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2010 Head and Neck Cancer and Reconstructive Surgery Course

Sunday May 23 - Oral Cavity, Salivary Gland
Funk, Pagedar, Hellstein, D’Cruz, Hoffman, McCulloch, Anderson, Chang

0700-0730   Registration breakfast
0730-0740   Introduction and welcome                            Chang, Funk, Pagedar
0740-0800   EBM Oral Cancer treatment guidelines                Funk
0800-0840   Management of oral cancer (a global perspective)    D’Cruz
0830-0850   Management of the mandible in oral cancer           D’Cruz
0850-0910   Managing the neck in oral cancer                    D’Cruz

0910-1000   Break with Sponsors

1020-1040   Adjuvant treatment in oral cancer                   Anderson
1040-1100   Management overview for salivary tumors             McCulloch
1100-1120   Technique of parotidectomy                          McCulloch
1120-1140   Oral cancer screening & case selection evaluation   Hellstein
1140-1220   Oral cavity reconstruction                          Pagedar
1220-1240   Sialoendoscopy                                      Hoffman

1240-1340   Lunch with the Sponsors

1340-1730   Dissection Laboratory

            Prosections: Lip split, Mandibulotomy, Pull-through,
            Composite resection, Parotidectomy, Level I neck dissection
            Approach to the parapharynx, Sialoendoscopy demonstration

1730-2100   Cadaver dissection (self study)
Monday May 24 – Thyroid/Parathyroid, Skin Cancer, Neck Dissection
D’Cruz, Pagedar, Funk, Doelle, Lal/Sugg, Arpey/Van Beek, Milhem, McCulloch

0700-0730   Registration and breakfast
0730-0750   Work-up of thyroid nodules                                    Funk
0750-0820   Management of well-differentiated thyroid cancer              Pagedar
0820-0850   Management of invasive thyroid cancer                         Funk
0850-0920   Postoperative management & follow-up of thyroid cancer        Doelle
0920-0940   Primary hyper-PTH and technique of parathyroidectomy          Lal/Sugg

0940-1010   Break With Sponsors

1010-1040   Melanoma of the Head and Neck                                 Arpey/Van Beek
1040-1100   Adjuvant therapy for Melanoma                                 Milhem
1100-1130   The appropriate neck dissection in HNC                        McCulloch
1130-1150   Neck dissection - techniques of MRND and RND                  McCulloch
1150-1210   The Iowa Protocols Project                                    Hoffman
1210-1230   Managing the paralyzed vocal fold                             Hoffman

1230-1330   Lunch with the sponsors

1330-1730   Dissection Laboratory

            Prosections: Parathyroid and RLN identification, Thyroidectomy, Level VI neck
            dissection, Selective neck dissection, Modified radical neck dissection, Posterior
            neck dissection, Tracheal resection

1800-2000   Dinner while you learn about “Non-melanoma skin cancers, Mohs surgery, and
            the flaps to fix them” A light dinner will be served before the lecture.
                                                                             Arpey/Van Beek
Tuesday May 25 –Sinonasal, Skull Base, Head and Neck Imaging, Outcomes Measurement
Funk, Pagedar, O’Brien, Menda, Chang, Tschiesner, Maley

0700-0730   Registration and breakfast
0730-0800   CT & MRI in the evaluation of head and neck cancer patients          Maley
0800-0830   Interpreting PET/CT scans for head and neck cancer patients          Menda
0900-0930   Management of oromaxillary cancer - Maxillectomy                     Pagedar
0930-1000   Management approaches for sinonasal cancer                           Funk/O’Brien

1000-1030   Break with Sponsors

1030-1100   Measuring Outcomes in HNC                                            Tscheisner
1100-1130   Maxillary and skull base reconstruction                              Chang
1130-1200   Scalp & skull reconstruction                                         Funk
1200-1230   The IFC – Head and neck cancer project                               Tscheisner

1230-1330   Lunch with the Sponsors

1330-1700   Dissection Laboratory

            Prosections: Maxillectomy (Inferior, medial, radical), Subfrontal skull base approach
            and resection, Endoscopic skull base dissection, Anatomy of the temporoparietal
            fascia and related flaps

            Participants: Fresh cadaver heads available

1800-2100   Course social event TBA
Wednesday May 26 – Pharyngeal Cancers, Treatment related toxicity
Funk, Tschiesner, Pagedar, Anderson, Wehbe, Hoffman, Chang, Bossler, Menda/Graham

0700-0730   Registration and breakfast
0730-0750   NCCN guidelines for pharyngeal cancer treatment                Funk
0750-0820   Update on non-surgical management of pharyngeal cancer         Wehbe
0820-0910   HNC patient follow-up and the University of Iowa Protocols     Hoffman
0910-0940   Toxicities in Head and Neck Cancer Treatment                   Pagedar
0940-1010   European approach to oro- and hypopharyngeal cancer            Tschiesner

1010-1040   Break with the Sponsors

1030-1110   HPV and pharyngeal cancer an update                            Bossler
1100-1140   Managing pharyngeal cancer – European approach                 Tschiesner
1140-1210   Reconstruction following salvage oro- and hypopharyngectomy    Chang/Pagedar
1210-1230   Dynamic imaging of treatment response                          Menda/Graham

1230-1330   Lunch with the Sponsors

1330-1430   Optional tour of Radiation Oncology or Nuclear
            Medicine Facilities with Buatti, Anderson, Menda & Graham

1330-1730   Dissection Laboratory

            Prosections: Approaches to oropharyngeal tumors, Approaches to parapharyngeal
            tumors, Lateral skull base, local skin flaps

1730-2100   Cadaver dissection (self study)
Thursday May 27 – Laryngeal Cancer & Focus on the Flaps
Funk, Chang, Pagedar, Weber, Varvares, Hoffman

0700-0730   Registration and breakfast
0730-0800   Options for the management of early stage laryngeal cancer        Hoffman
0800-0840   Advanced laryngeal cancer: An update on non-operative
            management and salvage surgical outcomes                          Weber
0840-0900   Total laryngectomy – Indications & technique                      Weber
0900-0930   Reconstructing salvage laryngectomy and
            laryngopharyngectomy defects                                      Pagedar

0930-1000   Break with Sponsors

1000-1020   Pectoralis flap                                                   Varvares
1020-1100   ALT                                                               Pagedar
1100-1120   Fibula                                                            Chang
1120-1140   Subscapular system of flaps                                       Varvares
1140-1200   Rectus flap                                                       Chang
1200-1220   Forearm flap                                                      Varvares
1220-1240   Lateral arm flap                                                  Chang

1240-1350   Lunch with the Sponsors

1350-1800   Dissection Laboratory

     Prosections: Total laryngectomy, laryngopharyngectomy, Forearm flap, Fibula Flap,
                  Anterolateral thigh, Subscapular system (Latissimus, Serratus, Scapula),
                  Rectus, Lateral Arm, Pectoralis, Forehead, Local flaps

1800-2100   Cadaver dissection (self study)
Friday May 28 – Cadaver Dissection
Funk, Chang, Pagedar, Varvares, Weber

0700-0730   Registration and breakfast
0730-0800   Approach to contemporary free flap monitoring & salvage          Varvares
0800-0830   Improving quality of head and neck cancer care                   Weber

0830-0900   Break with Sponsors

0900-2100   Cadaver Dissection

      Prosections: No formal prosections. Drs Varvares, Chang, Funk and Pagedar will be
      available to assist with any dissection you are interested in from 0930-1400.

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