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									Project No: PN7630817                                           Report Created: 30/11/2006 11:26:00         by rolandh

                                         Change Control
Company:                            Newark and Sherwood District Council                      Change Request Number:
Project Name:                       Desktop Transformation Project                                  CCN NSDC 001
Customer Contact:                   David Dickinson / Sharon Parkinson                          Change Request Date:
SCC Project Manager:                Roland Hughes                                                     19/10/2007
Change Request Details:

There is a need to investigate all Wintel servers in the estate to confirm the extent of the footprints of an existing Active
directory in the NSDC estate.

Impact Analysis:
This exercise will enable the project develop a strategy for mitigating the effects of the existing AD.

Audit work to commence asap

                                    1 x Consultant @ £660 x 3days
Cost (Excluding VAT):
                                    Chargeable time will be on a T&M basis

Purchase Order No:
Customer Comments:

                             Name                   Signature               Date         Position
SCC Sign Off:                Roland Hughes                                  19/10/07 Project Mgr
NSDC Sign Off                Sharon Parkinson                               19/10/07 NSDC Project Mgr

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