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									                              Falmer High Secondary School

For further information please contact: Headteacher,Antony Edkins, Falmer High
Secondary School, Brighton LEA
Tel: 01273 691191

                           “Falmer High Secondary School”

In January 1998, Falmer High School was placed in Special measure, due in part to poor
attendance levels and truancy. The school implemented a number of strategies to
promote attendance and reduce truancy, focusing predominantly on 100% attendance.
These included:

Displaying weekly attendance charts in the tutor room. These place tutor groups in rank
order, creating a spirit of competitiveness.

Displaying daily attendance print–outs outside the main administrative offices,
highlighting attendance percentages by year group.

Arranging a Quiz game each Friday during morning registration, in which students
answered a question such as „ Guess the combined weight of the Senior Management
Team‟. Examples of prizes include a £5 WH Smith voucher.

Termly prize draw for all pupils with a 100% attendance. Prizes have included a
weekend family leisure pass to the David Lloyd Leisure Centre and a hot air balloon
Ride across East Sussex. Funding for prizes come from business sponsorship (BT
Telecom, Brighton and Hove Albion) and through conference and examining fees
received by the school.

Installation of an electronic attendance registration system (Bromcom).

The use of the Internet and the launching of the school site supported this initiative.

Appointment of an attendance manager to deal with all attendance issues, including
analysis of data available from the electronic registration system.

Installation of a dedicated “ attendance” telephone line specifically for parents to inform
school of absences.

A combination of rewards, co-operation and competitiveness led Falmer High School to
achieve good progress and be removed from Special Measures in October 2000.


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