Changes to services around Bristol

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					Changes to services around Bristol

Service No    Current Service Changes from 10 May

X10          Newport - Bristol   This service is jointly operated with Stagecoach.
                                 Departure times (during main part of the day Mon – Sat) from Bristol and Chepstow
                                 Bus Stations are changing, so that all journeys leave at the same time past each
                                 hour. This gives a more consistent timetable for customers.

                                 In addition, two journeys on Service X10 are being withdrawn on Saturdays only
                                 due to low customer use:

                                              o 0700 from Magor to Bristol
                                              o 0820 from Bristol to Chepstow
X27/327      Yate – Bristol      Service 327 and Service 329 (Evening journeys run on behalf of and funded by
                                 South Gloucestershire Council) will continue to run. The timetable of Service 327
                                 will be changed to improve reliability

                                 Service X27 will no longer operate. This means that:

                                             oSome areas, including part of Winterbourne High Street, Iron Acton
                                              and North Yate will no longer be served by bus in the daytime
                                         o Other areas currently served by both services X27 and 327
                                              including South Yate and Yate Shopping Centre will see one less
                                              bus per hour
                                         o Slightly longer journey times between Bristol and Yate – up to 10
X42 / 342    Chipping Sodbury Service X42 will only run at peak times on Monday to Friday:
             – Bristol
                                         o Morning - from Chipping Sodbury – 0621 to 0914 (4 journeys)
                                         o Afternoon – from Bristol - 1545 and 1850 (5 journeys)

                                 Service 342 via Downend and Fishponds will run all day, and replace X42 at off
                                 peak times. The timetable will be changed to improve reliability.

                                 In total, there will be the same number of peak buses and the frequency of buses
                                 will remain the same.

                                 Our public consultation last year showed us that many people wanted the X
                                 services during peak times, and we listened to this. We decided to retain service
                                 X42 all day In September 2008 to offer a consistent service throughout the day.

                                However, we are not picking up enough passengers during the day, therefore we
                                have decided to run off peak services via Fishponds and Downend giving us the
                                opportunity to carry extra passengers in these areas. There is only 6 minutes
                                difference in timetabled journey times between Service X42 and Service 342
                                (between Yate and Bristol Bus Station)
X39          Bath – Bristol     The frequency of buses is changing on Saturday afternoons between 1600 and
                                1800 from every 12 minutes to every 15 minutes. In addition, the journey leaving at
                                1815 from Bath Bus Station will now depart at 1830.
178          Bristol – Bath via We will withdraw one journey leaving Bristol at 1706 to Keynsham on Monday to
             Keynsham           Friday due to low customer use.

482          Chipping Sodbury    This service which consists of 4 journeys on Sundays, will no longer be operated on
             – Cribbs            behalf of the local authority.
600          Yatton – Cribbs     We will no longer operate this service which consists of 2 journeys per day this on
             Causeway            behalf of the local authority.

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