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									                                                                                                                                 Annex 1

                                         Climate Change Strategy – Implementation Plan
                                                        Year 1 Targets

            Action                             Target                                             Progress
CO2 reduction from Local          Baseline and target to be            Baseline data from Jan – Dec 2008 is currently being
Authority Operations              established via Kent                 collected. Final data to be reported in 2009, although this
                                  Agreement 2.                         indicator is not included within the KA2.
Per capita reduction in CO2       Baseline and target to be            Baseline established at 7.9 tonnes per capita. The target for
emissions in LA area.             established via Kent                 2010/11 is a reduction of 11.2% + or – 2.5%.
                                  Agreement 2.
Adapting to climate change.       Develop an action plan to            Baseline is Level 0 and the target for the end of Year 1
                                  deliver necessary steps to           (2008/09) is Level 1. This will involve preparing an
                                  achieve objectives in light of       Adaptation Plan which will include an assessment of risks
                                  projected climate change.            and vulnerabilities and a prioritised action plan.
Improve the energy efficiency     3% improvement per year.             HECA return identifying % improvement per annum currently
of all housing sectors.                                                being compiled and will be available 14 November 2008.
Secure funding opportunities to   Co-ordinate private sector           TMBC lead on the North and West Kent bid to the Regional
improve poor condition            renewal bid for Regional             Housing Board and secured £1.6m funding for TMBC 2008-
housing in the private sector.    Funding Allocation.                  11.
Secure funding to develop and     To be established depending          Community Energy Efficiency Fund (CEEF) funding secured
provide a Kent wide Home          on Defra funding bid.                and Kent wide Home Visitor Service now in place until 2010.
Visitor Service.
Secure funding to expand the      15 grants per year.                  TMBC has secured funding to expand the Warm Homes
Warm Homes Assistance and                                              Assistance and energy efficiency initiatives through the
energy efficiency initiatives.                                         successful North and West Kent bid to the Regional Housing
                                                                       Board. 20 grants completed to date in 2008/9.

                                                                                                                                 Annex 1

            Action                             Target                                             Progress
Work with Kent & Medway Air        Organise and attend 4                Meetings held/to be held on 22 January, 20 May,
Quality Partnership to secure a    partnership meetings per year.       16 September 2008, 13 January and 21 April 2009.
co-ordinated approach to air
quality monitoring in Kent.
Address air quality issues in      Report to Local Environmental        Air Quality Progress Report submitted to DEFRA in April
Tonbridge High Street,             Management Advisory Board.           2008
Wateringbury crossroads,                                                Proposals for improving air quality in Tonbridge High Street
London Road/Station Road,                                               endorsed following Examination in Public of Tonbridge
Ditton.                                                                 Central Area Action Plan.
                                                                        Officer group for TMBC/KHA established to prepare detailed
                                                                        proposals/ schemes.
Work with schools to promote       10 schools per year.                 All primary schools sent “Walk to School” pack during Walk to
Travel Plans and Walking                                                School Week. 6 additional schools have completed travel
buses.                                                                  plans in 2008, with a further 4 planned for 2009.
Work with KCC to promote car       Engage with businesses via           Article due to be included in the Autumn edition of Wise Up,
share clubs and sustainable        Wise Up publication.                 encouraging businesses to sign up for workshops to “Green
travel options to local                                                 your Business” workshops to include sustainable travel.
Progress the targets within the    Implement appropriate         Improvements in transport infrastructure/public transport
existing Air Quality Action Plan   measures.                     (aimed at reducing emissions of air pollutants) being
for Tonbridge and Malling.                                       progressed through Kent Local Transport Plan 2006 -11.
Draft, consult and adopt the       Adaptation and implementation Issues and Options Report for MDE DPD was consulted on
Managing Development in the        of the Managing Development between 14 March and 2 May 2008. The full Plan is
Environment DPD as part of         in the Environment DPD as     scheduled to be published for public consultation at the
the LDF, including robust          part of the LDF.              beginning of 2009. The published Plan will contain a chapter
locally –derived policies on                                     on Climate Change, including policies on mitigation and
mitigation and adaptation to                                     adaptation.
the effects of climate change.

                                                                                                                         Annex 1

            Action                          Target                                        Progress
In dealing with planning        Secure new developments       Policy CP1 of the Council‟s adopted Core Strategy seeking
applications, seek              incorporating renewable       10% of energy requirements to be generated on-site from
developments that will derive   energy technology.            alternative energy sources has and continues to be applied in
at least 10% of their energy                                  dealing with planning applications. The Council‟s Validation of
requirements from alternative                                 Planning Applications Guidance Note requires the
renewable sources on site.                                    submission of a Renewable Energy Assessment with
                                                              planning applications for residential developments providing
                                                              10 or more units. This requires applicants to demonstrate that
                                                              the CO2 emissions from the proposed development will be
                                                              reduced by at least 10% through the installation of renewable
                                                              energy technologies.
In dealing with planning        Adaptation and implementation Water-efficiency measures including the installation of water
applications, seek              of the MDE DPD incorporating butts are being incorporated into development schemes. The
developments that incorporate   climate change mitigation and Council‟s Validation of Planning Applications Guidance Note
climate change mitigation and   adaptation policies.          requires a surface water drainage assessment to be
adaptation measures.                                          submitted with planning applications seeking the control of
                                                              surface water run-off through Sustainable Drainage Systems
                                                              (SUDS) including soakaways, infiltration trenches, permeable
                                                              pavements, grassed swales, ponds and wetlands.
Produce technical advice on     Adoption of a compilation of  Several guides to renewable energy technologies were
available renewable energy      useful sources of technical   published in June 2008. These guides outline how the
technologies.                   advice on renewables,         technology works, what the benefits are and when and where
                                explaining when/ how they can it is suitable. The guides also signpost to organisations who
                                be incorporated.              can offer expertise and detailed practical advice, including
                                                              information on available grants. Guides are available on the
                                                              following technologies: photovoltaics, solar water heating,
                                                              wind power, biomass and ground source heat pumps.

                                                                                                                                      Annex 1

            Action                              Target                                               Progress
Assess needs for training on      Needs analysis complete,                 Training for Planning and Building Control officers on
sustainable construction          training programme adopted               renewable energy technologies and the implementation of
techniques and renewable          and relevant staff trained on            renewable energy planning policies is scheduled for 8
technologies.                     sustainable construction                 October 2008. This is to be provided by „Creative
                                  techniques and renewable                 Environmental Networks‟ (CEN), a not for profit organisation.
Borough-wide assessment of        Assess and where practicable,            Options for developing an evidence-base on the local
the potential for                 complete a borough wide                  feasibility and potential for renewable and low carbon
accommodating renewable           feasibility study to establish the       technologies, including micro-generation, to supply new
and low carbon technologies,      capacity for renewable                   development in the Borough, are currently being investigated
including micro-renewables to     installations.                           and assessed.
be secured in new residential,
commercial or industrial
Expand the green-lidded bin to    Borough wide provision of                Final expansion completed. Approximately 44,000 properties
all suitable households.          green lidded bins.                       now on service. Continue to assess opportunities to provide
                                                                           green-lidded bin service to those still exempt from the
Review the success of the         Review reported to Local                 Over 20 Million plastic bottles collected. Additional banks
plastic bottle bank service and   Environmental Management                 installed and frequencies increased. Report to future board
assess options for the future.    Advisory Board.                          meetings.
Increase the number of litter     New facilities provided.                 Over 30 twin bins for litter and recycling (cans) installed at
bins with separate recycling                                               over 25 sites across the borough.
facilities and investigate
facilities for additional

                                                                                                                                 Annex 1

             Action                          Target                                               Progress
Investigate opportunities to     Report to Local Environmental         Continue to work with Kent Waste Partnership on increasing
introduce new materials for      Management Advisory Board.            re-use of materials including Bulky Items
recycling such as batteries,
electronic equipment, bulky
household goods and
Encourage recycling with local   Feature included in each Wise         Awaiting further guidance from DEFRA on definitions of
business by promoting            Up magazine.                          commercial and household waste, as this may have serious
recycling services provided by                                         implications for services provided.
the private sector.
Give residents the right         Climate change/ environmental         Climate change page and climate change strategy on Council
information, assistance and      feature included in every issue       website. Regular sustainability features have been included
advice via talks, website and    of Here & Now from 2008.              in Here and Now and leaflets have been published on
Council leaflets/newspaper.      Information on website, and           renewable energy technologies. Regular talks given to
                                 Wise Up.                              schools and groups when requested.
Work with community groups,      10 per year.                          Worked with various schools, guides, scouts etc on
businesses, parish councils                                            environment and sustainability initiatives. Assisted with the
and residents in the borough                                           “Canaries in a Coal Mine” climate change awareness
on sustainable projects as and                                         weekend, the HadLow Carbon Community and the Transition
when they arise.                                                       Town Tonbridge initiative. Will continue to work with these
                                                                       groups and respond to others when they arise.
Use best practice within the     Promote best practice when            Once completed, the £120,000 improvements to enhance
Council to encourage others.     appropriate.                          energy conservation at Larkfield Leisure Centre will provide a
                                                                       best practice example.
                                                                       Wind catchers and sun pipes also in place in the Gibson

                                                                                                                                    Annex 1

              Action                           Target                                           Progress
Put staff training measures in    Information in each edition of       A regular “Green Grapevine” page has been included in
place to ensure that all          Grapevine, regular information       each edition to promote various messages, such as – office
employees are aware of            emailed to staff / training          recycling, energy conservation awareness, sustainable travel
sustainable initiatives and the   provided.                            etc.
need to reduce our carbon
Implement carbon reduction        Achieve 576 CO2 tonnes               Awaiting implementation.
measures (identified by the       reduction in overall energy
Carbon Trust) in the borough‟s    consumption.
leisure centres.
Ensure all staff are aware and    All procurement exercises take       This is being addresses by the Procurement Officer Study
take account of the sustainable   account of sustainable               Group who have prepared a Procurement Strategy which
procurement policy.               procurement policy where             identifies that sustainability should be used as important
                                  appropriate.                         criteria in the provision of all services procured in addition to
                                                                       cost. A sustainability checklist has been prepared to guide
                                                                       each procurement exercise.
Review and potentially extend     Extend pilot to remove all           Extended to all of Gibson East and also in to the Print Section
the office recycling pilot to     individual waste bins from           in Gibson West during August 2008.
additional sections.              open plan offices within the
                                  Gibson Building.
Designate Climate Change          Champion in each service in          The Climate Change Officer Study Group has a
Champions.                        place.                               representative from each service – these members are
                                                                       therefore the “Champions” for their areas.


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