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									Score Sheet and Notes for Shortlisting for ST3 Posts in Renal Medicine
PANEL A – Clinical experience, knowledge and skills
Tick boxes. If an applicant does not satisfy all 4 criteria he/she is not eligible to apply
ESSENTIAL ENTRY CRITERIA                                                      Assessed          Notes        Tick
                                                                              in Section
Registration with the GMC                                                     B                 Limited or
MBBS (or equivalent)                                                          D
MRCP Part I (or equivalent) by date of shortlisting                           D
Evidence of achievement of CMT competence in medicine by august               E&F
Evidence of ALS course (date completed)                                       D
Evidence of involvement in education                                          J

DESIRABLE CRITERIA                     Notes                                       Assessed in      Max      Actual score
                                                                                   Section          Score
MRCP PACES                                                                               D          3
≥4 months SHO/ST1/2 in Nephrology by time of appointment                           E&F             3
                                       Where an applicant is in a post or
                                       about to start a post, experience
                                       should be counted and score given
Experience in specialties relevant     ,e.g. ITU, cardiology, diabetes,,COTE         E, F & G       5
to renal medicine including the care   up to a max of 5
of acutely ill patients
Clinical Skills in renal medicine      eg central line insertion (1=temporary,       E,F&G          4
                                       2 = permanent); renal biopsy (1-2)
Progression of career consistent       Up to 4 might be given to the “high” or       E, F & G       4
with circumstances – demonstrates      “fast” flyer, e.g. for those with 4 years
clear career direction                 core and ST medical training (4); 5
                                       years (3); 6 years (2); 7 years (1). A
                                       score of 0 for an individual who
                                       continues at the same grade or
                                       gathers repeat experience
Subtotal                                                                                            19
  Score Sheet and Notes for Shortlisting for ST3 in Nephrology
  PANEL B – Organisation, Planning & Clinical Governance

AUDIT                                    SCORE 1,= participation in audit, 2 =self              I        4
                                         directed audit, 3 -4 = implementation of
                                         changes and reauditing
Demonstrates familiarity and use of IT   Score on a three point scale 0=nil,1=                  I        3
skills                                   basic competence, 2 = design of local
                                         database; up to 3 = design of national
                                         database or equivalent
Subtotal                                                                                                 7

  PANEL C – Academia, Research, Teaching & Achievement
  Essential Criteria
  Score boxes indicate that there is evidence that the applicant has achieved the criteria. Do not score if there
  is limited evidence that the applicant has achieved the criteria.
  If you cannot score a candidate’s essential criterion, that candidate will need to be discussed at the short-
  listing meeting to see whether there is agreement by other members of the panel that the evidence provided
  for meeting the essential criteria is limited. The candidate’s application form should be fully scored even if
  one of the essential criteria is unticked

  DESIRABLE CRITERIA                     Notes                                       Assessed in    Max      Actual score
                                                                                     Section        Score
  Experience of teaching                 Use professional judgement to                  J (d)       3
                                         assess, years of experience (1-2),
                                         medical students (1), GP or peers (1)
  BSc, BA or equivalent honors           Score 3 for 1                                    D         3
  degree (taken before or after MB or    Score 2 for 2:1
  as part of the integrated degree)
                                         Score 1 for 2:2
  Prizes and honours                                                                    J (a)       3
  Registered for MD, PhD                 Score 1                                          D         1
  Research MD, PhD                       Score 3 if bound and submitted                   D         5
                                         Score 5 if awarded
  Publications and presentations         Score 1 for abstracts, 2/3 for second          J (c)       6
                                         author and 4/5 for 1st author
                                         depending on number and quality
  Interests and Achievements                                                             L/M        3
  Outside of Medicine
  Subtotal                                                                                          24
  Final Total Essential+Desirable                                                                   50

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