Application Procedure by ntobela2228974


									Application Procedure

  1.   Complete the following forms: NLA 1 and NLA 1/1
  2.   Attach the information below as required in form NLA 1/1
           o Projected annual turnover of activities relating to the application.
           o Financial interest:
                     Financial interest of the applicant in the industry within the republic.
                     Financial interest in respect of each shareholder, member, partner or
                        beneficiary of the applicant or proposed transferee.
           o Shareholding information:
                     Name, race, gender, id number & address of each person including the
                        applicant or proposed transferee who will have a financial interest in the
                        business and in each case the nature and extent of that interest.
           o Commitment towards Black Economic Empowerment: The applicant needs to
               indicate their commitment to BEE in respect of the Broad-Based Black Economic
               Empowerment Codes of Good Practice:
                     Micro Enterprises
                        These are applicants with an annual turnover/projected annual turnover of
                        R 5m and below. These applicants are exempted and just need to provide
                        an exemption certificate from an accredited BEE verification agency.
                     Qualifying Small Enterprises
                        These are the applicants with a turnover of between R5m and R35m. The
                        qualifying small enterprises need to select 4 of the 7 BEE elements and
                        should provide a BEE plans and a compliance certificate from accredited
                        BEE verification agency.
                     Other Companies
                        These are the applicants with an annual turnover that exceeds R35m.
                        These applicants need to comply with all 7 elements of BEE and should
                        provide a BEE plan together with a compliance certificate from an
                        accredited BEE verification agency.
           o Applicants proposal to combat alcohol abuse:
                     Financial and non-financial contributions to counselling and rehabilitation
                        centres by the entity.
           o Details and the extent to which the application will affect:
                     New entrants into the industry.
                     Job creation.
                     Diversity of ownership within the liquor industry.
                     Efficiency of operation.
                     Exports.
                     Competition within the industry including, details on the current and/or
                        projected market share and a list of competitors and their market share.
  3.   Fees
       Pay the Prescribed fee (see fees table below)
  4.   Include the following information when making payment:
           o The type of payment e.g. renewal fee
           o Who is the payment for e.g. NLA registration
           o The reference number/name of the company making a payment
           o Name of the registrant (who you are)
  5.   Attach proof of payment.

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