Schaefer Yarn by tyndale


									Schaefer Yarn
Interlaken, New York  

              #309	 Nancy	One-Skein	Shawl	
              	        by	Lisa	Limber

                       Materials                     Abbreviations                 with	a	WS	row.
                       Schaefer	Yarn	Nancy	          m1	–	make	one	st
                       (95%	merino	wool,	5%	         ssk	–	sl	2	sts	knitwise,	     Front	Right	Section
                       nylon,	8	oz	[227	g]	/	600	        one	at	a	time,	and	k	     K	48	sts,	BO	24	sts,	
                       yds	[548	m]),	1	skein             the	sts	tog	through	      break	yarn	and	place	
                       U.S.	Size	11	[8	mm]	              back	of	loops             remaining	48	sts	on	
                       circular	ndls	24”	and	29”,	   kfb	–	knit	into	front	and	    holder.
                       or	size	needed	to	obtain		        back	of	st
                       gauge                                                       Join	yarn	at	neck	edge	of	
                       St	holder                     Back                          WS	row	and	p	to	end.
                                                     CO	40	sts.
                       Gauge	                        Row	1	(RS):	Sl1,	m1,	k	       On	RS	rows,	sl1,	ssk,	k	
                       12	sts	/	16	rows	=	4”             across	to	last	st,	m1,	   to	end.	On	WS	rows,	p	
                                                         k	last	st.                across.
                       Finished	size                 Row	2:		Sl1,	p	to	end	of	
                       40”	wide	at	widest	point.	        row.                      Rep	these	two	rows	until	
                       Back	is	20”	long	and	front	   Rep	these	two	rows	until	     there	is	one	st	left.	BO.
                       points	are	24”	long.          you	have	120	sts.	End	
                              Front	Left	Section
  #309	Nancy	One-             Move	48	sts	from	holder	to	ndls.
    Skein	Shawl               Join	yarn	at	neck	edge	and	k	across.
         (Page	2)
                              On	RS	rows,	k	to	last	three	sts,	k2tog,	k1.
                              On	WS	rows,	sl1,	p	to	end
                              Rep	these	two	rows	until	there	is	one	st	left.	BO.

                              Ruffled Edge
                              With	the	longer	ndls	and	starting	at	bottom	left	point,	pick	up	(but	do	not	knit)	sts	
                              evenly	along	left	front	outside	edge,	around	side	and	back	of	shawl,	and	along	right	
                              front	outside	edge	of	shawl.	The	total	picked	up	sts	should	be	about	240.
                              Row	1:	Kfb	across.
                              Row	2:	K	across.
                              Row	3:	Kfb	across.
                              Row	4:	K	across.
                              Row	5:	BO	loosely.

                              Weave	in	all	yarn	ends,	and	enjoy!

AH	    armhole        dec	    decrease            ndl(s)	      needle(s)       rnd	     round            WS	   wrong	side
beg	   begin(ning)    est	    established         p	           purl            RS	      right	side       yo	   yarn	over
BH	    buttonhole     inc	    increase            pm	          place	marker    sl	      slip	st
BO	    bind	off       k	      knit                rem	         remaining       st(s)	   stitch(es)
cn	    cable	needle   k1b	    k	1	in	back	of	st   rep	         repeat          st	st	   stockinette	st
CO	    cast	on        meas	   measures            rev	st	st	   reverse	st	st   tog	     together

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