New City-wide Housing Strategy 2008-11 – Issues and Options Paper

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					Report to the All Area Committees/Area          Housing
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              December 2007

        New City-wide Housing Strategy 2008-11 - Issues and Options Paper

Report of the Director of Housing

1.    Purpose of the Report and Summary

      1.1    The Issues and Options Paper appended to this report is a consultation
             paper which will inform the 2008/11 city-wide multi tenure Housing
             Strategy. This report introduces and summarises the paper and informs
             Members of the timetable for feedback, production and approval of the full
             Housing Strategy.

2.    Recommendations

      2.1    That the Area Housing Board / Area Committee note the Report and

      2.2    That all Area Housing Boards and Area Committees are requested to
             feedback their views on the Issues and Options Paper. A series of
             questions are posed in the document, however, all comments in any
             format are welcome.

      Non-key decision
3.   Introduction

     3.1   The Issues and Options paper sets how housing interventions will assist
           in delivering the outcomes of the Community Strategy of „earning‟,
           „learning‟, „healthy‟ and „safe‟.

     3.2   The paper sets out for consultation the proposed objectives, the
           performance indicators and an outline action plan to deliver the vision and
           outcomes of the Community Strategy.

4.   Main body of the report

     4.1   The Issues and Options paper is a framework document that is structured
           to focus on outcomes, objectives, performance indicators and outline
           actions. The two key objectives proposed for housing to the deliver the
           Community Strategy are:

              Developing Sustainable and Vibrant Communities
              Building Social Capital

           Sustainable and vibrant communities
     4.2   Sustainable and vibrant communities are achieved through housing with a
           good choice of house types, tenures and a balanced population profile.
           These would ideally be situated in the vicinity of good quality amenities
           within local and district centres. The Issues and Options paper proposes
           that choice, quality and affordability are key areas to focus actions upon in
           order to achieve vibrant sustainable communities.

           Social Capital
     4.3   Increasing social capital is a housing objective linked to policies that
           promote support networks and community cohesion which imbue people
           with a sense of security, confidence and safety.

     4.4   The Issues and Options Paper, and the 2008/11 Strategy which it will
           inform, is based on housing market evidence of the Hull travel to work
           (TTW) area. The aim is to provide a framework of the housing market
           which relates to actual economic, social, travel-to-work patterns rather
           than to local authority boundaries. This cross border housing market
           analysis will provide a sub-regional and    regional picture of housing
           market activities and trends.

     4.5   The Paper asks a series of questions formed around the key challenge
           „Will anyone be better off‟ as a result of the proposed three year housing
           strategy? To ensure this question can be answered and that the
           forthcoming strategy can measure progress on outcomes, a list of national
           and local indicators, and a summary of definitions, are proposed for
           comment by Members.

     4.6   An outline action plan is contained in the final section of the document.
           This indicates some key housing project areas and work programmes
           where delivery will assist in achieving the city‟s Community Strategy.
           Member comments and proposed actions will be key to the development
           of the full action plan within the final Strategy document.

     4.7   Feedback from the Issues and Options Paper will be immediately
           integrated into the development of the full strategy. During the period
           January to March 2008 the full draft Housing Strategy will be circulated for
           comment to the Transformation Board, Scrutiny Committee, Area
           Committees, Area Housing Boards, interest groups and partnerships and
           Government of Office for Yorkshire and the Humber for assessment and
           further comment. Final Cabinet approval will be sought in April 2008.

5.   Consultation

     5.1   An earlier draft of the attached Issues and Options Paper was presented
           to an Area Housing Boards Conference in Oct 2008 and to Members and
           senior managers at the Improvement and Development Agency ( IDeA)
           conference also in October. This final Issues and Options Paper
           (appended) has a full and inclusive consultation programme planned,
           which includes all corporate and Area based Committees and Housing
           Boards and all housing and housing related partnerships and interest

     5.2   The full draft Housing Strategy will be subject to a further inclusive
           consultation programme which will also include all corporate and Area
           based Committees and Housing Boards and all housing and housing
           related partnerships and interest groups.

6    Options

     6.1   The Issues and Options Paper attached as appendix 1 contains the
           options to inform the development of the full Housing Strategy.

7.   Council’s Aims and Objectives

     7.1   Delivery of the Housing Strategy delivers the Housing elements of the
           Corporate Plan and Community Strategy objectives and vision.

           “Hull is a City which is living, learning, working, healthy and proud. One of
           the most important cities in Northern Europe, we are a gateway for global
           trade and the heart of prosperous Humber sub-region”.

     7.2   The Housing Strategy 2006-08 priority and vision is the development of
           sustainable housing which provides choice for all and meets the needs
           and aspirations of Hull‟s people and those who wish to live here – creating
           the conditions for population growth in the longer term.

8.   Impact on Park Area

     8.1   The Issues and Options paper has city wide implications and looks at how
           the housing market in Hull operates and the important role that each area
             of the City plays in meeting the housing and community aspirations of all
             residents. All areas of the city face increasing demands for the type of
             housing available and Park is no different.

      8.2    Local residents expect their local housing market to remain stable and that
             the provision of housing from all sectors contributes to meeting their
             aspirations as individuals, families and communities.

      8.3    It is therefore important that the Strategy takes account of these local
             housing offers and through it ensures that housing provision across all
             tenures supports and strengthens local communities and assist in meeting
             both local and city wide aspirations for access to good quality education
             provision and access to good transport links and employment

      8.4    The Park area alongside others also plays an important role in attracting
             people to move into the City for their homes and in providing attractive
             communities with the right housing mix to retain residents and increase
             the wealth generated in the City.

9.    Comments of the Head of Corporate Governance Town Clerk

      9.1    The Council‟s Housing Strategy is an overarching document reviewing
             housing related issues across the whole of the Authority across all
             tenures. It sets out a co-ordinated approach to the Council‟s
             responsibilities towards residents in the provision and regulation of
             housing and housing related assistance.

      9.2    The lifetime of the Strategy is 3 years so it is due for re-development in

      9.3    The Strategy must be the product of full consultation with residents and
             other stakeholders. This consultation document is a necessary and
             integral part of the process for the production of the Strategy.

      9.4    One of the roles of Area Committees and Area Housing Boards is to
             advise Council on matters affecting their areas. The Committees and
             AHBs are well placed because of their detailed local knowledge to
             comment on the matters in this proposed consultation. It is therefore
             appropriate and useful to seek the views of the AHBs and Area
             Committees during this consultation period and to take account of any
             comments they make.

      9.5    Legal Services are advising on the proposed changes to the HomeSearch
             policy and will continue to advise on any issues arising from that, or any
             other matters that may impact on the Housing Strategy.

10.   Comments of the Chief Financial Officer (Section 151 Officer)

      10.1   In a time of limited, indeed reducing resources, implementation of the final
             housing strategy will need a variety of creative and innovate partnership
             funding if it is to be successful. Opportunities may emerge following the
             recent housing Green paper "Homes for the future: more affordable, more
             sustainable" which dealt significantly with increasing supply of affordable

11.   Comments of the Head of Workforce Strategy

      11.1   The head of workforce strategy notes the report.

12.   Comments of the Head of Shared Services

      12.1   The report is noted and I anticipate being consulted at the appropriate
             time particularly with regard to any proposals which may involve the
             disposal of commercial property.

13.   Comments of the Portfolio Holder for Housing

      13.1   The Comments of the Portfolio Holder for Housing will follow.

14.   Comments of Overview and Scrutiny

      14.1   'Sc329' “The Housing, Neighbourhood Renewal and Urban Regeneration
             Overview and Scrutiny Commission input into the development of the new
             Housing Strategy at its meeting held on 23 October 2007. The
             Commission agreed that the following key issues should be reflected
             within the strategy:

                responsibilities of Registered Social Landlords in respect of tackling
                 anti-social behaviour within their properties;
                the role of culture, leisure and sport in respect of housing matters
                international migration and its impact on housing provision

15    Conclusions

      15.1 The Issues and Option Paper is the framework document for consultation
           on the full housing strategy. The paper is being circulated to the widest
           possible audience of interest for comment.

      15.2 During the period December 2007 to April 2008 the full Housing Strategy
           is being developed as a live and open document, drawing in feedback and
           comment throughout the extensive consultation process which this Issues
           and Options Paper is part of. The final Strategy document will be
           supported by the following suite of plans and assessments:

                    An investment plan linked to the corporate plan and based on
                     current funding assumptions
                    A sustainability assessment
                    An action plan based on consideration of options and resources

      15.3 The Strategy and accompanying suite of documents will set the direction
           of travel for housing investment and intervention based on resources
           available. They will also be a guide to operational decision-making.
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