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					An-Najah National University                                 ‫اننـجـاح انـوطنـيـة جـامـعـة‬
       Faculty of IT                                         ‫كهيـة تكنونوجيا انمعهومات‬
      CIS Department                                       ‫قسم أنظمة انمعهومات انمحوسبة‬
  computer architecture and                                    ‫تصميم منطق انحاسوب‬
       Organization                                                ‫انخطة اندراسية‬
 Second Semester 2009/2010                                   2010/2009 ‫فصم انثانى‬     ‫ال‬

           Introduction to computer architecture and Organization
    Instructor: Moha mmed AM Dwikat                Credit Hours: 3
                           00    30
    Time: Mon/Wed 03 – 4                           Course: Spring 2010
    Course Objectives:
    After completing this course students must have full knowledge of:
         comprehend computer functions and how its parts work.
         CPU components, instruction life cycle, auxiliary memory storage devices
           and their organization, Main memory functions and types,Data
           representation methods, Data Storage Devices
    Course Outline
    WEEK 1      Computer Technology: Your need to know
                Technology and Knowledge
    WEEK 2      Information System Development,
                Managing Computer Resources
    WEEK 3      Computer Architecture
                Automated computation,Computer Capabilities
    WEEK 4      Computer Hardware
                Computer system classes,The Role of Software
    WEEK 5      Data Representation
                Data Representation and Processing
                Binary Data Representation – Hexadecimal, Octal
    WEEK 6      Goals of Computer Data Representation
                CPU Data Types,Data Structures
    WEEK 7      Processor Technology and Architecture
                CPU Operation, Instruction and Instruction Sets,Instruction Format
    WEEK 8      Clock Rate, CPU Registers, Word Size, Physical CPU
                Enhancing Processor Performance (Pipelining, Multiprocessing)
    WEEK 9      Data Storage Technology
                Storage Devices Characteristics         (speed, volatility,   access
    WEEK 10     Primary Storage Devices,CPU Memory Access
                Magnetic Storage (disks, optical mass storage, DVD)
    WEEK 11     system Integration and Performance
                System Bus,Logical and physical Access
    WEEK 12     Device controllers,Interrupt Processing,Buffers and Caches
    WEEK 13     Input/Output Technology
                Basic Print and Display Concept
    WEEK 14     Video Display, Printers,Manual Input Devices
    WEEK 15     Optical Input Devices
    WEEK 16     Audio I/O Devices, Review
Assessment and grading system:
      1st Exam                            25%
      2nd Exam                            25%
      Home works/Project/Activities       10%
      Final Exam                          40%

   Text book:
   System Architecture, Fifth edition by STEPHEN D. BURD
Attendance and Dishonesty policies
      Students are expected to attend all classes and complete all
required work on time. Late to the class is considered absence.
Irregular attendance or any substantial number of unexpected
absences may weight adversely in the consideration of grades of any
petition for a special academic privilege such as make-up exams. All
excuses for absence must be secured to me at the next class

      Cheating and other forms of academic dishonesty are prohibited.
Students guilty of academic misconduct, either directly or indirectly
through participation or assistance, are immediately responsible and
disciplinary sanctions will be imposed through the regular institutional
          Individual assignments are expected to be student’s solely
efforts, giving your work to other students, or taking other students
work is an honor violation. Late works are not accepted – not
negotiable. NO MAKE UP Exams for those who will be absent. If you
didn’t do your assignments, or any Exam, the possibility to fail the
course is increased.

It is your responsibility to be aware of the rules and regulations of An
Najah National University, Ignorance is not excused.

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