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									 The Wine List
 Maison “house” selection
                                                                      Red wines

                                                                   20.Etchart, Malbec, Argentina
                                                                      A wine which is comprised of soft elegant tannins, cedar
                                                                      and ripe red fruit flavours

                                                                   21. Beelgara, Black Shiraz, Austalia                        £15.75
 Dry white wines                                                      intense black cherry characters are beautifully
                                                 175ml     Bottle     balanced by soft oak and a peppery finish
                                                                   22. Fuastino VII, Rioja, Spain                              £16.75
 1. Valle Andino, Sauvignon Blanc, Chile         £3.00      £12.75    A well balanced wine with enough oak and
    Crisp and zesty tropical fruit flavours                            tannin to complement the lively fruit flavours.
 2. Five Mile Point, Chardonnay-Semillon, Austalia £3.00 £12.75 23.Douglas Green, Pinotage, South Africa                       £17.75
    Full fruit flavours with a good level of oakiness                  Ripe fruit with flavour of tobacco and on the nose followed
 3.San Floriano, Pinot Grigio, Italy                £3.00   £12.75     by juicy fruit and well balanced oak
    Delightfully crisp, dry white wine with good acidity           24. Veranda, Cabernet Sauvignon-Carmenere, Chile            £19.75
    Plenty of fruit flavours and a tangy finish                         Deep Berry flavours work well with a good
                                                                        level of spiciness creating a long lasting finish
 Medium white wine                                                 25.Louis Jadot, Macon Rouge, France                         £22.75
                                                                      A veritable basket of ripe fruits, this unpretentious wine
 4. Kleine Zalze, Chenin Blanc, South Africa          £3.00 £12.75    delivers almost everything one would expect.
    Tropical fruit with an off-dry finish                          26. Brouilly Chateau de Pave, Beaujolais, France            £27.75
                                                                      A racy, fruit driven wine, delicate in the mouth
 Red wines                                                           and easy to drink.
                                                                   27. Villa Maria, Pinot Noir, New Zealand                    £32.75
 5. Griffon Ridge, Tete de Cuvee, Aude, France £3.00        £12.75    A fusion of rich beery flavours closely mingled with
    Soft and ripe fruit, well balanced, soft tannins                 subtle oak flavours creating a wonderfully complex wine
    and mellow finish on the palate.                               28. Chateau Teyssier, St. Emilion Grand Cru, France        £39.75
 6. L’arista, Merlot, Chile                   £3.00         £12.75     Intensely deep purple coloured wine of seductive character,
    Raspberry nose, good fruit on the palate with good                 packed with fruit, has obvious class. Complex nose, rich,
    weight, richness and character                                     plumy flavour, supple tannin structure, long finish
 7.Fortius, Tempranillo, Spain            £3.00             £12.75 29.Barolo, Baldepozzo, Italy                                £44.75
    Lots of up front fruit flavours combined with lasting             Earthy, full of cherry and blackberry flavours .A hint of spice
    Tannins on the finish.                                            and cinnamon, with plenty of length and complexity

 White wines                                                          Rosé wines                                        175ml     Bottle

 8. Casa la Joya, Viognier,Chile                               £14.75 30. Condesa de Leganza, Tempranillo, Spain           £3.30 £14.00
      Creamy notes with a hint of apricot on the nose and                 Strawberry coloured with a very fruity appeal whilst
      a well balanced fruity palate                                       remaining dry.
 9. Beelgara Estate, Chardonnay, Australia                     £14.75 31. Pinot Grigio Rosé, Italy                                 £16.25
    Oozing citrus flavours whilst encompassing oakiness.                 Salmon pink shot through with topaz, this rosé has a distinct
     Full fruit flavour, good weight, ripeness and length                fragrance of ripe strawberries. Fresh, full and round.
 10.Douglas Green, Sauvignon Blanc, South Africa               £15.75 32. Sancerre Rosé, Domain Durand, Loire, France              £21.25
    Good balance of grassy grape character, clean                        Pink salmon colour, good crisp acidity and a balanced finish
    and fresh subtle aroma of tropical fruit, long finish
11. Vidal, Riesling, New Zealand                               £16.75 Champagnes & Sparkling wine                         125ml     Bottle
    Good tropical fruit flavour with a lasting off dry finish.        33. Berri Sparkling Chardonnay, Brut NV            £4.25    £16.50
 12. Ritratti Pinot Grigio, Trentino, Italy                    £16.75 34. Berri Estate, Rose                            £4.25 £16.50
    Dry fresh lemon, apple and pear flavours                          35. Raoul Collet, N.V. Carte Noir Brut            £5.45      £29.75
    mingle with a spritzing touch                                         A dry, medium bodied Champagne with plenty of fruit and
 13. Boschendal Pavillion, Chardonnay Semillon, SA             £17.75     balancing acidity.
      an elegant fruity wine with a well balanced citrus              36. Raoul Collet, N.V, Rose                       £5.45     £29.75
      and creamy finish                                                     Deep Salmon Pink, staying dry on the palate with
 14. Lagar de Castelo, Albarino, Spain                         £18.75       Lingering fruity flavours
    Delicate wine with subtle fruity flavours,                        37. Lanson Black Label, N.V., Brut                           £35.00
      and a well balanced acidic finish                                   Lovely, creamy nose, perfect bubbles and perfect
 15. Sancerre, Domaine Durand, Loire, France                   £22.75     finish, elegant, fine, dry Champagne.
     Greenish, gold, discreet nose of gooseberry                      38. Bollinger, N.V., Brut                                    £49.95
     and blackcurrant leaf, wonderfully zingy.                           Bone dry, complex and attractive, very biscuity.
 16.Louis Jadot Clos de Loyse, Burgundy, France            £25.75        Elegant fruit, tremendous depth, fine and gorgeous
     A complex wine, with lovely deep fruity flavours                    finish on the palate.
     and a long lasting finish.                                       39. Laurent Perrier Rosé, N.V.                               £64.95
 17. Pouilly Fumé Chatelain, Loire, France                     £29.75    Coral pink in colour and faint strawberry flavour,
     Classic wine, balanced bouquet of gooseberry,                        which stem from the Pinot Noir skins
  apple with good acidity                                                 delicately staining the juice - for that exquisite occasion
 18. Cloudy Bay, Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand (seasonal) £34.75 40. Dom Perignon 1999                                            £125.00
     Both fresh, and crisp encompassing fruity flavours with a sharp       A classic champagne, with hints of tropical fruit on the nose,
     but pleasant acidity.                                               creating a rounded and exotic finish on the palate.
 19. Meursault, Les Vieilles Vignes, Burgundy, France          £44.75
     A lovely pale colour and fine, complex bouquet
                                                                      Sweet wine
     with a hint of toast, long and balanced flavour                  41. Beelgara Estate, Botrytis Semillion, Australia           £11.75
                                                                          Rich, sweet with plenty of orange and concentrated fruit
                                                                      flavour, with an intense floral nose, long lasting luscious finish.

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