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					                               Town of Middleton
                           Town Board Meeting Minutes
                                  June 2, 2008
The meeting was called to order at 6:01 p.m. Present were: Chair Milo Breunig, Supervisors
Gary Whitney, Howard Licht, Bill Kolar and Richard Oberle along with David Shaw, Town
Administrator; Jerry Wagner, Lead Town Crewman; Rod Zubella, Vierbicher Associates, Inc.,
Town Engineer; and Greggar Petersen, Dane County Highway.
1.      Proof of Posting and Notice.
        Shaw stated that the Agenda had been posted at the three official locations, published
        on the Town’s website as well as emailed to the Town’s subscriber list.
2.      Reconvene on site along Mound View Road.
        The attendees went to view Mound View Road where various discussions took place
        but no Board action was taken.
3.      7:00 p.m., Reconvene at Town Hall.
        The Board reconvened at 7:10 p.m. at the Town Hall where they were joined by Town
        Attorney, Tom Voss of Erbach & Voss and Members of the public.
4.      Public Input.
        There was no one wishing to speak.
5.      Minutes of the Meeting of May 19, 2008.
        Oberle and Breunig moved to approve the Minutes of the Meeting of May 19, 2008
        as amended. Motion passed.
6.      Mound View Road Reconstruction.
        Several residents of the area had questions regarding safety standards for roads. The
        Board, Zubella and Petersen answered those questions. There was also discussion
        regarding the 2008 Road Improvements Plan in general.
        Kolar and Breunig moved to have Vierbicher Associates, Inc. engineer the recon-
        struction of Mound View Road, and, if possible to be completed in 2008, put it
        out to bid and oversee the construction. Town Crew shall remove trees, per
        clear zone ordinance. Stump removal to be part of the Road Improvement con-
        tract. Motion Passed.
7.      Old Sauk Road – Reconstruction by City of Madison.
        There was discussion on what the City of Madison is planning to do for reconstruction
        of Old Sauk Road and how the City was assessing those property owners who front
        the affected area.
8.      Seybold Road Reconstruction.
        Wagner explained he is working with the Dane County on this project and expects it to
        cost $4,500.
        Breunig and Licht moved to approve spending up to $4,500 to work with the City of
        Madison to resurface Seybold Road. Motion Passed. The Board asked Wagner to
        have a more exact cost at the next meting.
9.      Applewood Road Reconstruction.
        Zubella and Wagner discussed the problems associated with the road and possible
        ways to fix them. Breunig and Oberle moved to table this item until firmer costs are
        available and the 2008 Road Budget, year-to-date, can be prepared for review.
10.     Placement of Homeowner’s Association sign in Summit Ridge Park.
        Joe Kuhn presented a revised map for placement of the Summit Pass Neighborhood
        Association sign on the north side of Summit Ridge Road. There was discussion over

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        lighting and other concerns. Kuhn suggested he come back with more details.
        Kolar and Licht moved to table this item. Motion Passed.
11.     Ordinance Amending Title 4, Chapter 4, Driveways and Culverts.
        Zubella presented amendments to Title 4, Chapter 4 concerning Driveways and Cul-
        verts as prepared and approved by staff.
        The Board directed Town Staff to add language to resolve variance issues.
12.     Resolution designating an additional “Public Posting Location” when needed.
        Whitney and Breunig moved to approve the resolution designating a kiosk within
        Pioneer Park as a fourth “Public Posting Location” when needed. Motion
13.     Relocation of Town Checking Account and Credit Card.
        Breunig and Oberle moved to approve relocating the Town Checking Account and
        Credit Card from M&I Bank to Chase Bank conditional on proof of collateraliza-
        tion. Motion Passed.
14.     Liaison to Town Staff and Crew Report.
        Licht briefly discussed information he gleaned from interviews with Town Staff.
15.     Engineer’s Report & Action on Recommendations.
        Zubella had nothing to report.
16.     Attorney’s Report & Action on Recommendations.
        Voss discussed the decision on the Driese case. The Board felt there was no action
        needed on this item.
17.     Board Member Reports.
        Kolar - asked Voss about the status of the revisions to Title 11 of the Town Ordin-
        ances which the Plan Commission had proposed. Voss said it would soon be ready
        for the Board’s review.
        - Asked that as a policy, all future road borings be done by a firm such as CGC that
        has expertise in this area rather than burdening the Crew with that task. Breunig sug-
        gested that he make that part of future motions when road projects are approved.
        Breunig - the Middleton Fire Commission is preparing a report addressing questions
        regarding past issues with the Union.
        - He hopes to have additional information on the reimbursement of costs related to de-
        sign of the Public Safety Building soon.
        - Announced that Tom Krull has resigned from the Parks Commission and the Com-
        prehensive Planning Committee.
18.     Administrator / Clerk Report and Action Requests.
        a.      Check and Voucher Approval.
                Whitney and Oberle moved to approve Checks numbered 20910 through
                20942 for $ 76,537.95. Motion Passed.
        b.      Correspondence / Communications.
                Shaw reported that the Crew had sprayed the parks on the north-side of Town
                that morning.
19.     Adjourn.
        Kolar & Breunig moved to adjourn. Motion Passed at 11:18 p.m.

These minutes were drafted by David Shaw based on his notes and recollection and may be
modified prior to approval at the Board meeting of June 16, 2008.

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