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									                               Items to consider when setting up a web site

Domain name

It may be best to go for a one if it is for services in the UK. Also choose a name that is easy to
remember and if you are giving it out verbally needs to easy to spell

For a search go to the following web site


How many pages do you think you will need for the site (Draft them out on paper)

How many pictures and logos you may want to include


Try and include key words you and potential customers may use to search for your site. Be descriptive. It
does not matter if extra details go onto an additional page.


Include links that you may think helpful to users and that will enhance your web site.

Meta tags

These are words that the search engines use to find your site against and are not seen by the viewer. So
provide any words that you would use to search for your sight in order of priority starting with the most
important first.

Contact details

Telephone numbers, Choose one that you are comfortable with being seen on the net.

Email address. With web hosting packages you usually get an email address that ends in the name of your
domain name but you need to be able to keep a watchful eye over this account


Web hosting and domain costs around £25 per year

Cost of web design and uploading depends on the amount of information and the number of pages

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