An interconnected system of networks that connects computers

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					                                Introduction to Excel 2003
                                        Bottcher UK
                                     14 December 2007
                             Session Evaluation Questionnaire
I hope you know a little more about Microsoft Excel 2003. My aim was to make the session both
informative and enjoyable. Your feedback is very important and I would welcome any comments
and suggestions you wish to make arising from the session. Therefore, I should be grateful if you
would complete this Evaluation Questionnaire. Any comments and suggestions will be incorporated
into future courses. Thank you.

Session Title: Introduction to Excel 2003                   Date: Friday14th December 2007


Please tick the relevant box:

1. How informative was the session?

         Very informative                           OK                                       Not very informative

2. The pace of the presentation was:

         About right                                Too fast                                 Too slow

3. The session content was:

         Well organised                             Adequately organised                     Poorly organised

4. The tutor was:

         Well prepared                              Adequately prepared                      Poorly prepared

5. The handouts were:

         Very helpful                               Just right                               Not helpful

6. The course length was:

         About right                                Too long                                 Too short

7. Did the session meet with your expectations?

         Yes                                        No                                       Not sure

8. Additional comments:
Please state what you found useful from the Session. Are there any areas of the session that could be
improved? What would you like to cover in future sessions?

                       Session Evaluation Questionnaire – HITT / Bottcher UK – 14 December 2007

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Description: An interconnected system of networks that connects computers