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									Project Issues & Change Control Log (PICCL) for UCAS Admissions Data Mart (STU113)

No Description                                 Recommendation                        Outcome/Decision                    Agreed by &date
                                               For UDF fields validated by           Decided that all UDF fields from    Lesley Jackson, Anne
1   12/11/04                                   profile, the profile is stored in a   STU, SCL and ADF will go            Mathison 6/12/2004
    How can STU113 obtain the user             LONG RAW field in Oracle which        across to the data mart.
    defined field descriptions from            you can't access using SQL or any                                         Agreed 22/02/2005
    USAD?                                      third-party tools.                    Lesley will discuss with SDDM
                                                                                     about them keeping a folder of
                                               MIS Technical expect to have          the descriptions that go with the
                                               replaced all LONG RAW fields          UDF fields. This will be updated
                                               sometime after the 7.2.1 upgrade      yearly with all history being
                                               to USAD, but until then the only      kept.
                                               way to access this data is via a
                                               Uniface form.                         Not expecting the descriptions of
                                                                                     the codes to change, more likely
                                               Discuss options with business         that a new UDF field would be
                                               users, whether the fields are         used.
                                               required, how the descriptions to
                                               the codes can be obtained             Therefore no action required by
                                               correctly.                            MIS Management.

                                                                                     V0.2 of the business
                                                                                     requirements has resolved how
                                                                                     the short-term solution will be
                                                                                     resolved. The universe will hard-
                                                                                     code the UDF references. This
                                                                                     assumes that any new UDF
                                                                                     references will be added – there
                                                                                     will be no facility to change
                                                                                     UDF descriptions.

2   17/11/04                                   Recommended that as long as           Science and engineering are         AM & JB 17/11/04
    Response for clarification of data         science and engineering are happy     happy that RALS appeared to
    requirements from science and              that RALS will already have           have selected everything SCE
    engineering rep has resulted in delays.    selected the great majority of        wanted. SCE will check for any
    This will result in delays, unless it is   fields they would like then MIS       additions as soon as SCE can.
    resolved.                                will continue their process with the
                                             requirements received already.
                                                                                                                         SG & LJ 2/12/2004
3   18/11/04                                 Given that names aren't to be          Lesley Jackson met Susan
    Should UCAS id be extracted into the     included, and that the UCAS id         Graham 2/12/2004 and her             22/02/2005
    database and made anonymous?             will be 'hidden' and used behind       advice was that whilst we are        In the Business
                                             the scenes for system joins to         entitled to hold and report on the   Requirements v0.2 it has
    Does it break data protection even       generate statistics, BJ view would     information we receive from          been agreed that Full post
    though it will not be available on the   be that our data protection            UCAS the problem is with             code and UCAS ID will
    data mart?                               registration covers this.              regard to who has access to          be held in a class only
                                             However, a more informed               particular information.              available to Admin-users
                                             opinion can only be obtained from                                           (only available to
                                             the University Records Manager.        With regard to the UCAS file,        SDDM). Normal users
                                                                                    which contains the ethnicity         will see the first part of
                                                                                    data, we are able to report on       the post code e.g. EH12
                                                                                    this, as long as it is only the      and the anonymised
                                                                                    person with responsibility for       UCAS id.
                                                                                    ethnicity reporting that has
                                                                                    access to the data i.e. Lynda
                                                                                    If this data were anonymised
                                                                                    before UCAS sent it to us then
                                                                                    this would not be the case and
                                                                                    anyone could report on it.

                                                                                    In terms of the datamart, as long
                                                                                    as the data is fully anonymised
                                                                                    data protection should not be a
                                                                                    problem. More details can be
                                                                                    found in the meeting notes of

4   15/12/2004                               Added the required fields to the       27/01/2005                           1/02/2005
                                             data mart even if blank, just in                                            V0.1 walked 1st Feb and
    At a project meeting Science and         case it is populated in the future.    Issued the draft Business            signed off by
    Engineering brought their data           Not all the marked fields from         Analysis: Business                   Stakeholders.
    requirements.                            ORBA and USAD were taken as            Requirements document with the       GTTR details will only
    History                                  some were not considered suitable      agreed fields.                       be extracted from USAD
        1. All stakeholders asked to         for trend reporting.                                                        2004. ORBA details are
            identify from USAD what data                                                                     included from 2000.
            they wanted on 25/10 for 5/11.
       2.   At meeting 11/11 JG didn’t
            have access to USAD. Agreed
            to review dumps of USAD and
            ORBA universes. JN sent the
            details 12/11 asked for them to
            be reviewed by 17/11
       3.   When asked for progress
            update on 17/11 hadn’t had
            time to review due to work
            deadline commitments and
       4.   AM replied ok on 17/11 as
            long as not many additional
            fields found, we will just carry
            on. If think there will be a lot
            of fields found then the project
            will slip.
       5.   JG brought marked universe
            sheets to 15/12 meeting. The
            dump of USAD universe is 51

    Unsure impact as yet as a lot to
    review. Probably 1 days work to
    review if any additions are required.
    Then the data mapping will need

5   15/12/04                                   Continue working on USAD            Analysis phase has been   22/12/2004 AM and DC
    Less resource available to work on         requirements. Leave ORBA/GTTR extended. PPAR now planned
    Business Requirements phase than           for Phase 2. This should be         for end of January.
    expected due to a considerable             staggered to start while phase 1 is
    amount of time spent on the                proceeding
    presentation to the principal.
6   14/12/2004                               Consider what options are             Short term adopted at present.     22/02/05 in BR v0.2
    UDF fields. Issue 1 may not resolve      available for UDF’s.                  Mention made of it in the future
    UDF field descriptions in the best                                             implications of the business
    way (long term).                                                               requirements document.


                                                                                   Issued the draft Business
                                                                                   Analysis: Business Requirement

7   22/12/2004                               This has resulted in a delay to the   The Business Requirements          PPAR held 10/02/05,
    The data mapping has proved more         completion of the analysis phase.     Analysis document will be          V0.2 issued 22/02/05
    complex than estimated.                                                        issued for the end of January.     Agreement given in
                                             This delay will give an opportunity                                      PPAR to proceed with
    This has meant that not enough time      to ensure that all the processes                                         design phase. In addition
    has been spent on the other processes.   have been thought through.          27/01/2005                           Bruce requires to see the
                                                                                                                      universe design before
    The Business Requirements Analysis                                             Issued the draft Business          putting it to the
    document is behind schedule.                                                   Analysis: Business Requirement     stakeholders.

8   17/02/2004                                                                                                        WIG approved new
    Summary of revision of estimates to     For WIG to approve the increase                                           estimate of 232 days on
    STU113. Once all the individual tasks in estimates. (Sent to WIG for                                              4/03/05.
    have been included – it takes the total 4/03/05).
    for the project to 232 days (from 188
    in the approved TOR). This is 123%
    above the approved TOR.
    1) In the PPAR, it was decided that
    the universe design should be
    undertaken by DSG rather than BSG.
    This has increased the estimate from 5
    days to 11.5 days. In addition the
    universe design will be reviewed by
    BJ and forwarded to the steering
    group for signoff. 2) Training was
     also previously agreed for Business
     Object training, this has taken 6.5
     days. 3) During analysis the
     acceptance testing was carried out by
     BSG rather than Registry, so allowed
     an additional 5 days to MIS. 4) TSG
     involvement had not been fully
     catered for. 4.1) Half a day a month
     required to copy USAD until the
     project goes live (7 days including
     set-up), with any delays this will
     increase 0.5 days a month. 4.2)
     Include TSG support in the design
     phase – 4 days and 4.3) Include 1 day
     in Build for TSG to build schemas 5)
     Include 3 days for Designer support in
     the Build phase.
9    19/05/05                                                                       For information only
     Revised estimate 250 days with 190
     complete so far, 56 days to do this
     year and 4 to complete next year.
10   Query regarding SITS Upgrades            Bruce issued standard response        For information only
     and datamarts                            that if is was a real business need
     Science and Engineering asked what       it would be prioritised along with
     happened when new fields were            other projects. If it was a very
     added to SITS via an upgrade. How        small piece of work (under 5 days)
     does that affect the datamart            then it could be handled by a CMS
                                              call. Summary – standard project
                                              cost benefits.
11   29/06/05                                 Agreed date change with Lesley.       For information only
     Revised implementation date, due to      Emailed Bruce, so he will receive
     project holidays key people have no      it when he returns from holiday.
     overlap in July. Moving
     implementation to August. Data
     loading will take place over 6 days
     from 9-16th August. Won’t publicise
     that live date. More likely to say end
     of August to allow for training etc to
     take place.
12   2/08/05                                   Will review 5th August.                 Datamart was live before the end   For information only
     Signoff of data is in jeopardy due to                                             of August to a limited number of
     other business priorities.                                                        users.
13   29/08/05                                  Recommend changing the end date                                            For information only
     Data set up in the data mart and          of the project to 15th November to
     universe is live. Universe reports are    allow for data being loaded and
     in progress, access has been given to a   the closure process to take place.
     limited number of users. ORBA data
     to follow. The plan is to load them at
     the end of October.
14   3/10/05                                   Information                             WIG 14/10/05                       WIG 14/10/05

     The end date of the project requires to   To change the end date of project       Colin to hold meeting to review    7/10 No decision
     be extended.                              to mid December. (To allow for          item 7/10/05                       14/10 Approved by WIG
                                               the closure procedures.)                Resubmitted 14/10/05
     This is because the users will not be                                             Replanned.
     able to look at the extracted ORBA
     data and associated queries until week
     beginning Oct 17th due to other
     business priorities (cycle changeover
     and SITS upgrade). Related to this is
     that the progress meeting has had to
     be delayed from 3rd Oct until Oct

     These delays will result in the 4 years
     of ORBA data not being loaded into
     ADMISMI by the end of Oct.

     The Corporate reports and training are
     however within Registry’s control, so
     the delay of ORBA should not affect
     their timescales.
15   11/10/05                               Recommendation                                                                WIG 14/10/05
     The approved estimate of 232 days         Assuming the Revised End date of
     may not be sufficient to complete the     the project is required. I would like
     project given the delay of the            to recommend an approval of a
     completion of the project.                new project estimate.
The ORBA delay will result in an        For WIG to approve my new
additional 5 days work                  estimate of 282 days.
Current Approved estimate is 232
days (WIG 4/03).                        This will cover any contingencies.

The 5 days I am adding on relating to
the ORBA delay will take the project
over the 20% threshold.

September stage plan current estimate
277 days.

Estimate 277+5 =282 days

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