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Microsoft Word 97

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                    Microsoft Word 2002 (XP) - Introduction
Overview: Microsoft Word 2002 is a full-featured word processor in which you can create and
design documents such as letters, memos & reports. When creating documents, you can
choose from a variety of type sizes and fonts. You can edit documents, as well as enhance their

You are not limited to creating just letters and memos, however; Word also allows you to create
documents such as sales reports and price lists. In addition, you can enhance a document
(such as a sales report) by creating and adding graphics and tables all within Word for
newsletters and sales brochures.

Getting Started                                         Checking Spelling/Grammar as You Type
                                                        Adding to the Custom Dictionary
 Working with Word Windows                              Running the Spelling Checker
 Using Menu Commands
 Changing Menu and Toolbar Options                    Printing
 Using the Task Pane
                                                        Previewing a Document
Using Basic Document Skills                             Printing the Current Document / Page(s)
                                                        Printing Envelopes and Labels
 Entering Text into a Document
 Creating /Opening a Document                         Using Character Formatting
 Selecting Text
 Using Insert and Overtype Mode                         Font Size / Using Bold, Italic, Underlining
 Saving a New Document                                  Applying Formats with the Task Pane
 Renaming an Existing Document                          Copying Character Formatting

Working with Document Views                           Using Paragraph Formatting

 Switching Document Views                               Formatting & Aligning Paragraphs
 Changing Document Magnification                        Using Click and Type to Align Text
 Viewing/Hiding the Formatting Marks                    Modifying Paragraph & Line Spacing
 Switching between Open Documents
                                                      Indenting Paragraphs
Using Basic Text Editing
                                                        Left Indent / Indenting the First Line
 Deleting / Replacing Selected Text                     Hanging Indents / Creating a Right Indent
 Cutting/Copying and Pasting Text
 Using the Paste Options Button                       Using Styles
 Drag-and-Drop Editing / Undo & Redo
                                                        Applying Character and Paragraph Styles
                                                        Creating a Character / Paragraph Style
                                                        Clearing / Deleting Formats and Styles

                                                      Using Document Formatting
Checking Spelling
                                                           Course Outline – Microsoft Word 2002 (XP) Introduction
                                   Marda Associates Limited – 2002
 Inserting / Removing a Manual Page Break            Working with Headers and Footers
 Changing Page Orientation / Margins
 Changing the Paper Size                               Creating Headers and Footers
                                                       Inserting Page Numbers / Date
Setting Tabs                                           Creating a First Page Header/Footer
                                                       Alternating Odd and Even Headers/Footers
 Using & Setting Tab Stops                             Setting the Starting Page Number
 Deleting and Moving Tab Stops
 Clearing All Tabs / Creating a Leader Tab           Using Section Breaks

Using Numbers and Bullets                              Inserting a Next Page / Continuous Break
                                                       Formatting a Section
 Typing a Numbered or Bulleted List                    Inserting an Odd/Even Page Break
 Removing Numbers or Bullets from Text
 Changing a Bullet or Number Style

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                                                          Course Outline – Microsoft Word 2002 (XP) Introduction
                                  Marda Associates Limited – 2002

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