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									           WHITE LABEL SYSTEM
                THE COMPANY WIZARD LTD


                           Version 1.0

E: admin@core55.co.uk
T: 01792 455916
F: 01792 455920

The Company Wizard Ltd
Orchard Business Centre
Orchard Street

The Company Wizard white label system is a portable version of our
acclaimed company formation software. The white label system can be
deployed in any third party website and can incorporate your own unique
branding to provide an interface for your end users to form a UK limited
company with the look and feel of your website.

We have designed the system to be flexible yet easy to integrate with your
existing website. You also have complete control of your retail prices and
margins and can opt to sell a number of add on products such as company
seals, name plates and registers.


You will need the following prerequisites to use the system:

      A website
      A basic reseller account with us.
      A method of taking payment from your customers (e.g. Payment
       service provider, cheque, or BACS).
      A basic understanding of HTML to integrate the system into your
       website. We can provide assistance here where necessary although
       we may charge an integration fee depending on the work involved.


There are effectively 3 stages to setting up the White Label system on your


Once you have registered as a reseller from the following link you can apply
for a White Label account.


When completing your application you will be asked to provide two urls which
point to your header and footer branding. If you haven’t designed your header
and footer banners yet, don’t worry they can be added later.
You will also need to provide us with an email address and signature, this will
enable use to customise any system emails we send to your end user and
make them appear as if they are coming from your company not ours.

Once you have completed your initial application we will review the details
and contact you within 24 hours.


The White Label system actually runs on our servers while dynamically
rendering the pages with your own unique header and footer branding. In
order for the system to function correctly it must be called in the correct way.
There are several ways to call the system.

   1.) A call is made by your website by linking to either the register or login
       page, your unique account number is passed in the querystring, this
       allows us to configure your branding. If a call is made to the register
       page then you must also pass the package identifier in the querystring.
   2.) The end user progresses through the application running on our server.
       When the end user has completed all the relevant areas he/she will
       confirm the details and a postback will be made to a predetermined url
       on your server. The postback delivers a number of variables in a HTTP
       post, these include the total amount and products/service ordered (For
       a full list see Appendix B).
   3.) The page on your server will catch the variables and perform any
       secondary processes (e.g. to calculate VAT) at this stage you will
       ordinarily show the total amount payable to the customer and finalise
       payment using your own chosen method. When payment has been
       authorised and you would like us to process the incorporation, you
       must make a post to a page on our server to indicate this (See
       appendix C). The system will only flag your company for processing if
       there are available funds in your account to allow for this otherwise you
       will receive an error code.

Product Selection

The White Label system provides you with the flexibility to choose exactly
what products you would like to sell and the exact price you would like to sell
them for. You can easily generate significant revenues on the White Label
system by setting the right retail price from within your control panel. The
following products are available for you to promote on the White Label

      Printed memorandum & articles
      Printed certificate of incorporation
      Combined company register
      Company seal
      First board minutes template
      Director’s service agreement
      Employment contract pack
      Brass name plate


The White Label System is completely free to setup and there are no
reoccurring charges to use the system. You simply pay as you go.

You can easily view the trade price of any package or product on our website
by accessing your White Label control panel and clicking on ‘Integration

When you register you will be provided with an account that you must top up
whenever you have company incorporations to process. When you have built
up some trading history with us you may be entitled to an extended credit

Final points

If you have any difficulty integrating or using the White Label system please
don’t hesitate to contact us on 01792 455916
Appendix A (Calling the White Label System)

Calling the White Label System simply involves formulating the correct link
and redirecting the user to the system. The link must either invoke the register
page or the login page.

New registration

Below is an example of a link that could be used to register a new company:


You will notice that two variables are being passed to the page in the
querystring. These are as follows:

Acc – this denotes your reseller account number and is used to render your
header and footer branding.

uT – This denotes the package that the end user would like to select the
package options are as follows:

         Package name                             ID to pass
              Basic                                 reg01
            Standard                                reg02
            Executive                               reg03
      Limited by Guarantee                          reg04

Ordinarily you would have 4 separate links from your site for each package

Existing login

Below is an example of a link that would be used to login a returning browser:


Only the acc variable is passed to this page. The acc variable is used to
configure the header and footer branding.

Appendix B (Handling the postback)
The postback occurs when all the required information for the company
formation has been collected on our server. Essentially the postback will send
a number of variables back to your server to enable you to calculate a total
cost and collect payment from the end user.

The url where the variables are posted to is defined in your White Label
integration settings. Below are the variables that are posted to this url:

      ID – a unique numeric ID for the company
      yourAccount – your reseller account number
      userAccount – your end users account number
      packID – the package selected
      companyName – the name of the company the end user wishes to
      orderStr – a string value containing a sequence of letters relating to
       what additional products have been ordered.
      applicantName – the name of the end user
      applicantEmail – the email address of the end user
      applicantTel – the telephone number of the end user
      orderTotal – the total value of the order (excluding vat if applicable)

The majority of these variables are self explanatory however to decode the
orderStr variable you must use the following key:

A – Bound memorandum and articles
B – Printed certificate of incorporation
C – Company register
D – Company seal
E – First board minutes
F –Director’s service agreement
G – Employment contract pack
H – Brass name plate

For example if the value is BDH then the customer has ordered a printed
certificate, company seal, and brass name plate.
Appendix C

Once you have authorised payment for a company application you must then
tell us that it is ready to be processed and sent off to Companies House. This
can be done manually from within your Control Panel or you can use the
automated post method detailed below.

To use the automated post method you will need to submit three form
variables to the following url:


ID – the unique numeric ID for the company
accNumber – the end users account number
returnUrl – the url where you would like the browser to be send once the
update has been made.

If any of these variables are not supplied, of the incorrect format or do not
match an account in the database then the page will fail and deliver an error
code in the querystring back to your returnUrl. This will also occur if you have
insufficient funds in your White Label account.

The error code is delivered in a variable called ‘error’ and will be either one of
the following:

01 = Company not found, or incorrect status.
02 = Supplied variables are not in the correct format
03 = One or more of the variables are missing
04 = Insufficient funds
05 = Duplicate or unrecognised account

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