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									  City of Edinburgh Council Equalities Impact Assessment

                                                               City of Edinburgh Council
                                                             Equalities Impact Assessment
                                                                Children and Families Department

  Step 1 – Background
  1A – Key details of the function or policy to be equality impact assessed
Title of function or policy Lead Council Department / s +/or partner                  What are the intended outcomes of the policy, what is its
                            agencies responsible for delivering the                   primary purpose?
                            function or policy
Accessibility Strategy      Children and Families Department                          To improve access to education for pupils with a disability and
2006 -2009                                                                            support the Council to meet its education Disability Equality.

Who are the customers                    How will the customers / service users       Associated Resources (inc.            Has the policy or function
(internal / external)?                   encounter the function or policy or find     budgets, funding source, staff)       (or something similar)
                                         out about proposed changes?                                                        been previously impact

All educational                          1 Accessibility Strategy published and       Staffing and resources from existing no
establishments. All                      disseminated to all schools, nurseries and   budgets, i.e.
disabled children and                    Child and Family Centres.                    Accessibility Strategy Manager
young people of school                   2 Accessibility Strategy featured on EGfL.   ASL budget
age and their                            3 Promotion in all relevant establishments   Integration budget
families/carers.                         4 Promotion at Consultative Committee with   Capital budget for school
                                         Parents, Additional Support for Learning     improvements
                                         (ASL) Forum, School Boards.
    City of Edinburgh Council Equalities Impact Assessment

  Step 2 – Gathering and Assessing the Evidence                                      2A – Participants involved in the equalities impact assessment
Participants                      Job Title                                                                           Organisation
Accessibility Strategy Planning and Implementation
Group (ASPIG). Membership 2006 –
Mike Rosendale (Chair)                                   Head of Service – Strategic Planning
Adam O’Brien                                             Parent & Pupil Support Manager                              City of Edinburgh Council-Children & Families Dept., Corporate
Audrey Wilson                                            (City Development)                                          Services, City Development.
Brian Duffield                                            Development Officer (special schools)
Diana Dodd                                               Principal Equalities Officer (Children & Families)
Dinah Aitken                                             Accessibility Strategy Manager
Iona McLeod                                              Additional Support for Learning development team
Joanne Collins                                           Additional Support for Learning Information Manager
John Thayers                                             Schools Services Manager
Katie Divers                                             Projects Manager
Lindsay Glasgow                                          Asset Planning Manager
Malcolm Parnell                                          Community Learning and Development Worker
Maria Gray                                               Social Inclusion Manager
Martin Vallely                                           Service Manager, Professional Support Services
Miranda Harvey*                                          Scottish Parent Teacher Council                             SPTC
Morag Duff                                               Business Manager
Nick Croft                                               Principal Equalities Officer (Corporate Services)
Paulene Sharp                                            Finance Officer
Rosie Wilson                                             Senior Quality Improvement Officer
Susan Brown                                              Estates Manager
Susan Hardman Moore*                                     AFASIC                                                      AFASIC
Also invited to attend:
Carol Chalmers                                           Service Manager, Disability
Andy Jeffries                                            Service Manager, Specialist Residential Care

Also consulted:
Claire Edwards                                           Director                                                    SNIP
Ann Burnett                                              Depute head of Service (HOTS)                               H.O.T.S. – CEC
Catriona Gray                                            Transport Liaison Officer                                   CEC
Alison Garbett                                           Head of Service                                             VTSS – CEC
Karen Brannen                                            Information and Research Manager                            CEC
Margaret Hurcombe                                        Manager                                                     FAIR
Mo Cunningham                                            Physiotherapy Manager                                       RHSC
Joyce Nisbet                                             Communications Manager                                      CEC
Janice Stewart                                           Senior education Welfare Officer                            CEC
Douglas Thomson                                          Principal Educational Psychologist                          CEC
City of Edinburgh Council Equalities Impact Assessment

2B – Information / evidence used to assist screening and full equalities impact assessment process

Info /   Research                                                   Officer       Equalities              Service User Feedback             Partner
Evidence                                                            Knowledge and monitoring              (inc. complaints)                 agency
                                                                    Experience    data                                                      feedback
List details      Accessibility Strategy 2003 -2005                 Extensive direct       Pupil census   Complaints information (none      Discussions
e.g.                                                                experience of          data on        received)                         with Health
source,           Consultation on effectiveness of above strategy   issues and effective   Records of                                       Partners e.g
date, scale                                                         strategies.            Needs, IEPs    Questionnaires and                Speech and
                  DRC/HMIe report on the first round of                                    and declared   interviews with senior staff in   Language
                  Accessibility Strategies                                                 or assessed    Primaries – Gylemuir,             therapists,
                                                                                           disability.    Corstorphine, Tollcross, St.      Physiotherapi
                  Scottish Executive guidance on preparing                                                peter’s, South Morningside,       sts also
                  Accessibility Strategies                                                                Gracemount, Brunstane, St.        parent- led
                                                                                                          Ninian’s, Castleview,             support
                  Monitoring reports from ASPIG since 2003                                                Clovenstone, Longstone,           group SNIP.
                                                                                                          Secondaries – the Royal high
                                                                                                          School, St. Augustine’s, St
                                                                                                          Thomas of Aquin’s,
                                                                                                          Castlebrae, Wester Hailes
                                                                                                          Education Centre.
                                                                                                          Special schools – Oaklands,
                                                                                                          Rowanfield, Prospect Bank,
                                                                                                          Cairnpark, Canonmills.

                                                                                                          Questionnaires from parents
                                                                                                          at – Corstorphine Primary
                                                                                                          School, St Peter’s Primary
                                                                                                          School, Leith Academy, St
                                                                                                          Thomas of Aquin’s,
                                                                                                          Rowanfield Special School,
                                                                                                          Prospect Bank Special
    City of Edinburgh Council Equalities Impact Assessment

                  2C – Details of additional information / evidence required
Nature of additional information / evidence                  none

    Step 3 – Screening
Equality Group                                                      High                           High           High           Low                       Overall
                                                                    Substantial relevance to       Substantial    Substantial    Little relevance to        ( High /
                                                                    equalities legislation (e.g.   evidence of    concern        equalities legislation,   Low)
                                                                    eliminate harassment and       differential   expressed by   little evidence of
                                                                    discrmination, promote         impact on      equalities     differential impact and
                                                                    equality of opportunity        equalities     group          little public concern
                                                                    and good relations             groups                        expressed
                                                                    between different groups
                                                                    within employment and
                                                                    service delivery)
   BME people (incl. gypsy/travellers, refugees &                  No                             No             No                                       Low
    asylum seekers)
   Women                                                           No                             No             No                                       Low
   Men                                                             No                             No             No                                       Low
   People in religious/faith groups                                No                             No             No                                       Low
   Disabled people, inc. learning disabilities,                    Yes                            Yes            Yes                                      High
    mental health issues, physical disabilities and
    sensory impairments
   Older and Younger People                                        No                             No             No                                       Low
 Lesbian, Gay, Transgender                                         No                             No             No                                       Low
  and Bi sexual people
    City of Edinburgh Council Equalities Impact Assessment

   People of low income                                     No                       No               No                                   Low

    Step 4 – Full Equalities Impact Assessment

Equality            Potential / actual positive impacts of policy or               Equality     Potential / actual negative impacts of policy or
Group               function                                                       Group        function

Disability          Improve access to education for disabled pupils and progress   Disability   None
                    towards disability equality.
   City of Edinburgh Council Equalities Impact Assessment

   Step 5 – Recommendations
Recommendation                                                          Person / Department / Partner agency    Date recommendation
                                                                        responsible for implementing            to be completed by

Raise awareness of the Strategy with schools and parents/carers;        ASPIG, educational establishments and   During period of
Continue programme of improvements to school buildings;                 Children and Families Department.       Strategy (2006 -2009)
Ensure parents know who to contact if child is off due to ill health;
Advise schools on seeking views of pupils;
Work to ensure inclusion;
Address availability of Learning Assistants;
Offer additional CPD to school staff.

   Step 6 – Consult the communities
City of Edinburgh Council Equalities Impact Assessment

Who was consulted
                                           Disability Equality Forum
                                           Voluntary Organisations – RNIB, RNID, SNIP, SAIF, Enquire, AFASIC, ISEA, Partners in Advocacy, NSDC
                                           School Boards/PTAs
                                           Physiotherapy Department, RHSC

Methods of Consultation Equality Forum                              Departmental             Internet           Correspondence          Other (please indicate)
(if more than 1 method was Email                                    Forum                    email              letters                 Interviews
used please indicate)                                                                                                                   Questionnaires
Conclusions                                                                                  Recommendations

The document was welcomed, particularly the commitment to improve inclusion for              Strengthen links with partner agencies.
all. Targets are appropriate and coincide with aims of other organizations (e.g. SAIF,       Clarify understanding of improving communication and access to school
RNIB).                                                                                       information by being more specific.
                                                                                             Some minor textual changes.
It was noted earlier recommendations had been taken on board.

Step 7 – Follow up
   City of Edinburgh Council Equalities Impact Assessment

   7A – Monitoring equalities impact assessment
Who will monitor implementation                         Will there be any associated Equality                 What other monitoring arrangements will be
of the recommendations?                                 Performance Indicators as part of the function or     put in place?

Accessibility Strategy Manager                          Reports will be submitted quarterly to ASPIG on       The Strategy will be monitored quarterly by
                                                        specific issues raised by pupils/parents/carers and   ASPIG and will include service user feedback.
                                                        schools.                                              Reports will be submitted annually to the DRC.
                                                                                                              There will be a series of school visits to discuss
                                                                                                              implementation of the Strategy.

   7B – Publicising the Equalities Impact Assessment Results
Publicity            Capinfo            Department’s Equality group Staff      By e mail, post or                        By e mail, post or  Any other
medium                                  Internet Site Newsletter    newsletter presentation to specific                  presentation to non
                                                                               equality partnerships                     specific equality
                                                                               +/or organisations                        partnerships +/or
Please tick
relevant                                EGfL
box and
give details
if required
Please list                             PO Equalities

   7C – Signing off
   City of Edinburgh Council Equalities Impact Assessment

Signature and date of lead officer responsible for policy /                 Signature and date of lead officer facilitating equalities impact
function                                                                    assessment

24/11/06                                                                    24/11/06

Print name                                                                  Print name
MARIA GRAY                                                                  DINAH AITKEN

   7D – Recording of Equalities Impact Assessment

Who will be responsible for submitting                      Date and person sent to Equalities Unit?    Who will be responsible for storing
equalities impact assessment to corporate                                                               details of the equalities impact
equalities unit?                                                                                        assessment in the department?

PO Equalities                                                                                           PO Equalities

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