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In this section of the test you will have a chance to show how well you understand
spoken English. There are three parts to section with special direction for each

Part I
Questions 1 to 5
   Directions: In this part of the test you will a dialogue and a question spoken in
   English. The dialogue and the question will be spoken two times. They will not
   be printed in your test sheet so you must listen carefully to understand what the
   speakers say. After you hear a dialogue and a question about it, read the five
   possible answers and decide which one would be the best answer to the
   question you have heard.

   1. Woman        : What do you think of my new house, Doni?
      Man          : I think it looks nice. Your house is small but it‟s so artistic.
      What are the speakers talking about?
      A. The woman‟s new house.
      B. The woman‟s house.
      C. Doni‟s new house.
      D. The man‟s house.
      E. My new house.

   2. Man           : How many times do we attend in this course?
      Woman         : Two times a week.
      Man           : What time should we attend?
      Woman         : The first period begins from 8.00 to 9.30 a.m. and the
      second period
                     starts at 1.00 to 2.30 p.m.
      When does the first period start?
      A. At one o‟clock.
      B. At one thirty.
      C. At two thirty.
      D. At seven o‟clock.
      E. At eight o‟clock.

   3. Man          : Sally, I lost my wallet. May I borrow fifty thousand
      Woman        : Sure, here you are.
      What will the woman do?

      A.   Finding the lost wallet
      B.   Lending the man money
      C.   Driving the man home.
      D.   Leaving the man alone.
      E.   Borrowing the man‟s wallet.

   4. Boy            : Mom, what have you cooked for lunch?
      Mother         : I‟ve prepared salad, fried rice and sate.
      Boy            : But I‟m bored with such kind of food. How about „Pecel
      Mother         : O.K., I‟ll go to the market to buy the fish now.
      What does the boy want to have for lunch?
      A. Fried rice.
      B. Sate.
      C. Fish.
      D. Special food.
      E. Pecel Lele.

   5. Woman         : What was your favorite activity when you were a Senior
                    School student, Tom?
      Man         : Ooh… I liked outdoor activities, such as climbing the
                     mountain and camping in open areas. in the village.”
      Which picture best illustrates the man‟s activity?

Part II
Questions 6 to 10
   Directions: In this part of the test, you will hear a statement or a question
   spoken in English followed by five responses, also spoken in English. The
   statement or question and the responses will be spoken two times. They will
   not be printed in your test book, so you must listen carefully to understand
   what the speakers say. You have to choose the best response to each statement
   or question.

   Now listen to a sample question.

   You will hear:
   Woman : Good morning, John. How are you?
   Man       :…

   You will also hear:

A. I am fine, thank you.
B. I am in the living room.
C. Let me introduce myself.
D. My name is John Travolta.
E. I have been here since this morning.
The best answer to the question “How are you?” is choice (A), “I am fine,
thank you.” Therefore, you should choose answer (A).

6. Man : You didn‟t come to school yesterday. Where were you?
   Woman: I had to accompany my mother to the hospital. She had a bad
   Man : …
   A. I‟m worried.
   B. It‟s your business.
   C. I‟m sorry to hear that.
   D. You are very pleased.
   E. That‟s very kind of you.

7. Man : Mom, I have a pair of new shoes for you. I bought it for your
            birthday. It‟s very beautiful.
   Woman : ……..
   A. I‟m sorry to hear that.
   B. I like it so much.
   C. I don‟t think so.
   D. I am worried.
   E. I hate it.

8. Man      : Susan, the weekend film in Ramayana Theatre is „2012‟. Would
              like to watch it with me?
   Woman : ….
   A. I‟m sad.
   B. I‟d love to.
   C. I‟m worried.
   D. I don‟t think so.
   E. I‟m sorry to hear that.

9. Mr. John      : It‟s very hot today. Do you mind if I open the window?
   Mr. Robert : …..
   A. That‟s very kind of you.
   B. I‟m very proud of you.
   C. You‟re welcome.
   D. I‟m sorry I can‟t.
      E. I like it.

   10. Son           : Mom, I got five for my English test yesterday.
       Mother        :…
       A. I have no idea.
       B. Congratulations.
       C. I‟m happy to hear that.
       D. I am very proud of you.
       E. I am disappointed with it.

Part III
Questions 11 to 15
   Directions: In this part of the test you will hear some monologues spoken in
   English. Each monologue will be spoken two times. After you hear a
   monologue and the questions about it read the five possible answers and decide
   which one would be the best answer to the question you‟ve just heard.

   11. There is not a single country in the whole world where the name of this
      people is not known. Do you know why he became so famous? It was
      because he dedicated his whole life to serve at the motherland and serve of
      humanity. He was the pioneer of satyagraha and ahimsa. He helped free
      the Indians from British rule through nonviolent resistance and is officially
      honored by the Indians as the father of the Indian Nation. His birthday, 2
      October, is commemorated there as Gandhi Jayanti, a national holiday and
      worldwide as the International Day of non-Violence.

      Narrator : Which picture goes with the monologue?

Questions 12 and 13 refer to the following monologue

       Last Sunday, my students and I went to Dieng Plateau. We rented a bus
  to take us there. We stayed at Kresna Hotel which is not far from Dieng.
       On Monday, we visited the Dieng Temple and Si Kidang crater in the
  morning. They are really amazing. In the afternoon, we went to the lake
  Menjer in Wonosobo. The scenery at Menjer is very beautiful. We took a
  walk and had lunch around the lake. We spent about two hours there. In the
  evening we left for our hometown Purbalingga.

   12. What does the story tell us about?
       A. A beautiful scenery.
       B. Visiting Dieng temple.
       C. A terrible trip to Dieng.
       D. A vacation to Dieng and Menjer.
       E. The amazing place in Wonosobo.

   13. Where did the writer have lunch on Monday?
       A. at Menjer.
       B. at Dieng plateau.
       C. at a big restaurant.
       D. at Si Kidang crater.
       E. in Purbalingga.

Questions 14 and 15 refer to the following monologue

I have a close friend, a beautiful girl. She is of medium posture. Her name is Dina.
She is my classmate and my tablemate too. She is from Wonosobo, a cool city in
central Java. She wears glasses because she has a little trouble with her eyes. She
is very good in math. I like to study together with her. When I get difficulties in
doing math homework, I always ask her to help me. She likes to help others.
Unfortunately she has no parents anymore. Her parents passed away ten years ago
in a terrible accident. I really love to have a good friend like her.

   14. What is the speaker talking about?
       A. A math teacher.
       B. A generous classmate.
       C. A clever handsome boy.
       D. A very beautiful woman.
       E. A kindhearted and smart close friend.

   15. Why does the speaker like to study together with Dina?
       A. She wears glasses.
       B. She is from Wonosobo.
       C. She is smart and helpful.
       D. She got a terrible accident.
       E. She has no parents anymore.

                          THIS IS THE END OF THE LISTENING SECTION


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