DOCC Lesson Plan Correction Revision Form by rul15579


									                             DOCC Lesson Plan Correction & Revision Form

School directors and DOCC instructors who encounter or identify lesson plan typographical, content or
other errors / omissions during a delivery are encouraged to document them on this form. This form may
also be used to address other areas of concern regarding audio/visual aids and suggest curriculum
changes or enhancements. Recommendations should be listed in detail, to include specific page numbers
and sections. Copies of particular lesson plan section(s) are also helpful. Supplemental materials (articles,
research, etc.) may also be submitted with this form.

        Instructor Name               DOCC Delivery Site/Academy               Contact Phone # & Address

The space provided below can be used to describe all lesson plan revisions and corrections.
Feel free to attach additional sheets and materials as necessary.

Mail form and attachments to:
DOCC Revision Chairperson
NC Justice Academy
Po Box 99
Salemburg, NC 28385

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