New Oil Pump Station by xzd16972


									                                                     New Oil Pump Station

                         SyStem Overview
                         the New Oil Pump Station allows for the pumping of fresh cooking oil
                         from a remote oil source providing a steady safe flow of fresh cooking
                         oil to the fryer.
                                   the new oil pump station is located near the fresh oil source
                                    and the oil is pumped via food grade plumbing to an
                                       outlet port near the fryer positions. with a flexible food
                                        gradeteflon hose connected to the outlet port, the oil is
                                         directed into the fryer vats by the operator with the oil
                                         flow controlled using the fresh oil fill wand.
                                             the oil source can be a bulk fresh oil tank or
                                       fresh oil can be siphoned by the New Oil Pump Station
                                     directly from new oil containers delivered by your current
                                     oil provider.

                                       Pump and installation Specifications
                         Pump Station Placement              Fresh oil storage area
                         mounting Space required             20"w x 15"h x 10"d
                         Unit mounting weight                50 lbs.
                         motor                               1/3HP
                         Power requirements                  110v 15a dedicated circuit
                         Pump                                 Gear pump
                         Pump max Pressure                   50 PSi
                         Pump temperature range
                         Shipping weight                     80 lbs.

                                                                                          may 2008

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