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Course title


Course title

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									    PNS New Arrivals
  Excellence Programme:
       An Overview
                     THURSDAY, 30 APRIL 2009

                           1.00 pm – 4.00 pm

                    WINWICK LEISURE CENTRE

                         Course leader(s):
    Janna Welsby, Inclusion Consultant; EAL, Equality & Diversity

                        Target audience: Primary

         Named Person responsible for EAL, SENCOs/INCOs,
                Teachers and Teaching Assistants

     The objectives/learning outcomes for this course will be:

 To familiarise participants with the contents of the New Arrivals Excellence
Programme materials
 To provide participants with an overview of EAL pedagogy, as well as practical
strategies to meet the needs of newly arrived children from overseas

                              Course content:

 Elements from:-

 - New Arrivals Excellence Programme
       - Welcoming New Arrivals          - Teaching and Learning
       - Assessment                      - Whole school approach
 Closing date for applications:        WEDNESDAY 01 APRIL 2009

                 There is no charge for this course

Link to the Children’s Service Plan

Increase the attainment and achievement of specific groups of pupils;
in particular vulnerable pupils (including LAC’s) & higher ability pupils

                     Lunch will not be provided

                  Supply cover will not be funded

       Application forms should be completed and returned to:
                   Shelagh Roberts
                           Shelagh Roberts
                       Administration Assistant
                             CPD Service
                    Children’s Services Directorate

      Tel:    01925 443917                  Fax: 01925 443193
                        Course Application Form
 First Name:______________________________ Surname:______________________________


School/section/team including address


  Course title:                       PNS New Arrivals Excellence Programme:
                                      An Overview
  Course date:                        THURSDAY, 30 APRIL 2009
  Time:                               1.00 pm - 4.00 pm
  Venue:                              WINWICK LEISURE CENTRE
  Cost:                               No Charge

Special Requirements: ________________________________________________________
(i.e. wheelchair access, hearing loop, visual aid etc.)

Dietary Requirements: ________________________________________________________
Notification of cancellation must be received 1 week before the course otherwise a non-attendance fee of
£50 will be charged. This charge will only be waived in exceptional circumstances.

I agree for the above person to attend the course and to complete the ‘Evaluation of Training on Practice’
form with myself. This form will be sent to me approximately 3 months after the course and returned to the
CPD Service.

Managers Signature ______________________________________________ Date

    This form should be completed and returned before the closing date to:
                         Wednesday, 01 April 2009

                                     Shelagh Roberts
                                     Administration Assistant
         CPD Service, Children’s Services Directorate, 3rd Quattro Building, WA1 1BN

                Telephone: 01925 443917                       Fax: 01925 443193

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