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					FAST Maché® MUD MASKS
A variety of natives around the globe dress for
special occasions from war to worship in masks.
The choice of materials for some is just plain
mud and natural grasses and twigs around them.

Materials Needed:                         Grade Level: K - 12                Key Word: tribal mud masks
Fast Maché: (*5 per pound)                Most simple 4 holes in a shape
Raffia                                    for K – 2. Control of holes and  Standard: K – 2 recognize
Dry Grasses                               outer shape for 3-4. Surface     material and alternative: clay/
Dry Twigs                                 decoration – random for K – 2    “mud”. Control shape and most
Water (hot preferred)                     Purposeful 3 – 4 Controlled 5 &  general creativity/form. Use
Sand                                      up. Intricate pattern over grade most simple color array – detail.
White Glue                                7. Understanding of texture over 3-4 +: specific facial form - some
Brown Tempera                             grade 3 Control over grade 4.    Expression and specific use of
                                          Upper levels – integrate with    natural materials for detail in
Equipment Needed:                         specific symbolism through       and on mask. 5–7: specific facial
Measuring Cup                             color and imagery.               expression, detail to add impact.
Plastic Zip Bag                                                            specific repetitive detail. 8 +
Modeling Tools                       Project Time: 20-30 minutes           Up: link style of expression to
Scissors                             to mix, form and finish thru          specific area of the world. Show
                                     Grade 4. 45- 60 minutes at most       emotion and exaggerate in face
Optional:                            advanced. Fast Maché is designed Creative use of details with
Other Tempera Colors                 to set quickly, leaves less open time natural materials. Advanced -
Other Dry Natural Materials:         for detail. Pushes decision making. Translate to primitive masks
  Seeds, pinecones, small stones.                                          For contemporary tribes - city
                                                                           Computer age materials for
                                                                           surface deco.
Vocabulary: mask; shape; tribe; celebration; natural material; repetitive design. Name as many tribes as
you can; name as many expressions as you can – describing how different emotions might look.

Introduction: A fast exercise to limber up regarding faces: take a half sheet of paper – separate into 4 cells
with 2 lines – in each section make an open shape. In each shape make 4 more open shapes. No matter
how different they are – each one will look like a face. Tell what emotion or expression each face might be
appropriate for. You can make your masks as expressive as you choose by how you shape the face and the
holes in it.

The Process: Fast Maché is designed to set up more quickly than Celluclay or traditional papier maché.
Decide before you start what sort of expression is desired for mask. Mix FM according to package
directions in a zip close plastic bag (hot water works better and cold will take a tad longer). Add color to
mix at the beginning. Spread out mixture and drape over ball of newspaper for form. Arrange surface and
remove Eyes – nose – mouth holes. Adding natural materials as desired enhance expression of mask. As
surface stiffens – arrange final details and surfaces as desired. Finally – before setting to dry – add final
natural materials to surface with white glue along with pushing into surface.

This project is designed to be done in one working session – however may be extended if periods are short
or time needed for final surface design. It is not necessary to wait until Fast Maché is dry to glue onto

Optional: use more than one color of Fast Maché to make mask. West will not stick to dry with Fast Maché
as with Celluclay or other papier machés.

Mary Kortemeyer: Creative Solutions                                                               March 2004

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