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					Clinks Glossary of Terms
Acronym   Meaning                                        Notes
ACCT      Assessment, Care in Custody and Teamwork       Prison Service
ACEVO     Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary
ACO       Assistant Chief Officer (Probation)
ACR       Automatic Conditional Release                  Of an inmate
ACU       Active Communities Unit                        Home Office
ATB       Attitudes, Thinking & Behaviour                Pathway Area
BCD       Black & Culturally Diverse
BME       Black & Ethnic Minority
C+F       Children and Families                          Pathway Area
CARAT     Counselling, Assessment, Referral, Advice,
CCJS      Centre for Crime and Justice Studies
CDRP      Crime & Disorder Reduction Partnership
CES       Charities Evaluation Services
CIU       Community Integration Unit (Home Office)
CJS       Criminal Justice System
C-NOMIS   Computerised National Offender Management
          Information System
CO        Chief Officer (Probation)
CPS       Crown Prosecution Service
CRB       Criminal Records Bureau
CRC       Criminal Records Check
CRE       Commission for Racial Equality
CSIP      Care Services Improvement Partnership
CSV       Community Service Volunteers
CVS       Council for Voluntary Services
CYPSP     Children & Young People's Strategic
DAAT      Drugs And Alcohol Team
DCLG      Department for Communities & Local             Government Department

DfES        Department for Education and Skills             Government Department
DIA         Diversity Impact Assessment
DIP         Drug Intervention Programme
DoH         Department of Health                            Government Department
DRR         Drug Rehabilitation Requirement
DTI         Department of Trade & Industry                  Government Department
DTTO        Drug Treatment & Testing Order
DWP         Department of Work & Pensions                   Government Department
ESF         European Social Fund
ETE         Education, Training & Employment                Pathway Area
FSB         Fundraising Standards Board
Full Cost   Recovering or Funding the full costs of a
Recovery    project or service
GOEM        Government Office East Midlands
GONE        Government Office North East
GOYH        Government Office Yorkshire & Humberside
GP          General Practitioner
HMP         Her Majesty's Prison
HMPS        Her Majesty's Prison Service
HO          Home Office
IMB         Independent Monitoring Boards
IoF         Institute of Fundraising
IPP         Indefinite Imprisonment for Public Protection
IRC         Immigration Detention Centre
LA          Local Authority
LAA         Local Area Agreements
LCJB        Local Criminal Justice Board
LSC         Learning and Skills Council
LSCB        Local Safeguarding Children's Board
LSP         Local Strategic Partnership
MAPPA       Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements
NAP         National Action Plan
NAVCA       National Association for Voluntary &
            Community Action

NCVO       National Council of Voluntary Organisations
NGO        Non-Government Organisation
NHS        National Health Service
NIMHE      National Institute for Mental Health in England
NOMS       National Offender Management Service
NPN        National Provider Network                         NOMS Commissioning
NPS        National Probation Service
NTA        National Treatment Agency
OASys      Offender Assessment Systems
OLASS      Offender Learning and Skills Service
OM         Offender Management
OTS        Office of the Third Sector
PAT        Pathway Action Team
PBA        Probation Boards' Association
PCT        Primary Care Trust
PFRA       Public Fundraising Regulatory Association
PHU        Practical Housing Unit
POELT      Prison Officer Entry Level Trainees
PPO        Prolific & Priority Offenders                     Pathway Area
PQASSO     Practical Quality Assurance System for Small
PSI        Prison Service Instruction                        Rules, regulations and
                                                             guidelines by which
                                                             prisons are run
PSN        Prison Service News                               Magazine
PSO        Prison Service Orders                             Rules, regulations and
                                                             guidelines by which
                                                             prisons are run
PSO 4190   Prison Service Strategy for working with the
           voluntary sector
PSR        Pre-Sentence Reports
QUANGO     Quasi-Autonomous Non-Government
RIF        Racial Incident Form
ROM        Regional Offender Manager

RoTL    Release on Temporary License                 From Prison
RRAP    Reducing Re-Offending Action Plan
RRAT    Reducing Re-Offending Action Team
RRLO    Race Relations Liaisons Officer
RRLO    Race Relations Management Team
RRRAP   Regional Reducing Re-Offending Action Plan
SENU    Social Enterprise National Unit
SEU     Social Exclusion Unit                        Cabinet Office
SHA     Strategic Health Authority
SLA     Service Level Agreement
SPO     Senior Probation Officer
TUPE    Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of      Preserves an employee’s
        Employment)                                  terms of employment
                                                     when a contract is
                                                     transferred to another
TWP     Together Women Programme
UKSIF   UK Social Investment Forum
VA      Voluntary Action                             Organisation
VCO     Voluntary & Community Organisation
VCS     Voluntary & Community Sector
VS      Voluntary Sector
VSRA    Voluntary Sector Resource Agency
VSU     Voluntary Sector Unit (Home Office)
YJB     Youth Justice Board
YOI     Young Offenders Institute
YOT     Youth Offending Team


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