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									          Lemonade Stand Game Simulation

Aim: The aim of this simulation is to setup a virtual
business. The simulation is based on setting up a
lemonade stand. The game requires you to purchase
stock, manage the sales pitch and advertising along
with successful recipe design.

What to do

Go to the site:
And right click on Lemonade Stand Game Download and
click on Save Target As. You need to install the
program using the setup programme downloaded. Once
the game has installed you begin trading as a business.

You will be working individually on the simulation but it
is suggested that you share ideas and techniques with
other members of your team. You need to hand in your
individual scores at the end of the simulation and a
group total will be calculated and submitted to the
overall competition.

Learning Outcomes

During and on completing the simulation you need to
answer the following questions. PLEASE NOTE:
Failure to answer these questions individually will
result in your score being deducted from the overall
team total!
1. What game plan worked well?
2. What game plan did not work well?
3. If you were to complete the simulation again, what
   would you do differently?
4. How effective was your team based approach i.e.
   did you work as part of an overall team or did you
   work individually – what worked best for you?
5. Name two factors during the simulation that were
   the key to your success.
6. Did you change your game plan at any time i.e.
   change the recipe or price? Why did you do this?
   What impact did it have (if any)?

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