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					                                Engineers Without Borders – Durham
                                    Committee Meeting Minutes
                                        November 27th, 2006
                                           E100 @ 1:00

Committee Members Present

Name                         College     E-mail
Andy Malpas                    VM
Tom Willcock                   VM
Alice Younge                   HB
Katie Cresswell-Maynard       Grey
Juliet Fullwood                HB

Committee Members Not Present

Name                        College      E-mail
Morven Macleod               Trevs
Matt Heap                  St. Aidans
Matt King                      VM

First Agenda Item - Publicity

KCM found out that advertising in the Palatinate was well out of EWB’s budget, but
was going to try and get it for free. KCM found out that EWB can put all events up
on to the engineering plasma screens for free.

KCM to chase the core publicity team for banners, which will go up at events. KCM
& AY to make temporary signage for fundraising event on December 8th. All
decided that fliers outside the DSU and speaking to level 1, 2 & 3 engineering
students should be done in conjunction with events. TW to sort out EWB-Durham’s

Second Agenda Item - Fundraising

On the 8th December AY has organised a fundraising event selling vodka jelly at
the union. AY to make sure that everyone helping is on the guess list for the

AY to organise a band / casino / race night possibly at Warehouse. Three bands
we had in mind where Maybemyrtletyrtle, Tourist & Morven’s band.
Third Agenda Item - Events

JF has contacted WaterAid for a talk and awaiting a response. TW has contacted
Steve Smith from to give a talk and raise awareness of
EWB. TW has contacted ‘Earthship’ in Scotland about a possible visit, still awaiting
a response from Steve Smith and Earthship. TW contacted Andrew Lamb about
running a possible Clare Farm style course at Durham.

JF to contact Professor Phil Jones about possible talks on the ‘N8 Project’. JF to
send TW the itinerary of Clare Farm, TW to continue looking into putting an on
‘Workshop Day / Weekend’. TW to contact EWB-Imperial about advice on their
‘Appropriate Energy Course’. TW noted that it would be good to coincide some
events with National Science & Engineering Week, which is 9th-18th March.

Forth Agenda Item – Treasurer

TW reimbursed for the cost of the plastic shot glasses needed for the fundraising

Next Meeting
TBAth January
Engineering Department, Room: E100
Time: 1:00pm

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