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					Suggested questions to ask a domiciliary care provider.

Once you have received the brochure or arranged for a representative
to visit, you may wish to ask some questions.

       Are they registered with the appropriate regulatory body?
       Are they a member of any professional associations such as UK
        Home Care Association?
       Do they work to a recognised Code of Practice and comply with
        the domiciliary care agency legislation in England, Wales or
       Do they have a confidentiality policy?
       Do they have full professional and employer’s liability insurance?
       Can they provide proof that they train their new staff before they
        start working?
       Do they provide additional training and updates for existing
       Are all care workers referenced and interviewed and do they
        undergo criminal records checks (previously known as ‘police
       Is there a complaints procedure?
       What is the range of services offered?
       Do they have standard Terms and Conditions of Business?
       Do they offer an initial visit/assessment?
       Can they be contacted at all times when care is being provided,
        during out of hours, in an emergency?
       Is there a minimum number of hours of care each week that has
        to be bought?
       Are there any discounts for buying a large number of hours of
        care each week?
       What charges will be made and how are they paid?
       Is the price all-inclusive, or are there any extras, for example
        VAT, National Insurance or travelling expenses?
       What happens if the regular carer is sick or on holiday?

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