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					                               Voluntary Placement in Nepal Agreement

                               Name: __________________________________________

                               Date: __________________________________________

                               Institution (if any): _______________________________________

                               Description of Project: _____________________________________


Placement Agreement with ‘The Mountain Trust (Nepal)’

Thank you for your application for a placement. The Mountain Trust (UK) - Registered Charity No.
1112841 - (heretofore known as "MT-UK") is happy to provide you with assistance with your proposed
placement. However, please note that any assistance provided by us is given strictly subject to the
provisions of this letter, acceptance of which is to be confirmed by your signature and return to us of
the enclosed acknowledgment copy as soon as possible.

Please note that in providing assistance with your placement nothing in this letter or any other dealings
between us will be deemed to constitute between us a relationship of employer and employee,
partnership or principal and agent.

In providing us with your contact details and other relevant information, you consent to us forwarding
your details and information to third parties (whether or not within the UK) in connection with any
placements or proposed placements we assist.

In respect of any contact details, information or other assistance provided by us, you are solely
responsible for:

1.      confirming all final details and terms of any placement with the Mountain Trust (Nepal), which
        you may wish to take up as a result of MT-UK putting you in contact with them;

2.      all costs connected with or arising from (whether directly or indirectly) selecting and carrying
        out your placement (including, without limitation, any travel and / or (where relevant)
        accommodation costs);

3.      ensuring the placement selected by you meets your needs and is suitable for you. Any
        placement will be challenging and you must ensure you are fully aware of the potential risks
        and hazards that can be involved in your chosen placement in Nepal;

4.      providing accurate, correct and up to date information about yourself, your level of academic
        attainment, your age, your competency for carrying out a particular placement and your
        previous work experience to MT-UK and any contact name provided by you in respect of any
        emergency and you shall be responsible for any failure to disclose all relevant details and / or
        material facts to MT-UK or the relevant contact provided by us or MT-Nepal;

5.      carrying out your chosen placement to the best of your ability using at all times reasonable
        care and skill in terms of your acts and or omissions;

6.      ensuring that you are fully fit (both physically and mentally) to participate in your chosen
        placement and where required to do so, you will be responsible for providing a report from a
        properly certified medical practitioner to confirm your suitability for your chosen placement;

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7.      any necessary medical vaccinations and other preliminary arrangements including all travel
        and accommodation arrangements and ensuring that these are finalised and confirmed prior to
        the start of your chosen placement;

8.      ensuring you have in place all necessary insurances covering as a strict minimum the following
        risks: personal accident insurance, unlimited medical costs, kidnapping and repatriation in the
        event of an emergency. Accidents while performing manual labour should not be excluded
        from the cover, a fair copy of your cover note or insurance certificate must be enclosed with
        your signed copy of this letter;

9.      notifying (in good time) the relevant contact name in the event you wish to cancel your chosen
        placement prior to your agreed start date or to delay your agreed start date;

10.     pro-actively finding ways to prepare prior to your placement to maximise your impact during
        your placement period. Your preparation may include educating yourself in relevant topics,
        sourcing equipment or performing research or receiving one or more pre-briefings (and we
        strongly recommend that you attend one of the Humanitarian Centre’s short courses on
        Volunteering). Your Project Manager will be able to offer advice on this;

11.     providing MT-UK with any feedback requested on completion of the placement, such as writing
        a short article on your experiences for possible publication – and mentioning the MT-UK
        whenever you are party to a discussion where anyone is looking to make a charitable gesture
        but is unsure of which organization might be the best to support.

12.     We may require a CRB check in cases where the placement involves vulnerable groups in

Neither MT-Nepal nor MT-UK is responsible for you or for your safety in the course of any independent
travels during the placement before, during or after your placement. MT-UK does not purport to
exclude or in any way limit its liability for death or personal injury caused by its negligence, or any
other liability that may not be excluded or limited as a matter of English law.

Your assigned Project Manager will provide you with a project outline and any details that have been
determined already. These may be altered but any major changes to the project must be approved by
the Project Manager. The Project Manager will monitor your correspondence with the MT-Nepal and
offer advice where necessary. He / She will also provide feedback to your university or College if
required – should a placement in Nepal form a part of your degree or graduate degree programme. He
/ She will also provide you with feedback in terms of how far you have fulfilled or excelled
expectations. Volunteers who exceed expectations may be designated as ‘Interns’ and in exceptional
cases as ‘Fellows’ of The Mountain Trust. You are expected to make sure that the Project Manager is
given a copy of all relevant correspondence – as well as accurate details of arrival and departure dates
and times, flight numbers etc. The Project Manager is responsible for approving the final details of the
project but you are expected to take personal responsibility for endeavouring to make the placement a
success – and ideally an outstanding success.

This letter represents the entire agreement between us in connection with the matters contemplated in
this letter and supercedes and replaces all and any prior discussions and representations regarding any
placement you decide to take up in Nepal. The terms and conditions of this letter and any implications
which may be drawn from them shall be subject to adjudication under English law and is subject to the
exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

For and on behalf of The Mountain Trust - UK

Charles Malcolm-Brown,

Agreed and accepted    _____________________________________ by the MT-UK

Agreed and accepted ______________________________________ by the Volunteer
Dated               [                     ]
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