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					                                  HIGHER NATURE LIMITED

                                       JOB DESCRIPTION

Job Title:                    Nutrition & Communications Editor

Job Holder:

Reports to:                   Head of Marketing

Significant Relationships:    In-house - Marketing Team, Product Team & Nutritionists
                              External – Authors, Press, PR, Speakers

Overall Objective of Role
With specific editorial responsibility for content, to manage and edit Higher Nature’s generic and
health information produced in books, booklets and websites, to provide editorial input for
promotional literature of all kinds, press releases, advertising, and all content supporting marketing
of Higher Nature’s brands. To edit all content, ensuring it complies with current regulations, best
practice, readability and the Higher Nature ethos.

Key Tasks and Responsibilities

In conjunction with the Directors and the Marketing team and consultants:

To manage and edit Higher Nature’s generic and health information
    To plan and commission books booklets, off-printed articles and publications
    To plan and edit Health Essentials and other magazine publications
    To check and edit nutritional sections of books and other publications prepared by others on
      behalf of Higher Nature
    To manage, extend and edit Nutripeople website and information websites.
    To input to the editorial team for Advancing Nutrition

Editing – for legality, nutritional accuracy, promotional relevance and readability
    To provide on- and offline catalogue editing and contribute to copywriting
    To edit all promotional DLs, press releases, promotional emails, posters, flyers and every
       written word that goes out to promote the Company
    To contribute ideas and copywriting for PR and advertising.

Regulatory Constraints
    To learn and keep up to date with HFMA Regulations, ensuring all our materials comply
       with the current legislation
    To generate promotional ideas maintaining compliance with the Regulations

    Nutri-people site
    Nutrition seminars, road shows, special interest (health) groups, web casts and pod casts

     To be a full member of the Strategic Marketing Team, contributing to meetings as

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Key Skills/Knowledge Required
    Recognised qualification in Nutrition
    Full knowledge of, or ability to understand and work within the Regulations surrounding the
      health food supplement industry
    Substantial progressive marketing experience
    The ability to write and edit copy in an informative, accessible style at varying levels to suit
      different audiences
    Attention to detail combined with a thorough meticulous method of working
    Time management to meet deadlines
    The ability to work as part of a team in a pressured environment

Performance Measured By:
1. The quality and accuracy of editorial output
2. Successful, cost effective road-shows, seminars and other learning events
3. The content quality of our information websites
4. The ability to manage deadlines and prioritise to achieve maximum benefit to the Company
5. The quality of supportive relationships including (but not limited to) Higher Nature colleagues,
   authors and consultants

This job description is a living document, subject to change and periodic review, in consultation
with the post holder, to ensure the role continues to meet business demand.

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