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									              WHITE CLIFFS CREATIVES’ GUILD
                       Showcasing the talent of Kent

                      WHITE CLIFFS CREATIVES’ GUILD
                                 MISSION STATEMENT
The White Cliffs Creatives’ Guild is a membership organisation which aims to facilitate sales
and exposure for all forms of creative practice in South East Kent and provide opportunities for
artistic development.

                      WHITE CLIFFS CREATIVES’ GUILD
1.   Members must be 16 years old or over at the date of joining and resident or working in
2.   The membership year runs from 1st October to 31st September and membership from the
     previous year shall be considered lapsed on 1st November if not paid.
3.   The White Cliffs Creatives’ Guild shall be run by an elected committee consisting of
     Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and two ordinary committee members to be elected from
     the paid up membership at an Annual General Meeting. The chairman has the casting
     vote. All committee members will stand down at the AGM and be re-elected or replaced
     following a secret ballot counted at the end of the AGM. 30 days notice in writing shall
     be given of the date of any Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting. At any time a
     majority vote of the committee or 33% of the general membership may call an
     Extraordinary General Meeting at 30 days notice should exceptional circumstances
     require such a meeting. If requested to do so the secretary will notify members of any
     EGM called.
4.   The committee reserved the right to refuse membership to any person likely to bring the
     White Cliffs Creatives’ Guild into disrepute, and to revoke with immediate effect the
     membership of any member bringing the White Cliffs Creatives’ Guild into disrepute,
     misrepresenting the White Cliffs Creatives’ Guild, or failing to comply with the stated
     terms and conditions of any exhibition or display opportunity or workshop or display
     liability. Such member has the right of appeal at the following AGM or any EGM.
5.   Work exhibited, performed or displayed by members of the White Cliffs Creatives’ Guild
     must be their own work and not infringe any copyright or intellectual property rights.
     Derived artworks must be clearly attributed and comply with UK copyright law.
6.   Musicians are responsible for ensuring any performing fees are paid if other artists’ work
     is performed.
7.    All creative practitioners exhibit, perform or display their work within /through White
      Cliffs Creatives’ Guild at their own risk of theft or damage and should ensure they carry
      sufficient insurance cover to mitigate any losses.
8.    The White Cliffs Creatives’ Guild aims where possible to reimburse at market value any
      officers or members providing professional services to the guild, as well as out of pocket
9.    A detailed log of hours worked and receipts for expenses must be provided to the
      treasurer within 30 days any given event for reimbursement to be made, and the hourly
      rate of pay and hours to be worked or overall fee must be agreed in advance with the
      committee for a claim to be valid.
10.   The various terms and conditions, commission rates and/or pitch fees for exhibition,
      display and workshop opportunities will be agreed in advance by the committee and
      provided in writing by post, in person or by email to members. These terms will be
      signed for by members for each event and form a receipt for work included.
11.   The White Cliffs Creatives’ Guild has a Treasurer’s Trust Account with the Nationwide
      Building Society. Funds may be deposited or withdrawn on any two of three signatures
      being those of the Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer. The building society book is to be
      updated by the treasurer and must be made available to view at every committee meeting.
      Full annual accounts must be presented at each AGM.
12.   In the event of the dissolution of the White Cliffs Creatives’ Guild the remaining funds of
      the guild will be equally divided between all fully paid up members after the settlement
      of any fees, expenses, invoices and commissions due for payment.





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