Plan of action for a smoke-free hospital

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					Plan of action for a smoke-free
1. Discuss with and receive acceptance for
   the plan of action from all unions
   represented at the hospital.
2. Present the plan of action for approval
   to hospital management.
3. Install clear signs forbidding smoking,
   including reference to smoking areas,
   as well as information about a smoke-
   free hospital. Smoking areas will be
   indicated on the hospital maps.
4. Present this work to the local and
   regional press and media during the
   annual ”smoke-free week”.
5. Plan to stop the sale of cigarettes and
   other tobacco products in the hospital
6. Provide information about smoke-free
   hospital on the website and in job
7. When recruiting, inform smokers about
   a smoke-free-hospital and nicotine
   addiction treatment.
8. Inform all hospital empolyees about
   nicotine addiction, the guidelines for
   an HPH with reference to a smoke-
   free hospital. This information is also
   found on the Intranet.
9. Physicians
 Receive a letter from the hospitals chief consultant
 with a brochure and simple tools for helping patients.
 Report nicotine addiction in the journal system.
 Register the diagnosis F172 (nicotine addiction)
 during consultation and at admissions.
 Sign standard referrals to the tobacco-prevention
10. Inform expectant parents about the
    dangers of smoking and available
    treatment during their social insurance
    meetings every other month.
11. Cooperate with the municipality to
    inform teachers at the beginning of
    every term about the consequences of
12. Improve co-operation with primary
13. Extend the plan of action to the rest of
    Scania through the HPH management. .
14. Evaluate the work annually.
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