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									                                    SUPPLIER SET-UPS

                                      Explanatory Note

In order to improve our supplier management systems and meet audit requirements it has
become necessary to make changes to the way in which suppliers are added to the
University Finance System.

Staff wishing to introduce a new supplier must firstly consider which of the following
descriptions most accurately describes the individual or concern, and then follow the
instructions related to the appropriate form. The forms may be found on:

A      Suppliers of goods and/or services (including individuals who provide
       professional or trade services);

       Please see Supplier Set Up Request form A (may also be used for amendments)

B1     Suppliers who work as individuals (rather than firms or companies) such as
       interpreters, transcribers, teachers or musicians;

       Please refer to Employment Status Questionnaire B1
       ( )

B2     Suppliers who work as individuals to provide a one-off service to the University
       where payment will be less than £400 in a single year;

       Please see Supplier Set Up Request form B2

C      Suppliers who are or will be the subject of dispensations given by HM Inspector
       of Taxes (such as PG external examiners and commissioned writers);

       The points of contact for external examiner appointments should be:
       PG (Taught) and UG examiner appointments – Administrative Officer, Registry (ext
       Research examiner appointments - Assistant Registrar, PG Registry (ext 2040)

       Payments to commissioned writers are processed by Accounts Payable following
       completion of a Supplier Set Up Request form A by staff of the School of Education.

These notes relate only to suppliers. There are other templates for staff, student,
non-staff and interview expenses featured behind the “Finance Forms and Templates”
section of the Finance (Corporate) web-site ( )

The supplier forms are not appropriate for claiming expenses.

Any payment to an existing member of staff should be made via Payroll.


Questions relating to these procedures should be addressed to the University
Purchasing Officer (email: in the first instance.
Form A – Completion Guide

Supplier Set Up Request

This form is split into three areas:

-   Area 1: For the “new” supplier to complete and return (with headed notepaper);

-   Area 2: For the member of staff to complete and sign, and

-   Area 3: For Finance and Purchasing use.

Step 1
Staff aiming to add a supplier to the University database must either send the form out
electronically for the supplier to complete, or print off the form and send it to them.

Step 2
Whichever method is used, the forms need to be returned to the member of staff complete
with a sheet of headed notepaper containing details of the supplier’s address, bank name
and address, and the signature of a principal or officer of the concern.
NB: It is the responsibility of the individual requesting the supplier’s addition to ensure that
the application is complete.

Step 3
The University staff member can then complete and sign his/her portion of the form before
sending it with supporting documents to Purchasing Services addressed as follows:

       Supplier Forms
       Purchasing Services
       Finance Section
       University Office
       King’s College
       Old Aberdeen.

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