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          15 May 2009.


          ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION REGULATIONS - GG 31975, Notice R 242, dated 6
          March 2009.

          Workshop - Electrical Installation Regulations (EIR’s) – 31 March 2009.

          We refer to our previous correspondence reflecting the discussion and outcome of the DOL
          workshop held 31 March 2009.

          Since the workshop a number documents and media articles have seen the light and have been
          distributed to industry , causing needless to say, a great deal of confusion.

          In an effort to address the confusion the ECB secretariat contacted mr Pieter Laubscher today (14
          May 2009) and was advised as follows regarding the correct interpretation of the ‘business as
          usual ‘ directive given at the workshop by the DOL.

              1.     Issuing of Certificate of Compliance

                    The directive of ‘business as usual’ given by the DOL also applies to the COC.

                    The more detailed interpretation provided by Pieter Laubscher today requires that :


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                         The new certificate of compliance (COC) in the Electrical Installation Regulation, 2009
                          shall be used with the old COC attached to it. The old COC will serve as a Test Report as
                          referred to in regulation 7(1). The number on the old COC shall be transferred to the new
                         Both the Annexure 1 and the ECB COC with its number should be issued by the
                          electrical contractor. This will ensure compliance with the new regulations.
                          Regions should make twenty (20) copies of the annexure 1 COC and sell it with the
                          ECB COC pad at R25/pad.

          Mr Laubscher undertook to inform the ECB of the above in writing and stated that the above
          directive will remain in place until such time as the DOL calls a meeting of all the players.

          The email from Pieter Laubscher was received late on Thursday and is forwarded to you under
          separate cover.

          Please contact the respective ECB regional officers for further information, or enquiries may be directed
          to: James Baker, ECB secretariat - 0825330692; fax - 0866277603; e mail-

          Kind regards

          Tony McDonald
          ECB chairperson.


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