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									                                                                                   Chapter 3

      Examine Critical Issues &
     Make Important Decisions
         s you explore starting your
         own business, you will find       C HECKLIST            FOR STARTING A BUSINESS
         there are many decisions
which must be made and important                 Assess yourself as a potential business owner
issues to consider so as to minimize
your risk and increase your suc-                 Determine concept feasibility
cess. Four important topics covered              Examine critical issues & make important decisions
in this section are:                             Investigate legal considerations & requirements
   Entry options                                 Develop your business plan
   Selecting and using profession-
   als                                           Arrange your financing
   Selecting a business location
   Minimizing your risks
                                           (non-monetary) assets such as                   Is the business fairly priced?
  ENTRY                                    reputation or historical value.
      You may be considering                                                               Is it profitable?
                                                The decision to buy a busi-                  If the business under consid-
starting your own business as a
                                           ness requires careful evaluation of          eration has a product or service
result of a life situation triggering
                                           many factors including pricing               outside your area of expertise, it is
your entrepreneurial desires.
                                           and financing your purchase.                 important to make certain that
Such events could include corpo-
rate down-sizing, an accident that              The potential buyer must                the key employees will stay after
limits your physical abilities, or         understand their criteria for                the sale or that you can hire
receipt of an inheritance. There           selecting a business as well as the          someone with similar experience.
are many reasons why people                motivation for wanting to pur-
want to go into business for               chase the business.                          Finding a business for sale
themselves, and there are various                                                           Finding a good business
options for entering a business of         Consideration should be                      opportunity is not always easy.
your own. The most common                                        :
                                           given to the following:                      Sources to consider:
entry options are:                             What is your experience with                Printed advertisements
   Buying an existing business                 the industry and/or manage-                 Trade sources and suppliers in
   Purchasing a franchise busi-                ment?                                       the industry
   ness                                        Does the business match your                Friends and acquaintances
   Starting a new business                     strengths?                                  Intermediaries such as busi-
                                                                                           ness brokers, real estate
Buying an existing business                    Is the business what you
                                                                                           brokers or acquisition special-
      Purchasing an established                enjoy doing?
business can lighten the burden                Is it in a desirable location?
of start-up costs, lag time without            What are you willing to in-              Evaluating the business
a salary, establishing markets, and            vest?                                         As a buyer, first evaluate a
other costs associated with the
                                               Can you get financing?                   business by reviewing its history
creation of a new business. Estab-
                                                                                        and the way it operates. Develop
lished businesses may have                     What size business do you
                                                                                        an understanding of the business’
existing good will—intangible                  desire in terms of sales, profit,
                                                                                        method of acquiring and serving
                                               and employees?

                Issues and Decisions

its customers, determine how it generates its sales,            Are all of the books in order and well main-
learn its marketing strategy, and develop an under-             tained? Have you reviewed the past and current
standing of its finance and operations functions.               financial statements with the counsel of an ac-
                                                                countant? Are there any liens against the prop
Checklist of material for the evaluation                        erty for sale? Are there any claims on inventory
process*                                                        or equipment? Have the taxes been paid to
      Obtain the following information from the                 date?
existing business:                                              Have you reviewed existing business contracts
     3-5 years financial statements                             and the effect of the transaction on those con-
     3-5 years tax returns                                      tracts? Are they loyal because of a personal
     Interim financial statements                               relationship or because of the level of quality
     Copies of all real estate, leases, or deeds                service?
     Debt schedule                                              Will the lease be transferred into your name or
     Accounts receivable and aging schedule                     will the owner require a new lease? Is the loca
     Accounts payable and aging schedule                        tion suitable for your plans? Are there any envi
     Inventory list                                             ronmental concerns with this location? Are there
     Supplier list (including contracts)                        licensing concerns?
     Customer list (including contracts)                        What liabilities exist?
     Organizational charts and employee contracts               What policies have been established with the
     Industry information to which the owners may               employees regarding work environment, salary/
     have access                                                commissions, benefits, vacation pay, and fringe
     Details of equipment leases and other contingent           benefits?
     financial commitments                                      Will the owner be cooperative with the transition
* Checklist provided by the SABRE Group—Confidential            of ownership with regard to tax issues, utility
Business Sales and Valuations of Greensboro/                    transfers, government requirements, employees,
Raleigh/Durham/Greenville                                       and other procedures?
Important questions                                             Are there any environmental issues with respect
                                                                to your chosen business?
      Evaluate the business’ potential according to
your goals, employer responsibilities, product or               If using a broker, do you realize s/he is represent-
service demand, market, and financial consider-                 ing the interest of the seller?
ations. Ask and get answers to questions regarding              Is the seller willing to sign a non-compete agree-
all aspects of an existing business before entering             ment?
any purchase agreements. Start with basic questions,
                                                                Will the seller agree to a contractual arrangement
like those listed below. Others may be required
                                                                for a period of consultation?
depending on the specific business:
                                                                Consider whether owner is willing to finance all
     Why is the business for sale? Has it been making
                                                                or some of the purchase price
     a profit? If not, do you have a plan to make the
     business profitable?                                        The services of an accountant, attorney, and
                                                            banker are recommended when buying an existing
     What kind of reputation does the establishment
                                                            business. Investigation and research will be crucial to
     have currently? How would you change that
                                                            uncovering as much information as possible about
     reputation? What is the price of good will? What
                                                            the business for sale.
     is the consistency of the client base—a few large
     clients or many smaller customers?
     Will the sale include equipment, property, inven-
     tory, debts, employee contracts, name, logo,
     slogans, signage, customer files, etc?

                                                              Issues and Decisions

     Franchising has emerged as a popular way for potential business owners to start a new business. A
franchise offers advantages in name and product recognition, proven operation procedures as well as volume
purchasing power. In this arrangement, the provider, or franchisor, contracts with you, the franchisee, to
give you the right to sell or distribute a service or product under the franchisor’s system in a particular area.
As with any opportunity, both advantages and disadvantages must be examined before a decision to invest is

 ADVANTAGES      FRANCHISE:                                   DIS ADVANTAGES OF A FRANCHISE:
                                                              DISAD ANTAGES       FRANCHISE:
     Some require relatively small capital investment             Complicated legal negotiations
     with franchise financing                                     Restrictions on purchasing
     Initial corporate support for start-up                       Franchising fees
     Continuous management training and                           Required to share portions of business profits
     counseling                                                   with corporation (sales/royalties)
     Existing goodwill and brand name appeal (some-               Loss of personal control over some aspects of
     times)                                                       operation (e.g., use of name/logo for advertising,
     Standardized quality of goods/services                       territory, uniforms, product purchasing require-
     Proven products and business format                          ments)

     Some opportunities require no prior experience               Less freedom and opportunity for creativity
     in that business field                                       Potential problems if owner wants franchisor to
     Buying power and programs                                    buy franchise back

     Development of advertising and promotions                    Limited control over pricing, product lines, and
     programs (both local and national)                           suppliers

     Site analysis                                                Human resources policies may be instituted by
                                                                  corporation (potentially unsatisfactory training
     Proven business model                                        programs)
                                                                  Actions by the corporation may affect business
                                                                  of franchisee (especially new store locations close
                                                                  to yours)

      Locate a list of lawyers specializing in franchise
negotiations while in the research stage. Once a
franchise opportunity has been selected, retain a
lawyer for every step of the negotiations. The nego-
tiations serve as the foundation of the franchise.
Working with the lawyer, set policies and agree-
ments that will enable the franchise to thrive now
and in the future. All obligations, rights, privileges,
risks, opportunities, assets, and liabilities must be
detailed and agreed upon by all parties before the           The Federal Trade Commission offers the free publications,
contract is signed.                                          Consumers Guide to Buying a Franchise, and Franchise
                                                             and Business Opportunities on its Web site at
                                                             A number of books on franchising are also available at
                                                             public libraries and bookstores.

                 Issues and Decisions

S TARTING A NEW BUSINESS                                     protect you in case of failure. Most banks today will
     Starting your own business can be a very                require you to personally guarantee the corporate
exciting endeavor. It allows you great freedom and           loans for start-up businesses. Consequently, all your
opportunity to explore and develop your own                  assets will be at risk.
business idea. It is an opportunity for you to exercise           You might ask, “How do I know what kind of
your creativity and thinking ability to do the follow-       business to start?” or “How are businesses formed?”
ing:                                                         Business ideas emerge in may ways. Examples are:
     Research your business idea                                 Finding and meeting an unfulfilled market need
     Develop a strategy                                          Building a business on an existing customer
     Determine your marketing approach                           relationship
     Address key operational issues
                                                                 Spinning off a business based on your experi
     Make your own decisions
                                                                 ence and knowledge
     Develop your business idea from the ground up
                                                                 Capitalizing on a new invention or technology
     Successfully starting your own business can
provide a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction               Growing a part-time business or hobby into a
in knowing you did it yourself. However, if the                  full time opportunity
business fails, you must assume all the liabilities and          You must decide what kind of business you
emotional strain that goes with it. There are many           want to start. It is also important to examine yourself
misconceptions surrounding owning one’s own                  and decide what you want from the business.
business. Consider the following common miscon-
                                                                  Keep in mind that starting a business requires
                                                             careful thought and planning. Many aspects of the
    I will be my own boss. Being your own boss does          business must be considered including legal issues,
not mean you can play golf or go fishing anytime             financing, marketing concerns, employee relations,
you want. The reality is the business and your               accounting procedures, equipment purchases, and
customers become your boss and can demand 50-65              location.
hours per week.
                                                                    Research, preparation, organization, and plan-
    I can get rich overnight. Small business and free        ning are critical in a start-up venture to minimize
enterprise provides a great opportunity to build             risk and enhance your chance for success. Contact
wealth; however, it will take time. Studies indicate         your small business assistance providers to assist you
that more than a third of small businesses that grow         during this critical time (see Resource & Information
significantly, do so after ten or more years of exist-       List).
    I can expect immediate income from my business.                SELECTING AND USING
This is not likely. Generally, it takes 6-12 months
before a new business can start to pay the owner a                       PROFESSIONALS
decent salary. You should have a cash reserve or                   Starting your own business involves many
savings to provide financial support for you and             decisions which often seem overwhelming. It has
your family during the start-up phase.                       been shown that there is a strong correlation be-
    I can start my business with little or no money. Poor    tween using outside professionals and business
capitalization is one of the major causes of business        success. In today’s business world, where many new
failure. Lack of capital results in negative cash flow       businesses fail within the first five years, it only
which can result in poor business decisions and              makes sense to increase your chances for success by
serious credit problems.                                     seeking the broad experience and expertise that
                                                             professional resources and advisors can provide.
    I will incorporate my business and use other people’s    Outside advisors can assist you in making decisions
money. Many books and articles have been written             based on facts, not wishful thinking. They can also
about using OPM (other people’s money). It is                provide a reality check and give you insight in
difficult to borrow your way to wealth as a new              starting and guiding your business.
business. The corporate shield probably will not

                                                            Issues and Decisions

     There are two important categories of advisors:
informal and professional.
                                                                  SELECTING A BUSINESS
Informal advisors include:                                      Location is more important to some businesses
   Other business owners                                   than to others. The importance of the location is
   Friends and family                                      determined by certain characteristics of the business.
   Members of other entrepreneurial groups or              Factors that must be considered are:
   projects                                                    Do customers travel to the business or do em-
   Members of your board of directors                          ployees travel to the customer?
Professional advisors include:                                 Is convenience a key factor in relationship to
                                                               what your business offers the customer?
   Accountants                                                 Is your business offering a special product with
   Bankers                                                     little accessible competition?
   Insurance agents                                            Will your product or service require a specific
   Marketing professionals                                     location?
   Consultants                                                 Will proximity to vendors and customers play an
   Small business assistance providers                         important role in your location?
     Most professional advisors will expect to be              Are transportation, labor, utilities, state and local
compensated for their assistance while informal                taxes, zoning, and other regulations critical
advisors typically only need to be asked to help.              factors to consider in your site selection?
      When selecting a professional advisor, look for a        Do traffic flow, parking and other business estab-
skilled advisor who meets your needs. Attributes               lishments impact your site selection?
you should look for include:
                                                               How much space is required?
   Strong professional skills and knowledge
   Integrity                                                   Do you need expansion capability?
   Small business orientation                                  Should you lease or buy a facility?
   Engaging and creative                                       What are the terms of your lease, if leasing?
   Positive attitude
   Willing to listen                                           How is your rent determined?
   Team member and advisor                                     NOTE: Rent = cost of space + advertising

     Selecting the right professional advisor will not         What are the insurance requirements?
only provide advice and consistency to help your               Do you understand home-based business ex-
business succeed, but s/he can also be instrumental            penses and requirements?
in identifying other professional team members.                Do you understand the zoning and code require-
     To go about finding the right professional                ments?
advisor, you should:
    Ask small business assistance providers                      These questions represent some of the issues
    Ask other business owners                              that need to be answered before making a business
    Call the professional and schedule an appoint-         site selection. Additional questions and information
    ment. Interview them as you would an em                may be required depending on whether your busi-
    ployee. Be sure to request references.                 ness is a service business, retail store, or manufactur-
    Look for a comfort level and confidence; confi-        ing facility.
    dence in their integrity, discretion, and concern
    for your business.                                          Local resources are available to assist you with
     If you already have a good relationship with a        your site selection. Resources include your Chamber
banker or other professional, s/he is a good source of     of Commerce, NC Department of Commerce
referral.                                                  (, Economic Develop-

                 Issues and Decisions

ment Board (, Duke Power                   List below the things you must now consider in
(,              order to buy and existing business, start a business,
Progress Energy (           or purchase a franchise.
community/), NC At Your Service (http://
intention.asp?P=1&I=34), commercial real estate            ________________________________________________________________
brokers, and your SBTDC counselor.
     Risks abound in the business world. As an
entrepreneur, you will want to protect your interest       ____________________________________________________
and minimize your risk from the beginning.
     The time to address these important issues is         ____________________________________________________
during the planning stage. Advice of professionals in
accounting, insurance, banking, and law will help
you make decisions to minimize your risks and to           __________________________________________________
identify your best protection options.
      Insurance protection is an important consider-
ation in minimizing risk. Oftentimes business own-         _______________________________________________________________
ers lack expertise when it comes to insurance needs.
Basic steps in developing an insurance program are:        __________________________________________________
     Review your current coverage
     Identify your insurance needs
     Develop a plan (including the cost)                   ___________________________________________________
     Seek professional advice
     Most businesses will require the following types
of insurance:                                              ________________________________________________________
     Fire insurance
     Liability insurance
     Automobile insurance                                  _______________________________________________________
     Worker’s compensation insurance
      Depending on the type of business you are
starting, other coverage you may need includes:
     Business interruption insurance
     Crime insurance
     Group life insurance                                  ___________________________________________________________
     Key man insurance
     Disability insurance

     Most banks require insurance as a condition of        ___________________________________________________________
their loan.


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