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					                           Snow White

Cast List
Snow White
7 Dwarfs
Evil Queen
The woodcutter
Prince Charming
Magic mirror

Scene List
1 - The Palace
2 - The Woods
3 - The Cottage
4 - The Woods
5 - The Palace

Scene 1 - The Palace

Snow White on hands and knees cleaning. Evil Queen preening
in her magic mirror.

Narrator          There was once a girl called Snow White who
                  lived with her nasty step mother, the Evil
                  Queen. The Queen thought she was the most
                   beautiful one in the world.

Queen             Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest
                  one of all?

Mirror            Snow White is the beautiful one.

Queen becomes very angry. Sends for the woodcutter.

Queen             Take Snow White to the darkest part of the
                  wood and kill her! Bring back her heart in this
Woodcutter      Of course Your Majesty.

Woodcutter feeling shocked and scared bows. He takes Snow
White to the woods.

Scene 2 - The Woods

Narrator        The woodcutter and Snow White were in the
                middle of the woods where it was pitch black.
                The woodcutter liked her so much he couldn't
                kill her. Instead he killed a deer and put its
                heart in the box.

Woodcutter kills deer with axe. Puts heart in box. Hugs Snow

Woodcutter      I have to leave you here. Run for your life. Stay
                away from the Queen.

Snow White      Thank you for not killing me.

Snow White runs off into the very middle of the wood. She was

Narrator        Snow White found a lovely little cottage. She
                went inside but no one was in.

Scene 3 - The Cottage

Narrator        Inside the cottage Snow White noticed
                something very strange. There were 7 of
                everything, all very small. It was the home of 7

In come the 7 dwarfs.
Dwarfs           You can live with us here but don't open the
                 door to anyone.

Dwarfs leave for work. Knock at the door. An old lady is there.

Queen            Have some of my lovely ripe apple my dear.

Snow White       It looks delicious!

Narrator         Snow White took one bite into the poisoned
                 apple and dropped down dead.

Snow White makes choking sound and drops to the floor.

Queen            Ha! Ha! Ha! Now I've got you!

Dwarfs come home. They see Snow White and begin to cry.
They check her pulse.

Narrator         They want to keep Snow White so they put her
                 in a glass coffin. They take her to the brightest
                 part of the wood.

Dwarfs           Doesn't she look beautiful?

Use large hankies to wipe their eyes.

Scene 4 - The Woods

Handsome Prince Charming is galloping through the woods.

Narrator         The Prince saw Snow White in her glass coffin
                 and pulled back his horse.

Prince pulls hard, horse stops, he jumps off his horse.

Prince           She is beautiful.
He bends over and kisses Snow White on the check.

Narrator         Snow White coughed up the apple and sat up
                 very slowly.

Snow White looked around wondering where she was.

Scene 5 - The Palace

Meanwhile back at the palace the Queen is once more preening
in front of the magic mirror.

Queen            Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest
                 one of all?

Mirror            It's still Snow White!
(with a big grin)

The Queen is very angry and takes her shoe off and smashes the

Narrator         The mirror was a magic one and it didn't break.
                 However it cast a spell on the Queen making
                 her melt.

The Queen wobbles like a jelly and drops. She melts away.

Mirror           The Queen is dead!
(with a happy face)

Narrator         The Prince and Snow White fall in love and
                 after a while they have a wonderful wedding.

Wedding scene. Everyone is happy.
Narrator        After a few years they have two children. In
                true fairy tale endings they live happily ever

Snow White and the Prince share a kiss.

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