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                                                                                                              Volume 1, Issue 5
                                                                                                            September 15, 2005

                                                                                                         Editor: Lauren R. Shapiro

FITNESS / WEIGHT MANAGEMENT                                                                                                    Inside this issue:

Eating Disorders: Get the Facts                                                                                   Fitness / Weight Management:
                                                                                                                   Easting Disorders:Get the Facts

                                                                                                                  Diet / Nutrition:                                     2                                 mia nervosa and eating disorders not otherwise            Mushrooms—Mother Load for the
                                                         specified (EDNOS). All are considered psychiatric         Antioxidant
Eating disorders are devastating mental illnesses        disorders.
that affect more than 7 million American women.                                                                   Personal Wellness Goal                                2
Ninety percent of the people who suffer from the         Eating Disorders: Relentless Pursuit
eating disorders anorexia nervosa and bulimia ner-       Anorexia nervosa is a disorder in which preoccupa-       Smart Health Care Choices:                            3
vosa are women, according to the National Associa-       tion with dieting and thinness leads to excessive        Preventative Service Guidelines
tion of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders.       weight loss. If you suffer from this disease, you may
Although they revolve around eating and body             not acknowledge that weight loss or restricted           You Make the Call—Cost of Smoking                     3
weight, eating disorders aren't about food, but          eating is a problem, and you may "feel fat" even
about feelings and self-expression. Women with           when emaciated. Women with anorexia nervosa              Stress Management:                                    3
                                                         intentionally starve themselves or exercise exces-        The Relaxation Response
eating disorders use food and dieting as ways of
coping with life's stresses. For some, food becomes      sively in a relentless pursuit to be thin, losing from   Spotlight On: Katrina Support                         4
a source of comfort and nur-                                                   15 to 60 percent of their normal
turing, or a way to control or                                                 body weight. Half of all women
release stress. For others, los-                                               suffering from anorexia nervosa
ing weight is a way to gain the                                                never fully regain their health.
approval of friends and family.                                                A third remain chronically ill.
Eating disorders are not diets,                                                About half of women with                    Making Strides Against Breast Cancer
signs of personal weakness or                                                  anorexia also suffer from buli-         Today, there is more hope than ever for
                                                                               mia.                                    people touched by breast cancer. However,
problems that will go away                                                                                             there is still much work to be done to pro-
without treatment.                                                            Women with bulimia nervosa               mote early detection and help those im-
                                                                                                                       pacted by the disease. And you can make a
Eating disorders occur in all                                                 regularly and sometimes se-              difference.
socioeconomic and ethnic                                                      cretly binge on large quantities         Making Strides is a noncompetitive walk
groups. Eating problems usu-                                                  of food — up to 20,000 calories          supporting the American Cancer Society's
ally develop in girls between                                                 at one time — then feel intense          unique mission to fight cancer on four fronts:
                                                                                                                       research, education, advocacy, and patient
age 12 and 25. Age 17 is the                                                  feelings of guilt or shame and           services. Hope Starts Here.
average age that an eating                                                    try to compensate by getting             The Wellness Council in conjunction with the
disorder develops, and between five percent and 10       rid of the excess calories. Some purge by inducing            Carroll Community Involvement and Corpo-
percent of young people have eating disorders. Be-       vomiting, abusing laxatives and diuretics, or by              rate Giving Committee is sponsoring a team
                                                                                                                       of walkers to participate in the Baltimore
cause of the shame associated with this complex          taking enemas. Others fast or exercise to extremes.           Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk
illness, many women don't seek treatment or get          If you suffer from this disease, you feel out of con-         on October 23, 2005.
help until years later. Eating disorders also occur in   trol and recognize that your behavior is not normal           For more information, please see Lauren
older women and in men, but much less frequently.        but often deny to others that you have a problem.             Shapiro, 410-261-5461, or join the Carroll
                                                                                                                       Independent Fuel Company Team through
                                                         Women with bulimia can be any weight and often                the Wellness Council’s Website at
Typically, women with eating disorders are de-
                                                         experience weight fluctuations. Bulimia is espe-    —Click on
scribed as having low self-esteem and feeling help-                                                                    the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer
                                                         cially prevalent on college campuses where as many
less and inadequate. There are several categories of                                                                   link.
                                                         as 80 percent of female students have reportedly
eating disorders, including anorexia nervosa, buli-
VOLUME 1, ISSUE 5                                                                                               PAGE 2

E ating Disorders...continued
binged and purged at one time or another.             No Single Cause of Eating Disorders                     daughter's weight and coaches who relent-
                                                      There is no single cause of eating disorders.           lessly insist on weigh-ins or a certain body
A third type of eating disorder, "eating disor-
                                                      Biological, social and psychological factors all        image from their athletes may also encour-
ders not otherwise specified" (EDNOS), refers
                                                      play a role. Evidence suggesting a genetic              age an eating disorder. So can the pressure
to symptoms that don't fit into the other two
                                                      predisposition shows that anorexia may be               of living in a culture where self-worth is
categories of eating disorders. If you suffer
                                                      more common between sisters and in identi-              equated with unattainable standards of
from EDNOS, you are a compulsive eater who
                                                      cal twins. Other research points to hormonal            slimness and beauty. Our society's "ideal"
experiences uncontrolled and sometimes se-
                                                      disturbances and to an imbalance of neuro-              body size for a woman has decreased, and
cretive eating.
                                                      transmitters, which are chemicals in the                the difference between the size of the aver-
Although it has become synonymous with                brain that, among other things, regulate
                                                                                                              age American woman and the size many
eating disorders, ano-                                               mood and appetite.
rexia is relatively rare,                                                                                     women think they should be has grown
                                                                              In most women, an event or      tremendously. Twenty years ago, for ex-
affecting less than 1
percent of adolescent                                                         series of events triggers the   ample, the average fashion model weighed
                               “...Eating disorders aren't about food, but
women. Another 2 to 3          about feelings and self-expression.”           eating disorder and allows it to8 percent less than the average woman;
percent develop buli-                                                         take root and thrive. Triggers  today's models weigh 23 percent less.
mia. Yet statistics don't                                                     can be as subtle as a degrading
tell the whole story.                                                         comment or as devas-
Many more women, who don't necessarily
meet all the criteria for an eating disorder, are
                                                                                                    Personal Wellness Goal:
                                                               tating as rape or incest. Times of tran-
                                                               sition, such as divorce, marriage or
preoccupied with their bodies and caught up                    starting college, can also provoke
in destructive patterns of dieting and overeat- eating problems. Parents who are
                                                                                                                         Stretch to De-Stress!
ing that can seriously affect their health and                 preoccupied with eating and overly         Almost everyone knows to stretch before exer-
well-being.                                                    concerned about or critical of a           cising, but did you know that stretching before
                                                                                                    beginning your workday could limber up your
DIET / NUTRITION                                                                                    muscles and help start each day in a more posi-
                                                                                                    tive frame of mind? In fact stretching develops a
                                                                                                    greater self-awareness of the body and how it
M ushroo ms: Mo t he r Lo de fo r an                                                                works.
                                                                                                    The most intriguing benefit is that stretching
          Antioxidant                                                                               enhances one's well-being. To get the most our of
                                                                                                    your stretch, you really have to concentrate. No
                                                                                                    matter how stressful or worrisome your prob-                                         Marvelous Mushrooms
                                                                                                    lems, you have to put them to one side when
The next time you order pizza, grill burgers, or      When it comes to one particular               you're stretching
make a salad, you could boost your antioxi-           antioxidant, mushrooms muscle
dant intake by tossing in a few mushrooms.            aside the competition, new research         Don’t Forget: Make your Doctor your Partner in Healthcare!, Have
                                                      shows. Move over, wheat germ. Take                        a Good Laugh!, Drink more Water! and
Antioxidants                                                                                              Make physical activity a regular part of your day!
                                                      a number, chicken liver. Until now,
Antioxidants are chemicals found naturally in         those two foods were trumpeted as
foods including fruits, vegetables, whole             the best known food sources of the antioxi-            as shiitake, oyster, king oyster, and mai-
grains, nuts, and legumes. They're also in tea,       dant ergothioneine, but mushrooms beat them take mushrooms, have even more of the
wine, and coffee. There are thousands of anti-        easily, according to a Pennsylvania State Uni-         antioxidant, the news release states.
oxidants. Scientists don't have them all fig-         versity news release.                                  Which mushrooms rate highest for the
ured out, but they've found plenty of signs                                                                  antioxidant? Portabellos, write Dubost
                                                      Penn State researchers including food science
that antioxidants help protect the body from                                                                 and colleagues in their report.
                                                      graduate student Joy Dubost jotted down
harsh environments and disease.
                                                      every little bit of ergothioneine in different         Fungus Among Us
For instance, researchers reported in August                              kinds of mushrooms. Their
that antioxidants in                                                      results were presented in          Mushrooms are fungi. That may not sound
brightly colored                                                          Washington at the 230th            very glamorous, but many mushrooms are
fruits and veggies                                                        national meeting of the            upscale gourmet fare, and some have been
may lower some                                                            American Chemical Society.         used in traditional medicines. Browse
types of arthritis. In                                                                                       through supermarkets, Asian groceries, or
                                                                          Top-Ranked Mushrooms               farmers' markets and you may find shii-
June, another study
showed that anti-                                                         Even the white button              takes, oyster mushrooms, portabellos, and
oxidants in fruit and vegetable juices may            mushroom, America's most commonly eaten                white button mushrooms.
reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease. Anti-         mushroom, has 12 times more ergothioneine              Cooking doesn't hurt ergothioneine levels,
oxidants have also been studied for their ef-         than wheat germ and four times more than               notes Dubost in the news release.
fects on heart health and cancer.                     chicken liver. More exotic mushrooms, such
VOLUME 1, ISSUE 5                                                                                           PAGE 3

P reventat ive Service Guidelines                   PLUS flexible sigmoidoscopy every five years          increased risk for fractures from osteoporosis
                                                    OR colonoscopy every 10 years OR barium
Please note that the following services are just                                                         Screenings for Men Only:
                                                    enema every five years
guidelines. Please check with your doctor and                                                            •    Prostate cancer: begin at age 40 for men
make sure to call the Member Services number       •    Depression: screen for the following symp-        who are African-American or have a family
on your ID card to verify coverage.                 toms of depression during visits and periodi-         history of prostate cancer; begin at age 50 for
Screenings for Men and Women Ages 21 and            cally thereafter: depressed mood, loss of inter-      men at average risk with a life expectancy
Older:                                              est or pleasure in nearly all activities, fatigue/    greater than 10 years; discuss benefits and
                                                    loss of energy, weight loss/gain, insom-              risks of digital rectal exam and prostate-
•    Medical history and physical exam: at the      nia/hypersomnia, worthlessness/guilt, im-             specific antigen test
 discretion of the doctor and patient               paired concentration, thoughts of
                                                    death/suicide and psychomotor retarda-               •    Testicular exam: each visit; doctor will
•   Height: at least once with follow-up as
                                                    tion/agitation; five or more of these symptoms        instruct the patient on how to do a self-exam
                                                                             present during the          Screenings for Women Only:
•    Weight: every six months or based                                       same two-week period
 on need                                                                     and a change in behav-      •    Breast cancer: beginning at age 40, mam-
                                                                             ior so that at least one     mogram every one to two years, with or with-
•    Blood pressure: every one to two                                                                     out clinical breast exam
 years or at each visit                                                      of the symptoms is
                                                                             either a depressed          •    Cervical cancer: have a yearly Pap test
•    Cholesterol: Every 5 years for men                                      mood or loss of inter-       beginning at age 21 or three years after start of
 and women ages 20 and older. If family                                      est/pleasure may repre-      vaginal intercourse; if three consecutive exams
 history is unknown and/or other risk                                        sent an episode of de-       are normal, the Pap test may be performed less
 factors are present, such as smoking,                                       pression                     often; check with your doctor
 diabetes, family history and high blood
 pressure, your doctor should measure                                       •     Screening for          •    Chlamydia: for sexually active women ages
 HDL, LDL, and total cholesterol levels.                                    high-risk factors and         25 and younger; high-risk groups older than
                                                                            counseling: depending         age 25 at doctor’s discretion
•    Diabetes: begin at age 45; repeat every        on the patient’s age, one or more of the follow-
 three years or more frequently if at high risk;    ing topics should be discussed or screened for       •    Menopause counseling: women who are of
 risk factors include: obesity, family history,     during physical exams: substance abuse, to-           menopausal age should be counseled regarding
 diabetes during pregnancy (delivery of baby        bacco, alcohol and drug use (avoidance), diet         menopause, treatment and lifestyle modifica-
 more than 9 lbs.), hypertension, elevated cho-     and exercise, injury prevention, dental health,       tions that may be available
 lesterol, abnormal blood sugar, and those of       sexual behavior, tuberculosis (TB), hepatitis        •    Osteoporosis: begin at age 65 for women at
 African-American, Hispanic-American, Na-           A, B and C, chalmydia, gonorrhea, HIV, use of         average risk
 tive-American, Asian-American or Pacific-          alternative medicines and therapies, depres-
 Islander ancestry                                  sion and domestic violence
•     Colon cancer: begin at age 50 for men and    •    Osteoporosis:
 women with average risk; yearly fecal occult
 blood test OR flexible sigmoidoscopy every
                                                    begin at age 50 for
                                                    men and women at
                                                                                             Y ou Make The Call:
 five years OR yearly fecal occult blood test
                                                                                                         The Cost of Smoking
                                                                              It shouldn't surprise you to read that smoking cigarettes is harmful to
STRESS MANAGEMENT                                                             your health; most smokers have grown familiar with seeing the Surgeon

T he Re laxatio n Respo n se                                                  General's Warning on every pack of cigarettes sold in the US since 1965.
                                                                              In this country, lung disease is responsible for one in seven deaths. Quit-
                                                                              ting smoking not only "greatly reduces serious risks to your health" but
                                                   that allows deep re-       it also can greatly increase your disposable income. Smokers in the US
                                                   laxation and healing       spend nearly $50 million annually on cigarettes. How much of that
Years ago, Herbert Benson made an ancient                                     money did you kick in? Let’s say you smoke about 15 cigarettes a day and
                                                            to occur. If
meditative technique avail-                                                   the average price for a pack of cigarettes is $3.50. If you quit today not
                                                            you catch
able to millions as the Re-                                                   only would you “reduce serious risks to your health”, but you would save
                                                            yourself          $18.38 a week, $78.75 a month and $958.13 a year!
laxation Response. By sim-
ply counting "One" for each
                                                            beyond the
breath in and out for a pe-
                                                            number "One," or if your mind wanders        tating, then you may want to build up to the
riod of twenty minutes, you
                                                            to other things, simply bring your at-       full twenty minutes slowly. Benson actually
slow your breath and body
                                                            tention back to your breath without          recommends having two such periods during
functions down to a pace
                                                            judgment. If you are not used to medi-       the day for maximum benefit.
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Hurricane Katrina and the floods and de-         bet. It is important that volunteer response
struction that followed have sparked con-        is coordinated by the professionals who can          Operation Blessing: (800) 436-6348
cern far and wide. As we remember the dev-       direct volunteers where they are needed              America's Second Harvest: (800) 344-
astation that came to Maryland with Hurri-       most.                                                8070
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Cash Counts                                                                                            • Animal-Related Charities
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clothes to spare, but don't overlook                                                                   fected by the hurricane. To help the
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land Security for Emergency Preparedness                                                               contact:
and Response division, cash donations al-                                                              Humane Society:
low volunteer agencies to issue cash vouch-                                                            Noah's Wish:
ers to victims so they can meet their needs.                                                           ASPCA:
Cash donations also allow agencies to avoid
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