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					   Form 1 – Exhibitor Application Pack

Application for Internal Departments & Partners

                   Deadline: Friday, 28 March

             Dagenham Town Show

                                19 & 20 July 2008

                                        Central Park


                                          Please return to:

                                           Events Section
                                  4 Floor, Maritime House
                                            1, Linton Road
                                                  IG11 8HG
                                             020 8227 3591

                                                 Or fax to:

                                             020 8227 3254
  Please complete the following application if you wish to exhibit at the 2008 Dagenham
  Town Show. Listed below you will find the fees and charges which apply to all groups
  for an exhibiting area. Additionally, you will find the charges for extra equipment you may
  wish to hire.

  Exhibition areas will be sold in set areas of 2m (frontage) x 3m (depth). If your required
  space is larger than this area, then you are required to purchase an additional stand i.e.
  another 2m x 3m.

  Special space requirements that fall outside of the set stands will only be considered
  under certain circumstances. If you require a specially allocated space please contact
  the Events Team.

Contact Details

 Team/Company Name

 Name of Lead Person Dealing
 with Application


  Stand Details

Preferred Marquee (please tick)
 Marquees (new for 2008)                                                 Marquee
 1 – Improving Your Skills, Improving Your Future         4 – Get Fit, Get Healthy
 2 – Save Money, Save The Planet                          5 – Its Your Community, Get Involved
 3 – Making Your Community a Safer Place                  6 - A Better Place to Live & Work

 7 - Outside space (no cover) please complete the table below titled “Outdoor Space”
  (N.B Closing time for showground exhibitors, see manual)
Number of Exhibiting Areas inside marquee (Charged at £144 per block)
I would like to book ___________ 2m x 3m stand/s              Total cost £ ________________

Outdoor Space
          Size                    Total m2              Ground Rent             Space Required
         3m x 3m                      9                     £25                       
         3m x 5m                     15                     £40                       
         3m x 7m                     21                     £55                       
         5m x 5m                     25                     £65                       
         5m x 7m                     35                     £92                       
         7m x 7m                     49                    £130                       
         7m x 9m                     63                    £165                       
        7m x 11m                     77                    £200                       
        7m x 13m                     91                    £240                       
Optional Extras
               Item                            Cost per Item            Number Required
 Tables                                  £2.65
 Chairs                                  £1.55
 Benches                                 £5.25
 Barriers (1.5m length)                  £2.85
 Signage (1m x 33cm)                     £13.75
 Display Screens                         £63.00
 Power (no of sockets) *NB               £27.00 per double socket
 Shelling (2m x 3m)                      £ 89.25
 Plasma Screen& stand                    £208.95
 (included small built in speakers)      42 inches
 DVD Player                              £21.00
 TV/Video                                £78.75
 TV/DVD                                  £89.25
 TOTAL                                                              £
Power Usage
* Please remember to think about sustainability and only order the amount of power
sockets you actually require, YOU MUST detail below all electrical items:
     No of Items                        Item (i.e. laptop, fan, 120w light)

List all items you will be connecting to power sockets. Please note, if you do not identify
all items run from power sockets on this form, these items may be disallowed.

Exhibiting Name ___________________________________________________________
(Please write clearly as this name will be used in all publicity and signage)
Please state whether you would like signage in capitals or capitals and small case_________
 Capitals only (e.g. EVENTS SECTION)
 Capitals & small case (e.g Events Section)

Exhibit Description (please detail plans for your exhibit)

Please provide a description of your exhibit or display including any proposed special
promotions, displays, competitions and. This information will be reviewed by the
Corporate Management Team who will be monitoring the content of each marquee.
N.B – Face/body painting, animals & helium balloons give a ways are not permitted.
Vehicle Passes
 Standard Vehicle Pass
 (Vehicle pass for participants car park)

Please read the Exhibiting Manual about special vehicle passes & car parking facilities.

Health and Safety (to be included with this application or submitted by 9 May)
 Risk Assessment Document
 Method Statement

For help and advice on risk assessments or method statements please contact Events
Team or Gary Frost, Health & Safety Advisor on 020 8227 3073.

Please tick the box if you would consider taking on the role of Marquee Officer!

Payment Authorisation

Payment Method
 Credit Card
 Invoice needed
 Council Internal Transfer

Total Payment (including extras) £ ___________ (Not including £40 deposit against loss)

Budget Code ___________________________

Authorisation _________________________           ___________________________
                        Name                                 Signature

Office Use Only

 Date Received                              Payment Method
 Confirm./Passes Sent                       Payment Processed

 Cost of Space                              Cost of Power
 Cost of Tables                             Cost of Display Screens
 Cost of Chairs                             Cost of Shelling
 Cost of Benches                            Cost of Audio Visuals
 Cost of Barriers
 Date Documents Received
 Risk Assessment (2)                        Method Statement (3)
 Editorial Form (4)                         Insurance Form (5)

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