board meeting, visit

8   Council on Foundations 2010 Family Philanthropy Conference
 Registration Instructions and Information
    Note: Non-members should not make travel arrangements until the Council confirms eligibility.

Registration forms received without payment cannot be processed—please do not both fax and mail your
registration form, as this may result in duplicate charges.

  Online:                                By Fax:                               By Mail:
  Register online at                     Fax completed registration            Council on Foundations                 forms to 703-879-0800 or              P.O. Box 75674
  (After January 2, 2010, register       703-879-0802.                         Baltimore, MD 21275-5674
  only by fax or onsite.)                Payment must be made by               Payments made by check must be
                                         credit card.                          mailed by December 28, 2009.

CONFIRMATIONS                                               MEALS
Confirmation will be sent immediately upon receipt          Meals are included in your registration fee for
of your information. Please remember to include             the day(s) for which you have registered. Sunday
your email address on our registration form to re-          includes lunch reception. Monday includes break-
ceive registration and hotel confirmations. Because         fast, lunch, and the evening networking event.
of the high volume of registrations, the Council is         Tuesday includes a breakfast and lunch. There will
unable to confirm conference registration by phone.         be a limited number of extra meal tickets available
To guarantee inclusion in the conference directory          at the registration desk for individuals who are eligible
of participants, the Council must receive your com-         for conference attendance.
pleted registration form by December 28, 2009.
After making your online credit reservation, an instant
                                                            The San Diego International Airport is approximately
confirmation will follow.
                                                            10 minutes from the Hilton San Diego Bayfront (cab
MULTIPLE REGISTRATION DISCOUNT                              fare is approximately $20, excluding tip).
If your organization is a member of the Council on
Foundations and three people from your organization
                                                            Conference attire is business casual. Meeting room
pay the full conference fee ($775), additional mem-
                                                            temperatures vary, so we recommend dressing in
bers of your organization who register at the same
time as the first three, will receive the multiple reg-
istration discount ($675). Registration forms and
payment must be received by December 11, 2009.
                                                            Winter temperatures in San Diego average in the
                                                            high 70s during the day and drop to the 50s in the
                                                            evenings. It is windy by the water so please dress
All Family Conference registration cancellations
must be submitted in writing. Fax your cancellation
to 703-879-0800/703-879-0802 or email
                                                            COUNCIL POLICIES
                                                            The Council on Foundations is firmly committed to
Cancellation fees will be as follows:                       fair employment practices, inclusiveness, and the
Cancellation through November 20, 2009                      prohibition of sexual harassment of employees by
Full refund minus $150 administrative fee                   staff, visitors, or members. If you would like infor-
Cancellation on November 21 through                         mation on these and other policies, please contact
December 11, 2009                                           the Council’s executive office at 703-879-0600.
25 percent of conference fees
Cancellation on or after December 11, 2009
                                                            Members of the media should request press cre-
No refund available
                                                            dentials from the Council on Foundations’ Media
                                                            Relations Department at
Non-members must pay non-member registration
                                                            PHOTO RELEASE POLICY
fees. Pending membership applications or applica-
                                                            The Council may use photos/videos of attendees at
tions sent with the registration form do not qualify
                                                            Council events online or in its print and electronic
for registration at the member rate. If you pay the
                                                            materials both now and in the future. If you do not
non-member fee for the conference and your Council
                                                            wish your likeness to be used in this way, please
membership is approved by December 31, the differ-
                                                            contact David Martin at 703-879-0674 or email
ence between member and non-member conference
                                                   at least 48 hours in advance
fees will be credited toward your organization’s dues
                                                            of the meeting.
payment. Please call the Membership Services staff
at 703-879-0645 for more information.
2010 Family Philanthropy Conference Housing and Registration Form
 FAX completed registration form with credit card                                      Or      MAILthe form with check payment to:       Registration is also available       ONLINE at:
  information to: 703-879-0800/703-879-0802.                                            Council on Foundations Conferences,              
                                                                                     P.O. Box 75674, Baltimore, MD 21275-5674.

HOW TO REGISTER                                Full Name                                                                                 RELATIONSHIP TO ORGANIZATION REPRESENTED
Registration forms received without payment                                                                                              Please check one.
                                               First Name/Nickname (for badge)
cannot be processed—please do not both                                                                                                   q CEO/Executive Director/President      q Financial Staff
fax and mail your registration form, as this   Title                                                                                     q Administrative Staff                  q Program Staff
may result in duplicate charges.               Foundation/Organization                                                                   q Communications Staff                  q Donor Advisor
Online:                                                                                                                                  q Donor Services Staff                  q Philanthropic Advisor
                                               Mailing Address
Register online at                                                                                                q Board Member/Trustee
(After January 2, 2010, register only by fax   Bill to Address
or onsite.)                                    City/State/Zip/Country                                                                    q Family Member                         q Non-Family Member
By Fax:                                                                                                                                  q Next Generation Attendee
                                               Email Address
Fax completed registration forms to
                                               Main Phone                                                          Main Fax              q Check here if you are First-time Attendee.
703-879-0800 or 703-879-0802.
Payment must be made by credit card.           Organization URL                                                                          q Check here if you do not wish to receive information from
                                                                                                                                           grantmaker service organizations (e.g., regional associations)
By Mail:
                                               GUEST INFORMATION (if Registering)                                                          before the conference.
Council on Foundations
                                               Full Name                                                                                 q Check here if you do not wish to receive information from
P.O. Box 75674
                                                                                                                                           exhibitors and sponsors before the conference.
Baltimore, MD 21275-5674                       First Name/Nickname
Payments made by check must be mailed by                                                                                                 NON-MEMBERS ONLY
December 28, 2009.
                                               REGISTRATION                                                                              Your foundation’s approximate yearly assets
                                               Check the appropriate box(es). Total all fees at the end. All fees are in U.S. dollars.
HOTEL RESERVATIONS                                                                                                                                                Your foundation s approximate yearly grant level
                                                     C ONFERE NC E                                       Postmarked by 12/15/09       Postmarked after 12/15/09
The Family Philanthropy Conference will be                                                                                                                        Type of organization (family foundation, community foundation,
held at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel.     q Member Full Conference                                        $775                          $925
                                                                                                                                                                  regional association, etc.)
The Hotel rate is $209 single or double occu-    q Non-member Full Conference                                  $1,075                        $1,225
pancy, excluding taxes. This rate is available   q Multiple Discount*                                            $675                             n/a             SPECIAL NEEDS
three days before and three days after the           *Three people from a member organization
                                                      must first pay the full conference fee.                                                                     Please list any accessibility requirements requiring the Council’s
conference dates, based on availability. The
Council on Foundations special rates are in      q Guest/Student Registration                                    $520                          $595               attention:
effect until January 7, 2010. After January 7,   q International (Member)                                        $525                          $525               If you have a special dietary need, please check one:
reservations are subject to availability and     q International (Non-member)                                    $775                          $775               q Vegetarian            q Kosher           q Diabetic           q Non-Dairy
may not be available at the conference rate.     q Sunday                                                        $390                          $390
Rooms may sell out before January 7, 2010.                                                                                                                        REGISTRATION PAYMENT
                                                 q Monday                                                        $365                          $365
                                                 q Tuesday                                                       $365                          $365               Registrations will not be processed without payment. Please indicate
                                                 q Multimedia CD Pre-conference Price                            $129                          $129               form of payment below. Only credit card payments may be faxed.
The Hilton San Diego Bayfront Policy:
                                                     (Conference registrants only)
Your one night’s deposit will be forfeited                                                                                                                        q Check enclosed (made payable to the Council on Foundations,
as your cancellation fee if you cancel your                                                                                                                         in U.S. funds only)
                                                     OPTIONAL EVENTS                  (Preregistration required—limited space)                                    q American Express                  q VISA              q MasterCard
reservation less than 72 hours prior to your
scheduled day of arrival. Should you change      q Foundation Governance and Management Bootcamp                                      Sunday, 1:00 – 5:30 p.m.    Card #
your departure date after check-in to an         q Executive Director Leadership Seminar                                              Sunday,1:00 – 5:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                  Exp. Date
earlier date, you will be assessed an early      q Next Generation Retreat for Family Members                                         Sunday, 1:00 – 5:30 p.m.
departure fee of one night room and tax.                                                                                                                          Name on Card
                                                 q Sunday Night at the Movies Film Screening and Dinner                               Sunday, 6:30 – 9:00 p.m.
                                                     Fees: $50 for Non-GFEM* members;                                                                             Signature of Card Holder
Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel
                                                           $35 for GFEM* members.
One Park Blvd.                                                                                                                                                    I authorize the Council on Foundations to charge my credit card for the conference fees
San Diego, CA 92101                              q The Village at Market Creek Site Visit                                        Monday, 9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                  as indicated above. If I have miscalculated the conference fees, I authorize the Council

Phone: 619-564-3333                              q International Community Foundation Center Site Visit                             Monday, 9:30 – 11:30 a.m.     on Foundations to make the necessary adjustments and to charge my card accordingly.

Fax: 619-321-4316                                q San Diego’s Border Fence Site Visit                                               Monday, 1:30 – 5:30 p.m.     For any questions on Housing or Registration, contact us at
$209 single/double occupancy                     * Grantmakers for Film and Electronic Media.                                                                     703-879-0750 or email

                                                 Register by December 15 and Save up to $150
                                             2121 Crystal Drive, Suite 700
                                             Arlington, VA 22202

                R edef ining Family
                  Sea Change

                   P hil ant hropy

         Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel
             January 31 – February 2, 2010

       Council on Foundations
2010 Family Philanthropy Conference

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