The Road to the White House

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					                            The Road to the White House:
                           Campaigning for the Presidency

Module Number:         PIR-20058
Module Co-coordinator: Michael Tappin
Session:              Spring 2010

Module Description:
The aims of the module are to equip students with a specialised knowledge and
understanding of the process by which political leaders seek nomination and election to
the presidency of the US. The module concentrates on the structure of presidential
opportunities in the post-war period; the consequences of the democratisation of the
delegate selection process for candidate selection and party nominations; changes in
the regulatory framework of campaign finance and the ensuing consequences; and
changes in advertising and media coverage to assess the impact on the presidential election
process. Case studies will be used as specific illustrations of these changes.

Study Programme:

Week 1        Introduction
Week 2        The Structure of Presidential Opportunities: What sort of Candidates emerge?
Week 3        Selecting Delegates for Party Conventions:
               a) the rise and fall of Party Conventions 1800-1968
               b) the Reform of the Delegate Selection Process 1968-2004
Week 4        The Consequences of Party Reform on Delegate Selection
Week 5         National Party Conventions
Week 6        Advertising, the Media and Politics
Week 7         Financing Elections
Week 8        The Strategy for November
Week 9        The Problem of the Electoral College
               1960 Kennedy and Nixon; 1968 Nixon, Humphrey and Wallace
               1980 Carter, Reagan and Anderson; 1984 Reagan and Mondale
Week 11       1988 Bush and Dukakis; 1992 Bush, Clinton and Perot
              2000 Gore and Bush; 2004 Bush and Kerry
Week 12        Conclusion and Course Evaluation

Teaching: Students will be taught in two-hour weekly seminars and one-hour workshops.
Classes will depend on small group work and class discussion based on student led

Assessment: 50% Assessed Essay, 50% Examination

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