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					QUALIFICATIONS preferred

In South Africa in a National & Provincial qualification regulator bodies such as:
.     Malusi
.     SAQA
.     SETA’s

These bodies are required to set bench-marking of qualification required for
particular post.

For the past 100 years of EThekwini Electricity since it was Durban Electricity.
We had and still have Senior / Junior Manager who had NTC qualification also.
Superintendent, Technician and Electricians including promotional post derived
from the above (electricians).
Even today we had Supervisors from said posts superintendent who have no
basic trade test qualification that are still working supervising personnel who
have higher qualification than them.

But today few elite deputy heads are constant in the mission to change all
qualification for the above position we mention without even in consultation
with our unions particular (SAMWU).
They have been excluded from the process because there is no-standard set to
follow. All is happen is that our on/off Deputy Head Raj Prochant undermines
NTC qualification openly.
This has resulted in so much depression of most African/Coloured employees
who have serve the council and were put on acting-positions for years only to
loose at the last minutes because they do not qualify or gain test and interview.
The deputy head and some senior Managers (who are all Indians) have destroy
so many lifes of our fellow colleagues.
It feels that they have made the council their own spaza how ladies/gentle man
do you explain a man/women who has acted in certain position for years not
even once found to have underperform loose the position.
Because she/he does not qualify and tests conducted. Some have been recognize
outside for their achievements in performance.
Supporting Documents

For the above information none is attached as supp. Doc. 3

Engineers in Training

There usually non-open jacket for employing trainee engineering.
They usually employed as Deputy Heads Raj Drochants discretion e.g. He
presently hire/head hunted four Indians Trainee engineers citing insuffocate/lack
of Africans and coloureds at varsities.
Surprising enough as we know about high unemployment rate among graduate
engineers (mostly Africans) present one of applicant who was a young African
male was told his appears does not be fit to managerial position.
The rotational policy for acting is not adhere to if that acting person is other than
African e.g. Contact Officer, Gavin Joseph and others.
This above situation is a perfect example of what will happened when that
position get advertise no African employee will compete for than position.

Our Head Sandile Maphumulo

Since he took over in 2005 no transformation has taken place in this department.
He is well aware of the challenges facing our new government and its policies
concerning affirmative action, skills development and micro-economic
development as driven force in our democracy but has constant ignored it.
Coloured people seems to not existing in large population around EThekwini
region if you look at this department.
African/Coloureds are ridiculously neglected. The Manager of how his
friend/colleague Raj Drochant (Deputy Head) keep get re-appointed leaves much
of a concern in terms of bending rules.
Nepotism is the order of a day here as one Senior Manager is his brother in law
at customer service Department and his cousin sister as a manager of call centre
over a lady who has acting for years lost the job to someone from outside.
Even worse he has ignored the concerned over appointments that were made
recently when out of 25 superintended electrical position only 13 were employed
out of that 10 were Indians, 2 Africans and 1 coloured.

Funny enough these two Africans were lucky because the appointing officer was
their manager otherwise there would have been ignored.

Some of the Africans were acting for years in the same position, switching doing
every single thing to be performed on that job but disqualified.

Two of the applicants were African women who were ignored not considered.

Some of the Indians appointed have not been placed on their relevant location
because they are surplus but just sit on their previous location (Phoenix Depot)
and enjoy the pecks that come with that position including car-allowance.

All this was brought to H.R. and him including the EThekwini ANC region.

H.R. Role

Our H.R. are exactly like zombies together with our head their motto is: See no
evil, hear no evil.


They have constantly ignored all these alarming acts.
Further more there was a case in arbitration CCMA whereby an African
Electrician was successful in interview and test and was told he has the job for
being a training officer (system department) with the clear instruction from
Deputy Head Raj Drochant to the appointing officer to reverse the appointment
to appoint an Indian male where he even signs a appointment docket himself
without being on the interviewing panel.
Instead of opening the can of worms H.R. Manager’s action after that matter was
being aggrieved he sent an e-mail to the senior management warning them not to
sign any documents when not present to the interview panels as that may cause
inconvenience. That is cover up, that is why it is so hard to crack corruption in
this department because everything and everyone accounts to these same people
and they account to themselves. By the look of things.

Some of the supporting documents concerning this matter may be available
through be the interview of your authority as the custodians of our hard earn
democracy from the relevant staff, H.R. including details number of appointment
and standards because of poor communication and non – co – operation with our
SAMWU Union due to constant denial of the truth of the matter.


Panel, fixed and construction lighting contract.

Background: Our President Jacob Zuma on 08 January 2010 at Mayibuye Centre
quote: “South Africa needs a strong united and focused ANC”.
It needs an ANC that can continue to uphold and promote constitution of this
“The Country needs an ANC that remains in touch with masses of its people
which understand what they are going through, what they want and what
solutions they see for the problems they face”. Unquote.

“ The first fifteen years of our democracy have proven that while we had good
intentions on Implementing affirmative action, there was always a challenge
when it came to its implementation” There are so many obstacles that were put in
place towards implementing an affective affirmative action.

In short this is one policy that has been frustrated every step of the way, by those
who were opposing transformation agenda.
We wish to emphasize that the ANC is committed to ensuring the continued
implementation of affirmative action as well as broad based black economic
empowerment (BBBEE) programmes.

We are convinced that the material conditions that necessitated the
implementation of these programmes taking place have not been adequately

The overwhelming majority of our black population still lacks behind in terms of

.    Ownership of productive assets.
.    Access to capital and financial services.
.    Access to education.
.    Overall levels of income and wealth.

Unquote our president Zuma at the launch of CBBO 10 / 03 / 2009.

EThekwini Electricity has failed totally to follow mandated policy frame work
when it comes to contracting.

These are the following problems:

1. Manipulation of tender documents:
   As we know that there is a body that concerns grading of companies CIDB
   under public works.
   CIDB grading that electrical sets the branch marking of grading notches vs the
   the amount of a tender.
   It also make it clear of equivalent measures e.g. when a grading of “3EB” for
   Company it is equivalent/capable with “2EB PE” company to match the
   standard of the first mentioned company.
Why: “3EB” derive from the amount of tender capacity.
        “2EB PE” is an emerging contractor which can match the same capacity
         But EThekwini Electricity is turning a blind eye in encouraging such
       Policy for emerging contractor, when questioning their contract officer he
       Argues the emerging contractors have no capacity.

Ladies and gentlemen let me prove to you that this is absolute lie:
First: EThekwini municipality supplies the material themselves, no contractor
buys material whether it’s emerging or not.
Second: The same main contractor in the panel uses the same qualified
electrician and the emerging contractor in executing the task given.
Furthermore: They are using sub-contractors with their own vehicle & tools to
execute the job given by EThekwini Electricity.
So if the main contractors uses sub-contractors to do the job why EThekwini
Electricity denies/refuses these disadvantaged emerging sub-contractors a chance
to be recognized and be supported and tender for themselves as it is in the fact
that this sub-contractors are the core of delivery of electricity in EThekwini

Without the sub-contractors these main contractors who have tenders will never
full-fill the mandate of delivering the service to EThekwini Municipality.

This is not a matter of favour it is doing justice to emerging sub-contractors who
mostly are the ex-employees of EThekwini Municipality.

Here we have enclosed the supporting documents (supp. Doc.) for you to see
how much our people are being exploited under the banner of EThekwini
Electricity. The one company that must set good moral and work ethics and

These main-contractors act as agents for municipality.

  2.     Monopoly in Tendering:

For the past five or more years we have seen the ones and the same contractors in
the panel. That alone should have high-lighted a monopoly. No joint ventures
have emerged for the past years as a result that no one is committed in assisting
emerging contractors.
If we can compare the amount of tender given by provincial
Government/National Government for electrical work of the same amount given
by municipality. You will be shocked and confused to find out that the
EThekwini Electricity required grade will be much more than the required grade
for National or Provincial Government for the same amount of tender. This
brings into question the personnel who are drawing-up the tender documents for
EThekwini Electricity. There is no doubt that EThekwini Electricity’s
contracting department has a lot to answer for bending all our contracting
democratic government rules, and policies to empower black and disadvantaged
There is absolutely no reasons to sub-contractors are no recognized by
EThekwini Electricity.

The other questionable decision is when they introduce the card system that they
use to identify the active sub-contractors. Let me explain the following: The
current card system is such that a sub-contractor needs to be under a main
contractor, name to be registered with the contractor’s data-base.

.    Sub-contractor 1:      Have his/her own vehicles.
                            Have own tools.
                            Have own labour (assistants).
                            Have his/her own insurance.
                            Have a registered company/cc.
                            With Tax Clearance Certificate.
                            Be registered with CIDB as emerging contractor.

But can not register on contractors database at Springfield Training Systems
operations unless a contractor on the panel register him/her as his/her employee
which is a fraud as they are not registered as their employees. The same sub-
contractor has been certified by EThekwini Electricity Systems Operations that
he/she qualifies to work in the electrical system on his own or under supervision
if need be, so why are they not allowed to have the cards registered in their
companies / cc’s.
It is to give these main contractors a hold on them so they are unable to tender
with these cards are they also a requirement.

Why will the contracting department bends so many rules for main contractors
over sub-contractors? Why
The current contracting officer knows the answers.

EThekwini Electricity contracting officer; knows very well that these main
contractors have got separate contracts with sub-contractors to do their jobs that
they are contracted for by municipality and to them they submit as employees.
He knows it very well when they tender for the contract they put them as their
employees because they are being favoured by the document tender drafted by
contracting officer and his cronies.

Challenge 1: If anyone can consult all electricity superintendent and clerk of
works it will be a big surprise when it is found out that they never have inputs in
these tender documents but they are the one who works with contractors intact
even the depot managers were called after the documents have already been

With inside information you find that some depot’s have even have stand-off’s
among municipal employees and depot managers regarding contractors because
nothing is transparent in the department.

We regret that we have to bring racism in these manners because we are forced
concludes that these officials are pushing their own mandate as they do not have
a clue of where black people are coming from. Some of these contractors do not
even have at-least six permanent electricians employed by them as they rely on

                             Scarce skills allowance:

There is this myth that electricians are less skilled and important compare to
technicians and engineers as you can see in salary and allowance benefit
difference. But the fact is if all electricians and their assistants down tools the
service will not only slow down but will crumble of its knees. Mr. Raj Dhrochant
has always been vocal in saying electricians have no skills and they do not
deserve these promotional positions especially with “N” course.

Disciplinary Action: Double standards

It is the fact that other than our Indian colleagues, blacks/coloured are fired so
quickly especially when Indian official are presiding the matter.

Here below is a supporting document where an Indian stole two drums of copper
cable and found guilty as charged but was given mere ten days suspension after
so many of our colleagues have been fired on spot. All these so called risk-
management depot and performance evaluation depot within electricity
department are redundant as they account to these very same officials including
the Head.

e.g. Sub-contractors are expected to forfeit from their salary if they under
perform through this performance scheme but they do not get incentivized when
they over perform where as the municipal electricians do get incentivized over
their salary when they over form above 100% together with their superintendent
but those who are looking after contractors they get nothing. Even those internal
staff that underperforms they do not get salary deducted like the contractor.

Sadly enough this money deducted is not even shared among the main contractor
and sub-contractor that have to pay and even end with nothing at the end of the

This is pure Human Rights violation.

Supporting this deduction is enclosed.

Shocking: Over the years EThekwini electricity has been paying for copper
Let me explain few expenses that go with copper theft and switch-gears.

  1.    Cost of labour (contractors).
  2.    Cost of repair.
  3.    Cost of replacement.
  4.    Cost of assessments.
  5.    Cost of materials and transportation.
  6.    Service delivery to the community.

All these costs above most cases are self-make.

Explanation: If someone wants to steal a transformer, that person has to have
the following equipment:

  1.    Large extendable step-ladders / carry-picker truck (bucket truck).
  2.    Crane-truck for eight hoists.
  3.    Labour large group.
  4.    Warehouse / storeroom to place / hide a transformer switch-gear and big
        frame line links.
  5.    Knowledge of the system as it carry live 11 000 V mv.
  6.    Business interest (profit).

There is no ways a normal criminal can steal the above mentioned system
apparatus for self gain as it is costly even to execute the crime. No-one can find
it easy to sell the mv transformer as there is no market excluding municipalities,
Eskom and big companies like shell who can not honestly buy from a normal

Who can gain by destroying the infrastructure of the municipality for service

  1.    The person / company who is in line to get a job of replacing such
  2.    The person / company whose business is relying on break-downs, which
        is a lot of money than spent.
  3.    A municipal official who issues work or give work to contractors who
        has his own business interest or agenda.
  4.    Persons / companies who are likely to make a killing in overtime during
        that breakdown that has no interest in service delivery to our
  5.    Which areas are hit most? Our black communities.

Next time you look into the electricity budget, millions and millions of Rands
goes to self-made breakdown stop looking outside look inside there is a pattern.
You will be shocked as everyone.

Resolution: It is off the interest of the people of EThekwini region who
mandated our leadership for good service delivery that this matter must be of
most important and be friendly.

Racists Indian Mafia: within electricity department must be stopped.

Within power invested in our regional leadership we recommend the following
to save our municipality and the insults that are always throne to our
organization concerning service delivery and effective governance.

  1.    An investigation: An open enquiry where submissions could be made
        with the panel of ANC and independent expects.
  2.     The Head: of electricity Sandile Maphumulo should answer to the
        authority of his mandate which is not in line with our government
        resolutions and allowing Mr Raj Dhrochant to run electricity into chaos.
  3.    A separate investigation into: Mr Raj Dhrochant and his connections,
        about racism, nepotism and favoritism. His obsession to oppress black
        employees and coloured marginalization.

  His unlawful acts such as reversing black employee appointment in favour of
  his Indian friend as a trained officer.
  His amendments of requirement / qualification in certain position.
  His lack of developing and treating all employees as equal.
  His hatred of black people.
e.g. He recently reserve the appointment of Justice Mhlongo because he claim
he does not walk like a manager.
His ready agenda as he comes and goes from the municipality anytime it suits
his lack of interest in municipality.
His recent appointment and lack of transparency during the whole
Allegations that he interviewed his successors while he was still in the same
position. Finally electricity department do not need this person as we cope just
fine without him when he’s in oversees.
Re-visit all those appointments he overturned.

Investigation in re-appointment: of all those Indian guys into their previous
positions who have already resigned, some went oversees.

i.e. (1)   Transmission control manager.
     (2)   Eddie Naidoo.
     (3)   Paul Naikoo.
     (4)   Chris Tatoo and many more Indians connection.

4.    An investigation into MV / LV control department and their senior
      Manager Ivan Laban in matter concerning his oversees trips on council
      The authorization of such trips and who accompanies him including the
      signature of the head Sandile Maphumulo and his involvement in these
      trips and the needs for such trips.

      His role into issues who is going to have major break down during or
      after copper theft and certain patterns related to his matter.

      Authorization and his role in this new project “OMS Project” as it is
      clear that it is his crew who are benefiting in this project and almost all
      Indians with its budgets to Millions of rands.

      What criteria he uses to select the personnel who are working in this
      project as the entire blacks / coloured employees are in the dark.
        An investigation into amount of overtime these employees in this project
        are paid per month and why?

        An investigation to the connection with a company that supplies with
        cables every time there is a break down and why one company is
        benefiting in these breakdowns of stolen cable and transformers missing
        and how much money his department spends in these matters.

  5.    The proper investigation into why when the appointments are made by
        senior manager of construction planning and work Jay Kalichuran and
        Ivan Laban Network Control senior manager always favour Indians.
  6.    The request from official the equity plan report and an independent
        enquiry on the current equity status of the department including:
        1. How many blacks and coloureds are above task TK10 compared to
           Indians colleagues?
        2. Progression criteria: how many Indian colleagues who have been
           trained on MV/HV switching compared to black employees at the
           same level including competencies and the number of service years in
           the council.
        3. How are the tests given relevant to the same particular job.

Recommendation of contracting: Due to the importance of the resolution by
our government to make this country a developing country it is very important to
address these that are resisting such change.

  1.    A panel of expects: such as member of CIDB, Provincial Procurement,
        BMF member and legal expects including our regional leadership should
        start on independent investigation in all these allegations.

        Have an open enquiry where everyone can make personal mission
        relating to all members before it’s too late.
  2.    As the contracting officer: is a acting post, we recommend that it
     Became rotational until it is filled amongst all deserving employees
     Blacks, Whites, Coloureds and Indians so as to have equal chances when
     the position is advertised.

3.   The current contracting officer: must vacate that acting position as
     Soon as immediately to return to his permanent post in Western Cape.

4.   After every race group has got their turn on acting can it be advertised to
     be filled.
5.   The investigation into the amount of input by the current contracting
     officer on drafting the tender documents.
6.   The outside independent expects who are going to advice on future
     drafting of tender documents that are not biased and the role of
     contracting officer in relation with appointed contractors.
7.   The role of the training centre system operations relating to contracting
     and issuing of contractors card and why a person needs a written
     permission to change contractors if he / she is a sub-contractors
     favoritism still exist even at training systems operation centre
     concerning contractors.